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ę Ilana Rapp, 1995 - 2009

Jane BADLER aka Diana


The Mighty Diana

Jane in "The Highwayman." Special thanks to Brian Tosko for photo. Shot in Arizona.

Jane in Australia

"V" Convention 2000 Pictures! Click HERE

JANE BADLER has made a Fan Page on Facebook!  Like it HERE!

More Jane Badler pics at the bottom!  Click HERE or scroll down!

NEW - 11/24/2011 - JANE BADLER Live at the EG Awards!

NEW - 10/08/2011 - JANE BADLER videos a new message for  "V" fans!

Jane Badler & Baby KJ

Jane Badler, Alice Badler, Brian Tosko, ilana

NEW - 8/24/2011 - JANE BADLER speaks to fans on BlogTalkRadio! March 26, 2011

NEW - 8/24/2011 - Photographer ALAN MERCER has taken the MOST amazing pics of JANE BADLER + Interview!  Go HERE to be amazed!


NEW - 7/11/2011

Los Angeles, CA July 2011 photoshoot w Alan Mercer

Photographer Adam Brouska and
Chris for NOH8 campaign LA, CA 2011

ABC Radio National interview w The Music Show w
Andrew Ford, June 2011

ABC Radio National interview w The Music Show w
Andrew Ford, June 2011


NEW - 7/14/2011

JANE BADLER holding up the "V" fingers for the NOH8 Campaign!  If you wish to support NOH8, click HERE to purchase.

NEW - 4/04/2011 - JANE BADLER interviewed in Australia's Q Magazine!

NEW - 3/15/2011 - MEET JANE BADLER : There's a strong possibility Jane can appear at DragonCon in Atlanta Labor Day weekend 2011. Jane's never been and is a much bigger star/draw than MANY of the celebs usually attending DragonCon. PLEASE go to the DragonCon website or call their office to urge them to invite her to their show this year and make all of... our dreams come true.

NEW - 2/15/2011 - JANE BADLER sings in a "V" Parody on El Hormiguero - El musical de V .  YOU MUST WATCH THIS! IT'S TOO FUNNY!   Someone please translate to English for me!  Watch the FULL INTERVIEW HERE!  (Thanks Joseph, Jeremy & Marga!)

NEW - 2/15/2011

Avec Jane Badler Ó TF1, le 31 janvier 2011


Even this new "V" fan knows how to hold up proper "V" fingers!  Eerie red background color -- perfect!

Read a REVIEW of JANE's new music CD "Tears Again!"  Visit JANE'S site at !


JANE BADLER in Melbourne Airport Lounge
waiting to board for Madrid. Jan 24, 2011
NEW - 1/24/2011

JANE BADLER on the plane.  "See you soon, Madrid!"

NEW - 1/23/2011 - JANE BADLER will be visiting MADRID, SPAIN and FRANCE for the "V" Premiere! 

MADRID INFO: Thursday, January 27, 2011 - Kinepolis Theatre, Jane arrives at 21:00, Stage Appearance 21:45. Jane will say a few words to introduce the Public Screening of V2 first episodes.   

MADRID INFO: Thursday, January 27, 2011 - Kinepolis Theatre, Jane arrives at 21:00, Stage Appearance 21:45. Jane will say a few words to introduce the Public Screening of V2 first episodes.   

NEW - 1/19/2011

JANE BADLER in Melbourne, Australia on 1/17/2011.

Photo Credit the Australian Herald Sun

ENID BADLER (Jane and Alice's mom) and Ilana hang out for lunch on 1/19/2011.

Doesn't Enid look gorgeous?!

NEW - 1/11/2011 - JANE BADLER has made a Fan Page on Facebook!  Like it HERE!

NEW - 12/08/10 - JANE BADLER'S official website has launched!  Go to !

NEW - 10/28/10

JANE BADLER in her 2nd Dress Costume for ABC's "V!"

Sooooooooooo stunning!

NEW - 10/28/10 - JANE's website and third CD will be released in mid-November at !

NEW - 10/28/10 - JANE BADLER, MORENA BACCARIN & LAURA VANDERVOORT are in the Nov. 1-7, 2010 TV Guide Magazine on page 15.

NEW - 10/28/10 - Watch COMIC CON 2010 the "V" Panel HERE!  Thanks Marga & Brad!

NEW - 10/28/10 - JANE BADLER & ALICE BADLER in the first ever BADLER SISTERS INTERVIEW conducted by Vala the Great for Wormhole Riders. Also check out JANE's new movie NEEDLE here!  This is a very intimate and fantastic Skype Interview!

NEW - 10/28/10

Would you like to be one of the lucky people

There are only 100 copies available personally signed by Jane!

Cost is $39.95 + shipping.

Contact Alice Badler directly at

NEW - 10/05/10 - Lunch with JANE BADLER, ALICE BADLER & their mom, ENID!  What a wonderful birthday gift!  I haven't slept in days, knowing I'd be eating with the Badler Ladies. So my eyes were all red and puffy.  JANE turned on her "mother" mode and told me she wants me to get some sleep tonight!  But of course, I can't... not with this excitement, so I said I would sleep TOMORROW night.

Yes, JANE is in NY preparing for Comic Con!  Jane started out the morning with a Starbucks double shot coffee with hardly any milk.  Talk about a pick me up!  For lunch she had a salad and water.  I ordered just a tiny fruit salad and JANE said I must eat more... "Go get a salad!"  So I did.  Then Jane disappeared and came back to the table and said, "I got you some hard boiled eggs."  SO SWEET looking after my health!

ENID settled in with a Tuna Fish salad and offered me half, but I don't eat fish or seafood.  Not because I don't like the taste, but because when I was a kid, I had 2 goldfish and so I have a mental block from eating fish.

JANE BADLER, October 5, 2010.  Gorgeous.

Then ALICE came in with this beautiful bouquet of birthday balloons for me! Thank you, Alice!  What a huge smile you put on my face!! xoxo

Over lunch, JANE and ALICE were bickering about how amazing ALICE (who can't take a compliment) looked.  You can't tell from the pics, but ALICE was wearing an amazing ruffle white shirt.  The contrast with the white shirt and her black jacket was stunning!

JANE was wearing jeans, black boots and a delicate, absolutely amazing necklace.

ENID, of course, looked fabulous, as always. 

Enid doesn't use her computer, so this was the first time she was seeing the prints that Paul Fraser was kind enough to send.  I don't know who the artist is, but he/she is just brilliant!

(In pics below)
That's my Sharpie marker I bought yesterday just for this occasion.  It mysteriously disappeared (which means JANE has it.)

JANE did not reveal ONE SINGLE THING about this season, but she did tell me that the writers have gone over the top and all out, and that this season is going to be amazing!


Thanks Jane, Alice and Enid!

Alice, Ilana, Jane
October 5, 2010



Actress-turned-singer-turned-actress JANE BADLER will no doubt go down in television history for providing the medium with one of its most bizarre moments - the swallowing of a whole guinea pig. As DIANA - the leader of an alien regime that has taken over the world with the aim of harvesting its human inhabitants for food - BADLER created one of Sci-Fi's most memorable villians in the mini-series V. Years after the cancellation of V: THE SERIES, JANE stayed afloat with numerous television roles (FALCON CREST, THE NEW MISSION IMPOSSIBLE) before setting her sights on marriage and life down under (she's even got an accent now!). When I first became acquainted with JANE BADLER, it was 2008 and she had just released her debut CD THE DEVIL HAS MY DOUBLE with the help of the Australian cult band SIR (fronted by JESSE JACKSON SHEPHERD). Two years later, JANE and SIR are back with TEARS AGAIN - a spunky, delectable romp through that disaster area that we call romantic relationships. BADLER's forked tongue is permanently planted in cheek with such playful gems as WRONG PEOPLE and FOUR CORNERS. Just when you think that life couldn't get any more exciting for BADLER it's been announced that the Lizard Queen will be making a most welcome return to American network television and to the very franchise that made her famous as MORENA BACCARIN's mother DIANA in the second season of ABC's re-imagining of V.


