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German "V" - Superbox: The Complete Collection [8 DVDs]


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NEW - 04/14/04 - "V:The Series" comes to DVD!  July 27, 2004 is the day you can get your DVD package of V: The Complete Series, featuring all 19-episodes of the original television series V for the first time ever in a 3-disc DVD collector's set. The list price is $39.98.  See details HERE. (Thanks Chris!)

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Artwork for Warner's 2-disc V: The Final Battle DVD which streets August 6, 2002! (thanks for the artwork headsup, theJDman!)

NEW - 07/29/02 - Ilana has advanced copy of V:TFB DVD!  Sorry to say, no special items included. Read G. Noel Gross' review (Review God) HERE.  Read another review here (thanks Shane!).  Read our viewers' reviews here.

On July 3, 2001, the "V: The Original" DVD was released on Region 1 coding.  Let's hear YOUR reviews!  Please email them to me at lizard.lady@mindpulse.com to be posted!

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This ad appeared in may SciFi magazines, including Starlog.

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07/17/08 - Brian  has been kind enough to create "V" Covers / Inserts for the "V" DVD's in case you want to minimize your space!

dvdcaseVTheCompleteSaga.jpg (36602 bytes) DVD CASE. Click Picture to Enlarge. Email Brian to get exact size.
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V Complete Saga Cover

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What follows is a brief tutorial instructing you on how to print this DVD cover set and make the best possible presentation with it.

1.) 1 legal size sheet of photo paper for the cover (letter size is too small, and the edges will be cut off). Legal size photo paper is surprisingly difficult to find, but if you have a specialty paper store near you, you can buy it buy the sheet. Otherwise, they are sold at Office Depot and other such stores by the pack.
2.) 1 letter size sheet of photo paper for the insert, any brand, easy enough to find at any store. 3.) 1 sheet of sticky back paper, preferably the kind where the entire sheet is one big sticker. Again, these are harder to find unless you hit up a specialty paper store. 4.) 1 7 disc case seen here:
http://inetdvd.com/store/cases.asp labeled as "Alpha Black Septuple DVD Case." I am not trying to advertise for this site, just using this as a visual example. This is where I buy cases. If you can find one somewhere else, then by all means go ahead. The reason I do not use a 6 disc case (even though the V collection is a total of 6 discs) is because the 6 disc cases have no place for an insert. The picture shown on the site for the Sextuple set is actually a Septuple set, and they have never fixed this error. 5.) A decent inkjet or laserjet printer. 

For best results, print the cover using a program designed for printing photographs, such as Photoshop. This is the only way to get sharp, realistic detail and make the cover look as authentic as possible.

In your printing options, set your printer to the highest quality, and select the photo paper option if there is one. Make sure your paper size is set to LEGAL, and also set to LANDSCAPE rather than PORTRAIT. This will print the cover in the proper direction on the legal size sheet. Once printed, allow several hours for the ink to dry (I usually allow 24 hours, but I'm paranoid), and then cut it down to size. You should be able to slip it beneath the clear plastic that covers your septuple DVD case. Line up the spine until the writing and the picture of the flying saucer are even, and you're done!

Change the printing options from LANDSCAPE back to PORTRAIT, and from LEGAL to LETTER. Leave the settings on highest quality and set to print on photo paper. Insert your regular size sheet of photo paper and print it. Again, allow several hours for it to dry, or your fingerprints will leave marks all over it.

Leave all settings the same as above, and insert your sticky back piece of paper. Print the labels, and allow about an hour to dry. Then you can cut them out and peel the paper off the back, and stick them inside the case, either above  or below the discs. Since the discs are double sided and have no labels, your labels will make the discs easily identifiable.

And that's it! I think I've covered everything, but if there are any questions, feel free to post them here and I will try to answer them.


