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Yips!  Well, the world is getting ready.  But before I go on about that, here's some "V" news.  Michael Durrell was spotted in NYC at the Daytime Emmy Awards last week!  Apparently, he's married to a woman who works behind the scenes of All My Children, which is shot in NY.  So, best guess is he lives in NY--thanks Alina!  And Stella S. tells me that Brett Cullen (Robert in "The Littlest Dragon") will be starring in a new sitcom coming out soon.

So, what's the world getting ready for?  For the teeny beanie babies coming out this Friday, May 22, at McDonalds! ("V" is the 22nd letter of the alphabet).  I have to admit, I like the beanie babies.  I wasn't into it for the longest time, but then my friend called up and asked me to pick some up for her at the store...I came home with over $100...sigh.  And so it began... please end soon, I could be upgrading my computer instead!

This week something fun happened to me online.  During my Quad "V" 10 years, I gained about 150 penpals all over the world.  But the past 4 years or so, since I got email going, I've lapsed tremendously on my snail much to the point that now I don't write to ANY of my penpals, even though they're still so much in my heart.  When I was a kid I had all the time in world to write, but now, it's getting hard to even write email! (a Brian Tosko joke). Anyway, one of my dearest penpals, Stella, found my "V" web site and yadayada (I don't watch Seinfeld) now we're online penpals!  A few of my old snailmail pals have found me, so if you're one of them reading this, email me at cuz I miss you!   And I don't think Becky has Internet, but HI BECKY & KATIE for if you guys ever do get online and find me :)   Ilana

5/10/98 Mother's Day

Happy MD all you M's!  Now that that's out of the way... I was thinking about what to write today while I was driving to mom's house, and now that I'm home, I'm trying to remember everything I wanted to say.  Sigh.  Anyway, I want to thank you all for the comps you've been sending me in email regarding my updated site!  AND, I'll also post an "almost up to date" gif of me, since I've received a ton of email saying "Ah now we know what you look like!" (photos on the actor's page).  Hey folks, wake up, that was 10 years ago!

Has there been anything new in the "V" world?  No.  However, just from the hits I see on here, and the email I receive, it's obvious enough to say that after 15 years, "V" is still running strong in our mind and hearts, and I hope it stays that way!  Richard Herd was on part VI of that Space show on HBO or SHOWTIME. 

What's interesting is that there are some "V" actors that you see everywhere but just never made their name big.  For instance, Xander Berkeley, aka Mr. I Got Eaten by a Crivit in the REAL Episode 3.  He's in tons of movies, tons of shows, yet no one's ever heard of him.  But when you SEE him, you say, "Hey there's that guy again!"  Same thing with that bald guy from that movie "Wargames"--tons of movies.  Who else from "V" is like that?   Robert Englund was, before "V".  Now he's too well-known so can't fit into the category. 

Other shows I watch are:  X-Files, Melrose (just for tradition now--never missed an episode since day 1), Ally McBeal, Buffy, Dawson's Creek (pronounded CREEK in NJ, and "crik" in other states), Party of Five (major moans to studs Bailey & Griffin!) and Xena.  Please don't email me about these shows, since I am only addicted to them, not obsessed  like with "V".  :) 

So that's enough for today!  I must go to the chat rooms now before I fall asleep from all this rain happening in NJ the past few days.  And down below, my scary gif. Ugh.   Ilana

5/3/98 (surprise at the bottom!)

Muhahaha!  By popular demand, my online newsletter is BACK!  Interestingly enough, I never had an online newsletter, just QUAD "V" FAN CLUB, which some of you may remember as the International "V" Fan Club which lasted 10 years (started when I was 16...and now, ackalack! I'm 29!).  I kinda miss having the newsletter, so I've decided to put up this one.  This is NOT going to be like Quad "V", however, it will, of course, talk about "V", among other things.

Now, if you're reading this, that means you must have SOME interest in "V" because why else would you come to my "V" page?  And if you don't have an interest in "V" and you're here, well, then <ba-LUSH!>.

I've lived in New Jersey most of my life.  For those of you not familiar with how we act in this oh so wonderful <cough!> state, we're very sarcastic.  So, if you sense a bit of sarcasm in these newsletters, don't worry, it's the real me.  When I went to college on Long Island (that's ON Lon-Gisland, not IN Lon-Gisland), my suite-mates thought I was MEAN!  I had to tone down the sarcasm because they couldn't handle it.  Remember, this was Long Island, not New York City!  Long Island, land of the p00fie-haired ladies and rich businessmen that want nothing more than for their wives to look good.  Going to the mall there was a hoot.  The women were dressed up as if they were going out for the evening!  Was I on EARTH?!

Dah, okay onto "V".  Jane Badler just returned from a wonderful family trip to Hawaii.  Who was there?  Her hubby, 2 boys, and her mom, Miss Enid!  Details?  Marc Singer--Lost in Space, literally. I wonder if he has to actually audition now for roles.  Faye Grant--her husband Stephen Collins just wrote his 2nd book and he'll be doing book signings.  He'll be in NYC May 7th.  I'll be in NJ. So basically, out of the "V"stars, who's remained popular?  Seems to me it was the people who were popular BEFORE "V"--Michael Ironside, Jane Badler, Robert Englund, um Marc sorta'... I guess you can count movies made for video, um. Gee, that's it!   Sure, the others have done bits here and there.  Now, I want another "V"!  C'mon for crying out loud!

If you're bored, check out my OOPS! page at .  I really want to get that page filled up.  Eventually I'll be putting an online form up so you can just fill it out anonymously, but for now, if you're not TOO embarrassed, just e-mail me at

I will also try to finish my stories about meeting the "V" stars but I'd have to dig through all my boxes to find the pictures.

I'm taking FEEDBACK on things you might want to see in this newsletter, so don't hesitate to send me stuff.  Of course, if I'm too lazy to do anything about it, you won't see it in the newsletter, but ideas are always welcome!

I don't speak French, but C'la "V" ! Ilana

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The "V" Thermos that comes with the lunchbox.

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Ilana at Home

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This billboard was posted in Upstate New York when WXXA was showing re-runs of "V".  The station manager sent me this picture they took just for me!