NEW - 08/21/10


"I had the most awesome day. I meet Morena, Elizabeth and Joel and all three of them are so awesome. Beautiful physically and inside. What a fabulous ensamble they put together for this cast. The energy on set is easy and playful - just fabulous. And the crew could not do enough for me. Everyone treated me so beautifully. I can't say enough about each and every person I had the pleasure of meeting today."



Dinner in Vancouver 8/21/2010

Dinner in Vancouver 8/21/2010


NEW - 08/20/10

Solid Proof "Diana" is on the Mothership!



JANE BADLER's "V" Trailer
NEW - 08/20/10 -

JANE BADLER's "V" Trailer

Thanks TheVFiles !


On your long flight from Australia to Vancouver, what was going through your head most of the time?  Did you watch any on-flight movies or were you unable to concentrate?
JB:  I was thinking, "What the hell have I started?"  All very surreal; out of the comfort of my beautiful family plunged into the unknown.

IR: Did you have an opportunity to meet any cast members before your first day of filming, which is 8/16/2010?  If so, who did you meet?  Reactions?
JB:  Yes I have met most of the cast members.  They are all very friendly and down to earth.

IR:  On the days you are NOT filming, what are you planning on doing?
JB:  Hmmm.  Stiil figuring that one out.  It has been hard as I am a guest artist so I don't have family or friends here.  I'm still uncertain as to how long I am here.  Trying to stay fit in body and mind.  Seeing films, learning lines and reading good books.

IR:  Unlike the 1980's "V," the ABC "V" does not have any physical "ships."  It's all green screen.  Do you find it easy or difficult to work with green
JB:  Today is my first day with green screen so I will have to let you know.

IR:  What is your technique for memorizing your lines?  Do you read the entire script or just go over your scenes?
JB:  When  I am new to a production I like to learn lines well in advance so they are second nature.  I tend to learn section by section and lots of repetition.

IR:  During your "V" stay, will there be any alotted time for you to return home to Australia or will you be staying in the area the entire time?
JB: No, I will be getting home as soon as I can have some time off.

NEW - 08/16/10 - Ilana awarded FIRST INTERVIEW with JANE BADLER since Jane took on the role of "Diana" on ABC's V! (Thanks, Jane!)


(From Jane:  "OK Lizard Lady.  Will answer as best I can so early in the piece.")

IR:  The fans are prepared that your ABC "V" character, Diana, may NOT be the 1980s Diana.  How are you going to play the new character differently from the original Diana?
JB:  This Diana will, of course, be very different from the old Diana as it has been a long time.  I am no longer the young woman who first did V.  I am older and wiser and have had many life experiences.  Hopefully I will bring all that to the role.  Of course there will be a few surprises.

IR:  As an actress, are you going to create a backstory in your head for Diana, or is a backstory provided by the "V" team to help create your
JB:  Most of the back story has been supplied to me by the writers.  Thank goodness as it is a very different show.

IR:  What the fans loved most about the 1980s Diana is her cunning, wit, sexuality and lack of human emotion.  Are you going to be able to use
sexuality in this new role even if not required?  In other words, is everyone going to be your prey even if UNWRITTEN in the script?
JB:  Hmmmm.  At this point I have only seen one script so I am afraid that is up to the writers.  I certainly hope so.  It would be a shame not to still have that part of my personality.

IR:  What was your very first reaction when you received the inquiry to join "V?"
JB:  My first reaction was pure elation and excitement and then the reality set in...leaving home and my family which is always hard.  Also, the task ahead feels a bit daunting.

IR:  This comes at a perfect time with your new CD about to debut.  Are you planning an American tour?
JB:  Yes it does seem to be perfect timing for the imminent release of my album.  Although all has had to  be pushed back.  I am afraid I am not thinking of an American tour right now.  My only concern is doing justice to the new V and in my role as Diana.

IR:  The new CD deals with crying.  It's a well known fact that you cry easily ... even for happy things. Was it emotional making the new CD and if
so, what types of emotions did you experience while working on the CD?
JB:  The only emotion I felt making the album was sheer joy at working with the brilliant Producer Paul Grabowsky.  All the brilliant musicians he brought to the album and singing the songs of Jesse Shepherd and of course recording my very first song I have ever written.

IR:  Would you like to add anything else?
JB:  I must finish up by thanking all of the many fans who have been absolutely integral in bringing me back to the small screen in America.  Your voice has been heard and I am deeply touched and grateful. xx Jane

NEW - 08/13/10 - JANE BADLER has safely arrived in Vancouver!  She has a special message for us: "Please thank everyone for all their love and support. I am very grateful and moved." 
JANE starts filming on MONDAY 8/16/2010!

NEW - 08/06/10 - ABC's Press Release:

Actress Jane Badler, best known for her role on the original "V" series, will join the cast of ABC's "V" as a recurring guest star, playing Diana, mother to Anna (Morena Baccarin), who is now the leader of the Vs. Badler will make her debut in the Season 2 premiere of the series.

"V," which received an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a Series, stood as television's No. 1 new drama during the 09-10 TV season in the key Adult 18-49 sales demographic, delivering substantial year-to-year improvement in both of its Tuesday time periods (8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.). "V" finished No. 1 in both time periods among key Men (M18-34/M18-49).

Season 2 will feature more character and lizard reveals, more details about the Vs' mythology - in which Badler will play an important role -- and more action and more plot twists. Viewers can expect a roller coaster ride week to week.

"V" stars Elizabeth Mitchell as Erica Evans, Morris Chestnut as Ryan Nichols, Joel Gretsch as Father Jack, Charles Mesure as Kyle Hobbes, Logan Huffman as Tyler Evans, Laura Vandervoort as Lisa, with Morena Baccarin as Anna and Scott Wolf as Chad Decker.

08/06/10 -
JANE BADLER has indeed been awarded the role of Diana, Anna's mother!  Please note that ABC's Diana may be a totally different character than the 1980s Diana!  ABC's "V," afterall, is a re-imagine, not a remake.  YAY JANE!  According to, "When V returns, we will learn that Anna (Morena Baccarin) is keeping her mother prisoner on the mother ship in a never-before-seen section that has been designed to look like the Visitors' home planet. "  Stay tuned for more details!  And by the way, WE LOVE YOU SCOTT ROSENBAUM!

NEW - 07/07/10 - JANE BADLER was interviewed on Australian Radio!  She talks about her upcoming CD as well as other things any fan would be interested in hearing!  Listen to it HERE.  Also, you can view JANE's "Neighbours" (the Australian/UK soap opera) in Yahoo Group "WeLoveV" by Paul.

NEW - 06/22/10 - JANE BADLER'S appearance on the English soap "Neighbors" began today!  Character name: Diana. Ha!  See the clip HERE.  (Thanks Dave and TheVisitorsVids!)  Meanwhile, A dance band Crystal Castles have sampled Jane Badler on a track called Magic Spells. It's the line from V:TFB where she says to Pamela while shooting her "Don't worry dear Pamela, I'll do my scientific best to command your fleet". It sounds so funny and cool! Further evidence of how V has seeped into pop culture.  Check out the link here: (Thanks Donal!)