8/13/06 - My name is Matt. I've been a "V" fan for over twenty years (I was 11 when the original miniseries first aired back in 1983). Of course, now that I'm 34, I'm somewhat more critical of TV shows than I was as a preteen. Having purchased the entire "V" saga on DVD, and having watched it extensively, I can honestly say (with regret) that certain aspects of it have not held up over the years. The first miniseries was then, and still is, absolutely ingenious and thought-provoking. The Final Battle, while not without a few minor plot holes, was still a great sequel. But the weekly series that immediately followed lacked the grandeur and imagination of its predecessors. For one thing, the horrifying depiction of a Nazi-like regime occupying contemporary America, which Kenneth Johnson brilliantly manifested in the first miniseries, was replaced by a childish soap opera-like plot structure. Instead of Diana being the sick, twisted, Joseph-Mengele-like sadist that she’d been when we'd first encountered her, she was now seen as a catty Joan Collins type who spent the majority of her time bickering with Lydia over who was going to take Charles to the senior prom. And instead of the terrifying sight of merciless helmeted Visitor shock troopers herding innocent civilians into squad vehicles to be taken off to God knows where, we were left with bumbling Keystone cop-like Visitors chasing Donovan and Tyler, firing them with their laser rifles, and always missing their mark. And what about the characters that seemed to vanish into thin air? I realize there were budgetary restrictions, but why was there never even any mention of key characters like Sancho, Caleb Taylor, Maggie Blodget, Stanley and Lynn Bernstein, Katie and Polly Maxwell, etc. And what happened to the Visitors’ reverberating voices?! In the first miniseries Donovan is almost killed when a Visitor shock trooper asks him a question, and Donovan is unable to reply due to his inability to emulate the Visitors’ reverberating voices. Yet, in “V: The Series,” Kyle Bates is seen strolling up and down corridors of the Mothership, talking with Visitors who are apparently oblivious to his human identity simply because he wears their uniform. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Casablanca style atmosphere, in which L.A. is declared an open city, where Visitors and Resistance fighters are forced to battle “under the table,” so to speak. That definitely gave evolution to the storyline, but if Kenneth Johnson had worked on it, it would have turned out much better. The problem is, Kenneth Johnson, while a truly gifted writer, seems to lack the patience to finish his projects. Take “The Incredible Hulk,” for example. Johnson takes us on this four year journey observing the plight of two men: The first, a hapless scientist with a unique medical problem, who wanders from town to town in search of a cure, while encountering different people along the way and helping to solve their dilemmas. The second, a pesky newspaper reporter who starts off wanting to cover a big story, but who later becomes obsessed in learning the identity of the man who becomes the creature. Johnson deliberately keeps us intrigued by these two men and their quests, and then, what happens? The show is cancelled. Not Johnson’s fault, I realize, but ten years later, when NBC decides to run three made-for-TV films of “The Incredible Hulk,” does Johnson pick up where he left off and finally give us that closure which we had all wanted? No, he’s too busy doing his In-Heat-of-the-Night-like Sci-Fi series, “Alien Nation.” So, silly comic book writers seize the project and give us ridiculous nonsense like Thor and Daredevil and a Mr. McGee who apparently has no memory of all that he had learned about the man that becomes the creature. But now, it seems, that after twenty-three years, Kenneth Johnson is determined to finish the “V” saga with “V: The Second Generation.” Super! The only problem is,  Johnson is planning to pick up where the original miniseries left off. I mean, if he wants to disregard the events of “V: The Series,” I can’t say I blame him, but most people agree that “V: The Final Battle” was a pretty decent sequel. So, by picking up where the original miniseries left off, does that mean that characters that were killed, such as Robert Maxwell, Daniel Bernstein, Christine Walsh, Ruby, John, Steven, Brian, Eleanor Dupres, etc. are still going to be alive in this new film? Does that mean that one of the coolest characters in “V,” Ham Tyler, never existed? Does that mean that Julie was never put through the conversion process, or that the red dust never existed? Does that mean that Robin never gave birth to a human/Visitor hybrid? How can Kenneth Johnson ignore the events of “V: The Final Battle”? That would be like someone making a sequel to “Star Wars” and totally disregarding the events of “the Empire Strikes back,” including the revelation that Darth Vader is Luke’s father. - Matt
