Dear Craig...
Thanks for alerting me to the fact that a fan of V is recommending to others that they should send me ideas for new episodes of V, ideally to be incorporated into the upcoming ABC series.
While I certainly appreciate people having enthusiasm for V, I have already responded to many fans explaining that beyond having a "Created by..." credit since I wrote the original 1983 miniseries, I am not involved in any way with the "reimagined" series, nor am I seeking any additional ideas for my own planned motion picture of V.
I've also explained to several V friends that I am prohibited by my attorneys from reading any unsolicited creative material that is sent to me in any form -- e-mail or otherwise. Anyone who has ideas they want to share should send them to ABC, Warners TV, or the series producers directly.
Please post this on Facebook and encourage others to pass the word.
Many thanks.