JANE BADLER from her latest photo shoot on June 12/2010.

NEW - 06/15/10

JANE BADLER as Diana Marshall in "Neighbors."
Pic courtesy of Holy Soap

NEW - 06/04/10 - I have received a TON of emails from people who want JANE BADLER on ABC's V!  The fans have also been very creative in making photos, setting up Facebook sites, etc.  Check out the stuff below.  I WILL BE SENDING SCOTT ROSENBAUM the emails from everyone requestion Jane back.  If you want to be added, please send your email to me at with subject JANE BACK ON V.

You can join / read these pages geared toward getting JANE BADLER back on "V."

Bring Jane Badler Back!

Help get Jane Badler on ABC's V!

(Thanks Patrick!)

NEW - 06/04/10 - Hung out with JANE BADLER's mom, Enid, and baby KJ June 1, 2010!


NEW - 05/05/10

JANE BADLER sent me this exclusive pic of her holding up the "V" fingers!  Sent from her iPhone direct from Australia!

NOTE: Today is her mom, Enid's, birthday!

Thank you, Jane!  We love you forever!

 NEW - 03/31/10 - Ilana conducted an intense interview with JANE BADLER using YOUR questions!  JANE answers the fans!

1. I heard that you were very involved in charitable work - hosting and planning events to raise money. I thought I had read a long time ago that
around the time you were filming "V" you played in tennis tournaments to raise money for missing children. I would love to know more about that.
JB: I have been very fortunate in my life and if I can help out I usually say yes with my time or to use my home for events.  Recently I raised money for a ballet company and I am on the board of a theatre company.

2. You had such sexual energy with all your costars. We know that was part of DIANA's M.O. but was any of that real from Jane? Like Diana, do you or
did you ever have sexual desires that crossed both genders? And did you ever act on them?
JB: When I did Diana I was  young and single so hopefully I had lots of sexual energy.  I enjoy having a friction with my co-star as it makes it a lot more fun.   Unfortunately, even with the best intentions you don't always find your love interest sexy.  I think women are beautiful and gorgeous to look at but I have always been very male oriented, although, there have been times when women seemed an easier option.

3. I read a post on your sister's myspace page a while ago about when you and her were younger. She said that when the two of you where in elementary school you each kept a list of naughty words. When you would get into an argument and started calling each other name's you would each pull out your lists so you could spew the nasty words out to each other quicker. She said that it was like a race to see who could call each other name's faster and eventually you would both be rolling on the fall laughing from it and forgot what even started the argument. Is that really a true story?
JB: Hmmm... I can't remember any of that.  I think most of my child hood is a big blur.

4. It was reported back in the 80's that you had a constant battle with your weight. In watching V:TO, V:TFB, and V:TS, you appear to be at different
weights throughout. You look great now, so for all fans out there who battle the bulge, how did you finally lose the weight and keep it off all these
Yes, I have always battled with my weight and found it very difficult to control my impulses.  For some reason, as I have gotten older, I have found ways to deal with it.  Also, when I get work I am far more disciplined -- probably because I am more settled in my private life.

5. You were born Jewish but reports now say you don't believe in God.  What is your take on religion?  Do you still consider yourself Jewish and if not,
do you practice religion at all?
Yes, I consider myself Jewish even though I am not a practicing Jew. I would love to believe in god as it makes it all easier to take.  I am very spiritual in my life but it is very personal and not a group activity.

6. I am the mother of 3 children.  The oldest boy just turned 11.   Can you give any advice on how you handled the attitude of a preteen.
JB: Wow that is a big question.  My boys have always been very independent thinkers so as much as I have tried to control them they have done their own thing.  Pre-teen is a hard time because they are young but want to do more.  Good luck!  Glad you have passed through.

7. Was it hard to conceive your children since you were over 35 at the time? Did you have any medical help?
JB: No, very easy.

8.  What's the craziest sexual thing you've ever done?
JB: Hmmm...won't go there.

9.  I saw an interview with you back in the 80s that you would cry easily. Is this still the case?  What makes you cry?
JB: Yes I cry most days.  Anything and everything can make me cry; films , books --  the bitter sweet aspect of life, love, death, birth, great sex... ah the list goes on.

10.  What do you think about when you go to sleep at night?
JB: My character if I am working on a script.  Songs if I am writing music.  If I am performing and how great it feels to be in bed. 

11 Why haven't you marketed your music in America?  You have such a lovely voice.
JB: Soon to come is my new album.  It is going to be very exciting.

12.  What is your favorite country?  What's your favorite city?
JB: My favorite country is Australia and favorite Australian city is Melbourne.  In America, my favorite city is New York.

13. What is your favorite movie of all times?
JB: Hard to say.  I am very affected by Gone with the Wind and Doctor Zhivago. (Note from ilana: back in the day, Jane's favorite movie was actually called "Jane.")

14. Who is your favorite painter?
JB: Hmmm, that's hard, too, as I have many favorites.  I wouldn't mind owning a Lucien Frued.

15. If you could not sing or act again what other profession would you be interested in?
JB: I would love to be a dancer or a clothes designer.  I love fashion.

16. When will your new CD be ready?
It will be finished the end of April and hopefully in shops by September.

17. Why did you move to Australia and basically give up your career? Did Hollywood burn you out? Did you dislike the United States?
JB: I never gave up my career -- I just changed course.  I fell in love so I left Los Angeles behind but I have never stopped acting, singing or producing.  Just not on a world scale.  Although I just landed a very juicy role on a show called "Neighbours" which is a big hit in the UK.

18.  Even though you're married now to a very handsome man, do you ever fantasize about being with others?
JB: Hmmm.  Best not to answer that but I will say I am very lucky to be married to my fantasy.

19. Were you scared when you were inside a casket in one of chapters of Falcon Crest?
JB: No, but I was scared when I had to dance with a huge boa constrictor in "Mission Impossible."

20. What's the scene of V you LOVED to play? With which actor? (Marc Singer etc.?)
JB: Hard to remember.  It was all a blast.

21. If  you hadn't got Diana's character to play, which character would you have loved to play in V?
JB: I would love to be in "Mad Men."  Any part but mostly the red head secretary. I love her.

22. What do your kids say when they see you as Diana on the screens? What does your mother say?
JB: They laugh at the big frizzy hair but their friends say I look very pretty.  I Don't think they are overly impressed with any of it.

23. In the new "V," would you prefer revisiting the Diana character or to play a different role, whether as a Visitor (bad- perhaps Anna's mother- or
Fifth Column), or a resistance fighter?
JB: It would be great to come back as Diana but it equally would be fun to come back as someone else.  I think the fans would be very disappointed if I came back as someone else.

24. I think I can speak for all your fans when I say, your portrayal of Diana as the very Mengela-inspired-evil-scientist had a rather profound
effect on me as a young boy. There was something deeply scary about her that quite frankly, the new V simply can't rise too (granted, the newer version
"Anna" is a different character but I'd say ultimately not as effective). My question. Knowing you were cast very late in the day, and knowing your role
in fact was a VERY small one compared to the presence Diana actually had, what were the subtlies you drew upon to flesh out her as a more complex
character, and not just a simple 2-dimension evil doctor. What was Kenny's original vision of this woman that you found easy/difficult/delicious to
sink your teeth into? Also, are you hopeful to return to her grand-conquering ways if/when KJ's V gets a motion picture treatment?
JB: Ah, well yes I did come into V late in the piece as they had already started shooting and hadn't been able to cast Diana.  So I had very little time to prepare.  I was very lucky because Ken Johnson knew exactly what he wanted and directed me to the nuance.  So definitely it was originally Ken's vision; I just took direction well.

25. What are your memories on Kenneth Johnson's V, V The Final Battle, V The Series?
JB: In the Original V I was nervous and excited and didn't have much contact with the rest of cast as I was doing The Doctors soap opera in New York.  I was flown out for my scenes and then back to New York.  I was probably only used about 5 days.  The next mini-series was much more demanding.  I had moved to LA at this point and it was a much larger role.  As for the series, well, it turned into a sci-fi soap opera much different than Ken's original vision, although I did have a lot of fun portraying Diana in all phases of V.  Hopefully she is not put to bed yet and will return.

26. What do you see in Anna as in your Character Diana and do how do you compare the two Vs today's: V and The Classic V Saga of the 80s?
JB: Hmmm. Well I think Anna has similarities and some differences.  Of course they are both very ambitious and by all means justify the ends.  I was probably more sexual than Anna in my pleasure gained from the sexual power.  Anna is more androgynous than Diana.  I love the way she is being portrayed in the new V.   Wonderful casting I am a big fan.

27. Do you wish to be in Ken Johnson's Sequel Film as Diana and provide the music for the film?
JB: I don't know much about what Ken's sequel film is about so it's hard to say if there is a place for me or an interesting role.  On the music front I would love to have my music used in the new V film if it is appropriate. I will definitely send Ken my new album when it comes out.

NEW - 03/25/10 - Below are the
UNreleased and released photos of JANE BADLER from Vice!  Photographer Stephanie Bailly

NEW - 03/23/10 - JANE BADLER is playing "Diana!!"  Not in "V", but in the Australian hit soap "Neighbours."  The soap is very popular in the UK as well. She plays a really bad girl.  How funny that her character's name in "Neighbors" is Diana and in "Under the Red Moon" her name was "Anna?"  Go JANE!  Meanwhile, check out the amazing photos of JANE just released on Vice! (Thanks for the Vice link Charles!)NEW - 03/02/10 - The Trailer for JANE BADLER's "Coming Soon" movie NEEDLE has been released!  See it HERE.

NEW - 02/26/10 - Exclusive photos of JANE BADLER and ALICE BADLER taken during the taping of The Jace Hall Show in Sept 2009. Photos copyright Beth Ashby.

Photos copyright Beth Ashby.

NEW - 02/18/10 - Got a note from JANE BADLER.  She has not heard anything from WB or ABC yet.

NEW - 02/17/10 - Never before seen pics of JANE BADLER at her HOME in Australia!  These were taken at her husband Stephen's 50th birthday party.  JANE had this dress custom made just for the event.  How sexy is Jane Badler?!  In the rear of the dress is a purple bow which matches the purple curtains in Jane's home.


NEW - 02/05/10 - JANE BADLER did an ep of The Jace Hall Show and it's online NOW! S3: Episode 2.

NEW - 01/22/10 - Just heard from JANE BADLER.  She's in Paris so keep an eye out for her!

NEW - 01/15/10 - Hey Everyone!  Yesterday on 1/14/10 I had another lovely East Coast United States lunch with JANE BADLER, ALICE BADLER and ENID!  But this time, there was a surprise for me!  JANE's SON, Sammy and his girlfriend of 2 years, Millie, were also in attendance!  And then yet another surprise!  ALICE's DAUGHTER, Leigh, arrived!

To see the VIDEO I took of JANE wishing Patrick G. a Happy Birthday, go to my Facebook page!

Jane autographed some of her Temptation CD's for me, so if you missed out the first time, now's your chance!  Not that many, as you can see from the pic below, so first come first served!  They're $20/each + shipping ($5 USA, $10 overseas.)  Email me at if interested.

Jane finally got her iPhone and she let me play with it.  She has a heavy, red hard shell case on it.

Meanwhile, on Jan. 12th, one of my WB spies told me they thought they saw JANE walking on the WB lot into the writer's area where new showrunner Scott Rosenbaum has an office.  When I asked Jane, she zipped her lips.  Does this mean we may see Diana in the ABC "V" Series?!  My sources tell me nothing is confirmed.

Jane Badler Signs Autographs, Alice behind Jane

Alice Badler, Enid Badler, Ilana

Jane Badler, Enid & Alice

Alice Badler, Enid & Ilana

Alice Badler & Enid

NEW - 11/25/09 - Heard from JANE BADLER!  She's working on a horror movie called "The Needle" also starring Calvin Klein model Travis Fimmel.  Jane will be back on set December 3rd, shooting in Australia!  You can see two of Jane's upcoming album songs from her nightclub act: Wrong People and Snow Carnival Queen.

NEW - 10/29/09 - Heard from JANE BADLER! "Just got cast in a horror film with Luke Wilson.  Working title is 'Needle.'  The guys from 'The Matrix' are doing special effects."

NEW - 10/13/09

Fantastic article with JANE BADLER in (Pittsburgh, PA) by Rob Owen

Read it HERE.

Picture by Alice Badler taken in NYC Sept. 2009


NEW - 09/16/09 - JANE BADLER'S Black Night Meditations Radio Interview has been posted HERE! (Thanks, Michele!)

NEW - 09/11/09 - Too much excitement!  Today I had lunch with the beautiful Badler Sisters (JANE & ALICE) AND their incredible mom, ENID!  As a wonderful surprise to me, JANE called KEN JOHNSON and let me speak with him!

Reminder: Tonight JANE is having her radio debut! This is a radio station in New Hampshire called Black Night Meditations. They do all sorts of interesting music.  There will be an entire hour devoted to Jane and her music on Sept. 11th 7-8 p,m. EST.  They will play her music and she will be doing a phone interview with them as well.  The radio station has live-stream via the internet and so anyone from around the world can listen live. They will also be posting the interview online for people to listen to at a later time.

Lunch, Friday Sept. 11, 2009

 I arrived at the lunch rendezvous spot for the 12 noon Lunch gathering with JANE BADLER, ALICE BADLER and their lovely mom, ENID!  The ladies were already waiting for me.  The second I walked through the door, I was greeted by the biggest, warmest smiles anyone could ever ask for!

Words cannot describe how stunning the Badler Sisters are.

And it's no doubt, since mom Enid is also just as beautiful!

Lunch, Friday Sept. 11, 2009

Jane handed me a bag which contained an exquisite large handbag that has a lizard print.  Jane told me it's a gift from her mom.  Enid chimed in, "It's big enough for you to schlep whatever you need for the kids!"  Enid also bought Alice the same bag but in brown. 

Enid was super hungry by the time all of the hello's were done, so we headed into the dining area.  It was buffet style, so Enid went up first while Jane, Alice and I unloaded our stuff and figured out who's sitting where.  Enid came back with grilled chicken and salad.  Then Jane and Alice went up while I kept Enid company.  The girls both came back with salad.  Jane had a small can of Ginger Ale.  And finally, I went up and got a fruit salad and a V-8 (to keep my energy level high so I wouldn't faint!)

Naturally, we talked about the new "V."  Then we talked about the old "V."  It was just pure heaven for me!  Jane took out pictures of her sons, now 18 and 16.  Absolutely gorgeous.  During lunch, she received an email on her Nokia phone from the boys asking how Grandma (Enid) is doing.  Jane is going to be getting an iPhone.

Jane decided to call KEN JOHNSON and the next thing I know, Jane hands me the phone!  Ken and I did small chat stuff, nothing really about "V" (mainly because I couldn't believe I was actually on the phone with KJ himself!)  KJ laughed at my dumb jokes and it was just sooooo good to hear his cheerful voice!

Alice took a picture of Jane talking to Kenny as Jane's walking toward me to hand me the phone.

(Alice, you ROCK!)

Nothing, of course, would be complete if we didn't call BRIAN TOSKO, President of The Jane Badler Society!  Luckily, he answered and Jane, Alice AND Enid all spoke with him!

In between everything going on, Jane was typing on her phone making appointments for whatever.

Meanwhile, the Badler Women were chatting and laughing the entire time.  It was genuinely a fantastic 3 hours!  Thank you so much for including me in your wonderful weekend, JANE, ALICE and ENID! - xo ilana

Sept, 11, 2009

NEW - 08/30/09 - JANE BADLER is having her radio debut - YAY! This is a radio station in New Hampshire called Black Night Meditations. They do all sorts of interesting music.  There will be an entire hour devoted to Jane and her music on Sept. 11th 7-8 p,m. EST.  They will play her music and she will be doing a phone interview with them as well.  The radio station has live-stream via the internet and so anyone from around the world can listen live. They will also be posting the interview online for people to listen to at a later time.

"We are a radio station broadcasting on 106.1 FM (NH, USA), but we stream live online. So anyone with the internet can listen to our station live, and thus the interview. Our conversation will be live on-air, and I will record it. I'll post the recording online for anyone to listen to or download to their computer. The link to the various options to listen live online is: I will send you the link to the podcasted interview once I post it." (Thanks, ALICE, you sweet hot thing you!)

NEW - 08/21/09 - Heard from JANE BADLER re: the post about her and KJ: "Yes, well he is totally right as this series has nothing to do with him or his wishes.  He has is own separate projects that he is working on and hopefully will come to fruition.   I am so appreciative of everyone and all their faith in me and I am sure with or without me the new series will be great and should be given a chance on its own merits.  See you soon sweet ilana   xx"

NEW - 08/13/09 - Ilana interviews JANE BADLER!  Thanks, Jane!

IR: It would be amazing to see you in the new "V."  Have you and the producers discussed you coming back as "Diana" or another character?
JB: I have talked to Jace Hall in a very casual way about the possibility of returning but nothing was confirmed.
Obviously the producers are thinking about bringing back some of the original characters but with integrity and purpose.  Anyway, all very exciting and of course i would be thrilled to be part of the new series.

IR: Filming is in Vancouver, Canada.  Have you ever been there before?
JB: No, I have never been to Vancouver.

IR: The fans would scream with delight if they brought you back as "Diana" and there's a Guinea Pig eating scene.  Technology today is very different from back then, and we all know how squeamish in real life you are regarding rodents and insects -- would you be willing to "re-live" that scene in the new "V?"
JB: Hmmm.  I suppose it depends on how it was presented.

IR: If brought back as a new character, her name should be "ilana."  What do you think?
JB: Well, Miss Ilana.  We all do love you and  would love to see you immortalized so why not.

IR: Tell us about your new CD and movie, both which are about to be released.
JB: I am back in recording studio in Dec to record my second album which is sooo exciting.  Working with an extraordinary producer and the most incredible musicians so LOOK OUT.   Yes, I did a movie called "Under a Red Moon" which has a song in it from my original album.  It should be released int the next few months.  It is a drama and although done on a low budget, hopefully will do well.

08/12/09 - JANE BADLER in talks to have a cameo in ABC's "V!" Read it HERE. (Thanks Mike!)

NEW - 02/03/09 - Pics of JANE BADLER & JUNE CHADWICK in California January 2009:

NEW - 07/05/09 - Heard from JANE BADLER!  She has not yet been asked to be in the new "V," which begins filming in Vancouver on August 12.

NEW - 06/23/09 - Just heard from ANDREW DILLON, the director of the Pilot called "Resistance" starring JANE BADLER: "Hi Lizard Lady, My name is Andrew Dillon - the Director of Resistance. I wanted to confirm that Resistance will premiere at Comic Con next month and Producer Gary Kurtz will be our guest speaker at the event. I look forward to working with Jane again! Best, Andrew Dillon."  Great news, Andrew! Thanks for the update!

NEW - 06/19/09 - Heard from JANE BADLER! There have been recent reports that a pilot Jane did called "Resistance" will not make it to air.  Jane spoke to the creator of the show, Andrew Dillon, who is very much fighting to get "Resistance" in the go ahead phase. It's supposedly set to be shown at ComicCon San Diego. Meanwhile, Jane will be shooting a short film in July that is part of Istanbul Bienale in the Australian desert.  She's also working on her second album with well known producer.

NEW - 04/18/09 - Heard from JANE BADLER!  "All is great here. Just did a demo for second album. I think it will be really good.  We have a really exciting American music producer on board so all good. xx Jane."

NEW - 10/12/08 - JANE BADLER will be singing LIVE with the band SIR On November 15, 2008 at The Vanguard , 42 King Street, Newtown, Australia!  Dinner & Show! Doors open at 7pm.  Visit for more details.  If you are local to this event, be sure to go!  Jane is quite personable and a fantastic singer!  It will be a lovely evening out!

NEW - 09/4/08 - Heard from JANE BADLER!  "How are you Ilana?  How are the kids and life? All great here.   Everyone's well and some exciting things are coming up.  Doing a great gig in December at the Spiegeltent and in April I may be performing in Glasgow at the arches.  Just finalizing all the details.  Just shot a pilot for a new sci fi series called Resistance so all great.  Resistance is about a group of 5 teenagers who were born with supernatural powers, each one different.  They have been sent away to a school for the gifted to hide the fact that they are actually fighting supernatural evil forces.  Alas, I do not play the sexy femme fatale but the mother of the American teenager.  Lots of love, Jane"

NEW - 09/3/08 - JANE BADLER (as Diana) was voted the 15th hottest sci-fi chick out of 50!  See link HERE. (Thanks Jimmy!)

NEW - 08/08/08 - Hollywood glamour icon and cult actress JANE BADLER returns to the MIFF FESTIVAL LOUNGE on SATURDAY 9TH AUGUST to perform tracks from her critically acclaimed new release THE DEVIL HAS MY DOUBLE.
Performing on stage with Melbourne band
SIR, the pairing promises to be an evening of fame, sex and solitude, set to a sweeping soundtrack of cold soul and passionate synthetics. SATURDAY 9TH AUGUST, MIFF FESTIVAL LOUNGE FORUM THEATRE, CNR FLINDERS & RUSSELL ST, MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA. 10.30PM FREE ENTRY

NEW - 4/23/08 - Woah!  So much JANE BADLER news!  Saw Jane in NYC yesterday and she gave me her new CD which isn't being released until June!  Not only that, she gave me 9 extras to sell and AUTOGRAPHED them all right in front of me!  This is your only chance to get this exclusive Limited Autographed CD, complete with Glossy Booklet of pictures of Jane and words to the songs! Email me at with subject 'JANE BADLER CD' if you want one!  Price for the autographed ones are $30 + shipping ($5 in USA, $8 overseas.) 

Click HERE to read about 4/22/08's meeting w/ Jane!

Brian Tosko, Jane, Enid (Jane's mom), Alice (sis), ilana.  NYC, 4/22/08

Release Date: June 2008

NOW Exclusively through ilana

JaneCDTemptation1.jpg (29093 bytes)

NEW - 12/08/04 - I just received JANE BADLER's new DEMO CD "Temptation" from her club act!  If you're interested in a copy of the CD, it's $10 + shipping. Email me for details! 
From Jane Badler 12/2006

Tennis Star Alicia Molik & Jane Badler

Jane Badler and John Dolan
  Special thanks to John Dolan for inviting Jane to the
Australian Open Tennis Tour!

January 26, 2006

NEW - 7/17/08 - JANE's latest CD has been pounding the pavement like crazy!  Jane just told me she's trying to book a show at a very hip theatre in Australia.  More news as I receive it!  Meanwhile, enjoy this Australian picture with John Butler (musician.) (Thanks Charles!)

NEW - 5/30/08 - JANE BADLER makes a rare in-store appearance at MINOTAUR on Friday 6th June, 5.30 - 7.30pm, to promote her new album of original songwriting, THE DEVIL HAS MY DOUBLE. Giveaways up for grabs, and Jane will also sign your own "V" memorabilia. Minotaur, 121 Elizabeth St, Melbourne. Album launch is on Saturday 14th June at The Toff in Town.  ilana just received a new batch of autographed CDs from Jane but due to the pre-orders there are only a few left!  So if you want one, email me for purchasing instructions with JANE BADLER CD in the subject line.

NEW -2/3/08 - Heard from JANE BADLER !  "Hi Ilana   It has been a crazy time.  I am starring in an amazing play called the Mercy Seat by Neil Labutte  Done in new york city a few years ago with Sigourney Weaver and Susan Sarandon in LA  post Sept 11 in NYC.  Open in a week so all is a real whirlwind.  Finished my album last week and I will send you a copy in a month.  Will post some songs on Myspace which i have been neglecting a bit. xxx Jane"

NEW -11/13/07 - Hi Everyone!  I have been sick as a dog (still sick -- with the pregnancy of the twins, not allowed to take meds.)  So please bear with me regarding posting the fun story about Jane and Alice Badler's luncheon!  However, HERE are the pics!!!

NEW -10/31/07 - Today Brian Tosko and I are in New York City with JANE BADLER and Alice!!  Stay tuned for the story and pics to be posted hopefully by Thurs/Fri!!  - ilana

NEW -10/30/07- Be the first to see a clip of JANE BADLER's latest movie which just finished shooting in Australia last week!  Click HERE to get to the website for Under a Red Moon!  Also, JANE just posted some of her new songs on her MySpace page!

NEW - 9/2/07 - JANE BADLER will *not* be attending the charity convention in Amsterdam due to some conflicts.  Here's what she wrote me: "Hi Ilana.  Yes [the film] is shooting right near me for one month so it is sooooo perfect. The name of the film is Intervention and I play the role of Anna opposite Richard Norton who plays my husband. It is a gritty drama and here's hoping it makes it to the cinemas. Won't be going to Amsterdam as it is too hard with my filming schedule.  xxxxx"

NEW - 8/31/07 - JANE BADLER has the lead role in a feature film which just started production!  It's working title is "Intervention" and she stars opposite Richard Norton.

NEW - 7/10/07 - JANE BADLER'S Official MySpace page is up and running!  So get your butts over there!

NEW - 5/05/2007 - Check out JANE BADLER in a COMMERCIAL FROM 1980! (Thanks Troi Tribble!) And here's another one of Jane's commercials: EPT (Thanks Cmdr. Brian!)

NEW - 4/82007 - JANE BADLER may be coming to NYC late Sept/early October 2007! Nothing is set in stone, but she is trying to schedule a date to sing.  So keep this in mind in case things work out!  I'll post news as time gets closer.

NEW - 11/26/05 - JANE BADLER is doing a PLAY in Australia!  It's called 'Archy & Mehitabel' which is the first musical comedy legend MEL BROOKS was a collaborator on (he co-wrote the book).  It opens this Monday (28th of November) and runs until Wednesday the 30th.  It's a short season, and Jane is doing tremendous work. Previous people who have played the role are Carol Channing, Eartha Kitt, and Chita Rivera, and Jane has stepped up to the plate magnificantly. - Thanks Aaron!

NEW - 11/26/05 - From JANE BADLER herself regarding ilana's Starchild: "Oh my god She is soooo gorgeous  Congratulations Will send you a baby gift."

NEW - 05/15/05 - NEVER BEFORE SEEN PICTURES OF JANE BADLER!  Exclusive to Brian Tosko's Jane Badler Society!

NEW - 01/29/05 - Heard from JANE BADLER !  "I am doing a show called 'Shakin the Blues.'   A one woman show about 4 women who lived in the 20's and were famous torch singers. I am doing 2 weeks at a little theatre called the Butterfly Club."  Australians!  Get your butt to see Jane!  March 3-20, 2005. More information can be found HERE. (thanks for the web addy Marc!)

NEW - 11/27/04 - Heard from JANE BADLER!  "Hi Ilana!   I went in the studio for one day. It was only a demo of 6 tunes but it was so much fun. Have you ever done it. I will send you off my Demo in a couple of days with the poster from my last show. They have asked me to come back in Jan with the same show so that's good. I sent the demo off to the Adelaide Cabaret Festival hoping to get accepted for next year. We shall see. Planning to come to New York in March Can't Wait. Hope all is well with you and you are doing lots of fun things.  x Jane"

NEW - 10/23/04 - "

Hi Ilana,
Well my wife and I were lucky enough to see Jane last Thursday night at Dizzys in Richmond, Victoria.
You missed a great show. We are fans of Jazz anyway and to hear Jane sing it was even better.
We got there about 7.30pm (the bar opened at 7.00) and we were among the first there, we had the pick of the tables.
So we got a table in the dead centre of the room and had a drink. By about 8.00pm the place was packed, I heard that this was unusual for Dizzys on a Thursday night. See the crowd Jane can pull in. Dizzys is a small Jazz club and has a maximum of about 50 - 60 people. I did a quick count and there was at least 60 people there.
Jane was looking great in a sexy yellow, backless dress. She has the voice and the attitude for Jazz, there were some notes she hit that were amazing ! We had a great night as did everyone that was there.
What was even better was she had a friend come in and sing with her. His name was Bobby and he mentioned "V" on stage. There was a few cheers from the audience as he mentioned the rat eating scene. Jane just laughed.
Then for us the night got better, after the show Jane was walking round and we got to go up and shake her hand and say hello to her. She was very friendly and thanked us for coming. It was really great. I told her how we found out about the show through your website and she laughed and was amazed that we were long time fans. She thanked us again asked if we had heard about the latest developments with the new "V" series. All in all we had a great night and got to meet Dianna !
One last thing, I was amazed at how Australian she sounded while on stage. When she was talking to the audience there was very little American accent there at all, but when we spoke to her one on one at the end of the night she sounded more like herself.
Anyway, thanks for keeping us updated in all things V and I hope you enjoyed the little write up.
 Talk to you soon, Scotty

NEW - 10/10/04 - Heard from JANE BADLER!  "Hi  Ilana.  Wow  I know you have heard the news.  Getting ready for my show at Dizzys. Looking a a new one woman cabaret show and auditioning for Menopause the musical EEEKS.  Talk soon.  Jane."

NEW - 08/17/04 - Heard from JANE BADLER! "Hi  Ilana!  So what's new in my life. I have a new show I am working on which will be on Oct 21 at a jazz club called Dizzys. Lots of new material of course dealing with me favorite subject love, lust and betrayal. Been doing lots of corporate gigs. Studying piano and jazz singing and Yoga. I am doing a new photo shoot in two weeks so I will have some new pics for you. Thanks for all.  Lots of love to all my fans who still remember me and here's hoping I am back."

NEW - 08/16/04 - Read JANE BADLER's interview with TV Guide Online! (Thanks, John!)

NEW - 07/25/04 - New Pics of JANE BADLER from her singing stint at The Kitten Club in Australia! (She sent them to me a while back ago - finally posting. Scroll to bottom to see.) Thanks, Janie!

NEW - 07/23/04 - Heard from JANE BADLER!  "What a shame I was very disappointed as I felt very hopeful. Kenny has informed me that it is far from dead as he has other exciting options that he is persuing. So we shall see. Will keep you informed. Hope you got the pic I sent you. Jane"

NEW - 05/03/04 - Heard from JANE BADLER!  I will send you some great pics I have just had taken for a new show. I will send poster of new show, I am headlining a big night for Breast Cancer and I will be singing with a 20 piece orchestra. Eeks!  All those romantic songs from the 30's and 40's. Thats on May22.  So things are busy.

NEW - 03/21/04 - Heard from JANE BADLER! "Still waiting on V. I think they are working out last script things and then Budget. So it is getting closer.  I have a big gig coming up with a 20 piece orchestra. Its not till May 22 but I am already practicing. Talk soon, Jane."

NEW - 11/27/03 - JANE BADLER did an online interview in July!  Click HERE to read it. Thanks Shane!

NEW - 4/9/03 - JANE BADLER sent me some new pics of her from her birthday! Also, I have her new music available from Dizzy's in Australia! Price is $10 + $4 shipping. Scroll down to the bottom for the pics!!

- 09/23/02 - Our sympathy and wishes to JANE BADLER and family.  Jane's grandfather passed away last night. If you'd like to send her a sympathy card or note, please have it to me by Oct. 15. Jane Badler, c/o Ilana, PO Box 8113, Somerville, NJ 08876, USA

NEW - 09/02/02 - Jane Badler's Miss New Hampshire and Music Man pics from 1973 and '1975! SCROLL DOWN to the bottom!

NEW - 05/30/02 - See Jane's BABY PICTURES!

NEW - 05/09/02 - What's it like hanging out with Janie's sister, Alice Badler? See the pics!

NEW - 03/09/02 - Added Jane's Nightclub PICTURES. Scroll down!  Audio Tape of Jane's NIGHTCLUB act, LIVE! available now! Email me for details!

NEW - 02/24/02 - Heard from JANE BADLER! She has a friend who has written a short satire with very over-the-top characters and songs.  They're working together to get it off the ground.

November 27, 1987. Jane Badler's first sci-fi convention which was held at the then called Penta Hotel on 33rd Street and 7th Avenue in New York City. I'll never forget receiving the flyer that she was going to be in town.

As the President of the Quad V Fan Club, I had no choice but to get an interview with her, so I had pre-arranged it with her acting agent. Sure enough, he asked her and she said she would do it. You can just imagine what my heart did (skipped MORE than a few beats!) when I found out the answer!

Next directive: To meet up with Brian Tosko, head of the Jane Badler Society in Arizona. He, along with everyone else who was a MAJOR "V" fan, was flying into NYC for Jane's appearance. It wasn't hard to spot Brian on the LONG line that went out the door to get tickets for the convention, since he sent me a picture.

As soon as all of my friends and I (this included Patrick, my "V" partner in crime and everything), got our tickets, we zoomed on into the huge area where Jane was going to speak to get our seats. Then it happened. They announced that it was time for "Diana" to enter! She walked in from the back of the room, all smiling and looking great! She was in her favorite color, black. When she got on stage, she mentioned how she couldn't believe how packed the place was and that she thought there were going to be like 10 people. In actuality, it was standing room only!

She answered many questions from all the fans and cracked quite a few good jokes. However, she did prove the point that the fans sometimes (in most cases!) know more than the actors themselves. She didn't remember she kissed Jeff Yagher (the "real" episode 3) and some other things such as eating a guinea pig, not a rat in V:TO. All in all, her performance was outstanding, and she handled herself very well. She mentioned how she hated doing all the running around like getting shot in the first series episode...they give you a "detonator" to press when you hear the "bullet" sound and one time it went off without her pressing it. She told us how she became very good friends with Marc Singer and how she played tennis all the time with June Chadwick. And, she told us her fiance was standing in the back of the room. Soon after the marriage, they got divorced. I knew it was coming.

After the Q&A portion, she signed autographs. Some people were dressed in uniform, which she complimented. Others just asked her to sign pictures and the Diana poster that had just come out, and some just stood around taking pictures and videos. About an hour later the line died down, and I went up to her and introduced myself as the one she's supposed to have the interview with. She smiled and asked the convention man to give us a room. They put us in a meeting room with one chair, so Jane sat in the chair while Patrick, Brian, my brother (the photographer), and I sat on the floor.

The interview went quite well and I put it in the Quad V newsletter. During the interview, her fiancÚ walked in. Patrick, Brian, and I didn't see this, however my brother who was looking through the camera, saw her fiancÚ mouth to her "Let's GO already!" After my brother told us this (later on), I knew the marriage wasn't going to last. It was obvious he couldn't handle her fame. Jane, on the other hand, was one of the sweetest people you could ever meet!

After Jane left, we all collapsed from super-high adrenaline rushes which just wouldn't stop! Brian had earlier found out what floor the convention guests stay on, and later that evening we saw Jane and her fiancÚ walking in with a few bags from Macy's (which is right next to the hotel).

Later on Brian put me in touch with Jane's mom, Enid. We became good friends, I visited her in Fla at the spa she owned, and she kept me up-to-date with minute details about Jane. Jane flew off to Australia to tape the Mission Impossible series. It was there that she met Stephen. He swept her off her feet, and Jane never came back to the U.S.! She sold her condo in Calif and, to this day, is still happily married to Steve. They have two little boys, Sammy and Harry, who are growing up with that sexy Australian accent! Currently, Jane is on vacation and will be working on a theater project after April, 1998. Details to come as known!

A few years ago, Jane flew in to visit her mom. She was staying at a very posh hotel in NYC, and Enid invited me to go with her to see her daughter! Hence, my second meeting with Jane. She had just come back from shopping and was showing off her new belt. Her sister had bought her a leather jacket for her birthday, so she tried that on too. With her boots, and the jacket and belt, and as usual, wearing black, she looked like a biker chick! She asked me all about myself, and signed as many autographs for my friends as I wanted. (Luckily years before Enid had given me a lot of press pictures so I brought them along).

And hence, you have the shortened stories of when I met Jane Badler. If anyone is interested in a copy of the video tape from her convention appearance, please email me at:

Updated 3/12/99

What's it like knowing a week in advance you're going to have lunch with Jane Badler?  IT'S TERRIFYING!

When I got the phone call that Jane was going to be visiting the States and asked if I would have lunch with her, I dropped the phone.  Hahah very funny--someone's playing a prank.  Then reality set in, but since I was now frozen in space, the phone was still on the floor.  "Hello?    Hello?!"  Finally I got back on the phone and said (what do you think I said?!) YES!  THANK YOU Zon YES!  (in my head of course).  The date was set for March 1st. 

All week my mind was racing, knowing that in 7 days I'll be hanging out with Jane.  Since Jane was so nice as to autograph a bunch of pictures for me last year, I gathered up the cash and went to a professional photo lab to have 30 more made up...figured I'll bring them along just in case she wants to sign some more (if you don't already have one, email me for the price/shipping).

Monday March 1st.  Turned out Enid, Jane's mom, was there too!  Well, Jane *was* gathering up her family for one big visit so that made sense.  Luckily for me I brought along my friend Lisa to hold me up.  Enid was the one holding ME up while Lisa and Jane had a normal conversation!   And it goes like this...

*JUST* as Lisa and I are walking into the restaurant, my beeper goes off.  Work's calling me urgent (yes of course I called out sick).  So we're walking into the lobby and while I'm on the phone I see Enid and Jane talking to someone else who was there...they were waiting for us in the lobby!!!   Enid gave Lisa a BIG HUG and Jane turned around and saw me and got this huge smile on her face.  I hung up ON work and gave Enid and Jane a big, bone-crushing hug (meanwhile, I'm dying).  Small words were exchanged (which of course I don't remember cuz I was hyperventilating) so I grabbed onto Enid's arm so she could help me stay steady as we walked into the restaurant.

Jane was wearing black pants and a black & white sweater... her favorite colors.  She had a weird accent!  It wasn't completely Australian, but it wasn't American either!  At times it sounded like she was using her old Brooklynese...but NOT.  Finally, I started calming down and made fun of her accent.  I had to.  I couldn't help it!

Enid, as usual, looked lovely, wearing all black as well!  We were all going over what there was to eat, but I was so hungry (or so nervous?) that I just jumped up and said "Let's go let's go!"  We all took Salad bar!  That was easy!

Back at the table, some cool chatter happened.  Jane was in California getting a massage (at a spa with one of her old friends), and all the masseuse kept talking about was Y2K stuff.  Here Jane is trying to relax and enjoy herself, and this girl is going on and on.  So since Lisa and I are computer people, she asked us about Y2K.  She even called her husband and said "Oh my!  Are we Y2K compliant?!" and Stephen said, "Hun, where've you been?"  :)  (Jane doesn't use a computer yet--she's actually GOT a life!)

The story before Y2K, Jane told us a very cute one!  In the LA airport she saw this guy.  Everyone was passing by him saying "Great show, great show."  He looked "vaguely" familiar and then it hit her!  It was BILLY from Ally McBeal!  Jane had just watched her first episode of Ally the previous week, so talk about a run-in!  So she ran up to him and started talking to him!  (as Jane is telling us this story, her whole face lit up).  She told him how great an actor she thinks he is, etc etc. and then she told ME that *now* she knows how *I* feel when I meet a "V" actor-- starstruck!.    Jane and Billy both had first class tickets, but someone else was sitting next to Billy.  However, they saw that Jane just *had* to talk to him so they offered to switch seats with her, which of course she accepted!  So she was talking to Billy the whole time on the airplane!  She told him she was in "V" and he said he remembered that show, and Enid, with a sly grin, said, "Yeah, when he was 3 years old!"  Hahahaha!  Did Jane mention anything about Billy's lips?  *MY* lips are sealed.  (no they didn't kiss, she's married for crying out loud!)

Jane also mentioned to Billy that she was looking for a new project to work on and he said, "How about that play called Sweet Bird of Youth?"  It's about this older woman who tries to seduce a younger man.  She LOVED the idea and will be looking into doing this play!  Producing it as well, so let's all cross our fingers!  News to follow when this happens so you Australians--keep watching my web site!

Jane went on to say how she just had a pool built (saw pictures of Stephen at the pool), the kids are doing great, etc.  She asked some more details about the computer work Lisa and I do, so I asked Lisa to tell her since I was still freaking out. (I *think* I totally covered all my freaking out up though!)

While we're eating, an older lady came over.  She heard that Jane was going to be at the restaurant and asked for her autograph.  So, I pulled out one of my 30 pictures and gave it to Jane for her to sign to her.  They exchanged a few sweet words, and then she left.  A little while later, a gentleman walked over and said to Jane, "You look familiar."   So, I whipped out one of my 29-left pictures and gave it to Jane for her to sign.

Jane handled the fans very well!   She actually acted very "shy" and low-key.  *I* actually blushed!   I mean, here I was sitting at lunch with Jane Badler and these "fans" must've thought I was some bigwig or something.  Of course, none of them noticed I was there since they were too busy looking at Jane.

"This lunch is pretty good!" Jane exclaimed as she was finishing up her salad!  I still had almost a whole plate left...since it was hard for me to eat.  But I do love those baby corns!  Jane said in her cool accent, "Ilana, do you want me to sign some pictures?"   GRIN.  So I took out my remainding 28 and she signed ALL OF THEM!  I told her how Faye Grant signed an autograph to me as "To my Favorite Pest" so Jane signed one to me as "To the best pest!"  Hahaha!  Some down-under humor! 

For those of you who sent fan mail to me for Jane, SHE READ EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM right there while I watched!

This entire lunch thing lasted for THREE and a HALF HOURS!!!  Jane said she would send me some more pictures, like Mission Impossible ones and other "V" ones.  All signed!  But for now, I have these, so if you're interested in one/some, email me at

All of us were too full for dessert so we skipped that!  Then Jane asked me what some of the other "V" actors were up to, like June Chadwick, Faye Grant, Marc Singer, and even Ken Johnson!  She asked me to get her June's # and Ken's, which I did.  They both called her back while she was still here!  She had a *wonderful* conversation with June.  June (as we all know) was married to Wayne Crawford and was working on his movies in Africa.  Turns out they're now DIVORCED and she's going out with an older gentlman who's in the business.   They were in Las Vegas at an entertainment shingdig!  June and Jane kept missing each other, so finally June gave Jane her mobile number and they connected!

Jane also asked me for the phone # of her college roommate!  So I gave that to her.  It felt really cool that Jane was asking me for all this stuff and I was able to give her the info.  She spoke to her roommate too, who has 2 daughters.

Conversation with Ken?  Didn't hear much details, but it didn't involve "V" .  Did I talk to Jane about doing another "V?"  Nope.  We all know she would from previous interviews.

Let me tell you, Jane is still the wonderful person that she the other couple of times I met with her.  She's so caring, and really took an interest in everything I had to say.  And she looked *GREAT*!   It's amazing how she can still look like Diana even after all these years!   With her accent, though, I didn't think of her as Diana at all, just as Jane :) .   When I asked her if I could take a photo, she said "yes".  I expected her to say no so just to make sure I heard her right I said, "Huh?" and she said "Yes!"  Photo will be posted when I use out the rest of the role.

And Enid, well, there's not a sweeter person on this planet!  I love you Enid!

Click here for MORE exclusive pictures of Jane Badler!

Exclusive Picture to Ilana. (c) No Reproductions Allowed.

janenightclub1.jpg (20010 bytes)
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Jane Badler's Singing Nighclub act in Australia
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Jane Badler's Singing Nighclub act in Australia
Thanks to Jane's husband for getting these to me!

Chevy Chase, K.D. Lang, & Jane Badler, 1998 Husband Stephen and Jane


Jane at the Hard Rock Cafe in 1985
with Nephew & Niece Leah!

(thanks Leah!)

Kym Wilson & Jane in Australia

Jane Badler pre-V

Jane - Ms. New Hampshire 1973

Jane - Music Man - 1975

Jane - Music Man - 1975

Jane on her birthday 12/31/2002

Jane on her birthday 12/31/2002

Robert Englund, Jane Badler, June Chadwick in Italy called telegatto. (Thanks Daniel!)

The Kitten Club
Thursday, May 20, 2004

The Kitten Club Poster
Thursday, May 20, 2004

TV Guide, August 1, 2004
(thanks Hope!)

I Met... FAYE GRANT!  Click HERE