10/6/04 - hey i just got the entire complete set of v on DVD.. i been looking around locally for other V stuff..if you run across any one having the laser gun let me know..I have just got a 3d image from a friend of the mothership.. but it requires a 600$ program to read it .. I will try to get conversions. For top, side , bottom views in Jpg.  I am trying to set up a v website its at http://v.mwbhc.com   please let me know what you thank. Any ideas please let me know on the site.. thanks again.. Matt
9/16/04 - First I want to say it is about time V The Series was
released on DVD. The V The Series DVD is so cool despite a bonus DVD having both Final Battle extras and V The Series extras like promos,etc and sound like the first V DVD. Overall a great V dvd set.   highly recommend it. V Rocks. - Joseph Berziga
8/23/04 - I bought V the series on DVD at Wal-Mart the other day $34.00. It's been ten years since I seen the show and I enjoyed it this time as much as the first time. - Matt
8/23/04 - I did purchase the 3 DVD "V" complete series on July 27, 2004.  I was at first disappointed, because I thought the "complete" series included the original miniseries and V: The Final Battle.  It does not.  Thus, I purchased "V" The Miniseries off of Amazon.com, and found a DVD copy of V: The Final Battle  at a SUNCOAST store here i  Richmond, Virginia.  So began a (week) long journey into watching the entire V series from beginning to end.  I remember when V came out in 1983, then again from 1984-1985.  I was between 9-11 years old.  Not being a science fiction fan, this is the only sci-fi  movie I became attached to and enjoyed.  I am so glad to have every episode of V in my movie library. - Kristen Marcel
8/15/04 - It is Adam letting you know about V the TV series on DVD.  My personal thoughts on it Ilana was that it is a great picture and sound dealing with a transfer from VHS to DVD but I was extremely disappointed with absolutely no features on the DVD collection.  I thought they would at least have a behind the scenes or cast info but nothing at all.  Very disappointed, but at least glad to see it in great picture.  Well, just wanted to give you my take on it, hope all is well.  Sincerely, Adam
8/15/04 - Just to let you know that the V the series quality is awful my videos are better quality than the DVDs. The Hero is one prime example when Ham is trying to get Willie to help them after Ellis is killed . when the shot goes over to Elisabeth a vertical line appears along with white specks as if were watching a movie from the fifties. Surely Warner Brothers could have cleaned them up. or why not just copy from the videos at least the quality is good. I have the feeling we have been ripped off . If they had extras like outtakes, gag reels etc . it would have been worth the coinage. I know some of you may not have the videos and glad this is out on DVD but for those who have the video tapes you will probably agree the quality is much better on them than the DVDs. It be interesting to to hear what others think. -  Dj Rosy Red UK
8/15/04 - It is finally great to see that Warner Bros. took the time to release "V: The Series" on DVD.  These will fit nicely into a die hard "V" fans collection.  The packaging was nicely done, except for the episode descriptions, a little too campy and poorly punctuated and grammatically incorrect.  Well who could complain much, the series is a little campy too.  Really a shame that there are absolutely no extras on this release.  The quality of the videos themselves are awful.  They obviously did not color correct or try to eliminate any of the scratches and dust on the prints themselves.  The Columbia House tapes are actually better transfers.  The blacks are oversaturated and the overall picture seems a little too dark.  The resolution of the video is just slightly better than VHS quality, not nearly the full lines of resolution that the DVD is capable of producing.  Oh, I tested the picture quality on a HDTV set and it really shows the flaws.  The audio is anything but stellar.  The Columbia House tapes are in stereo, why are the DVDs in mono?  In addition, the audio levels are too low.  Warner Bros. also failed to included the 30 second preview before each episode.  Those of you that saw "V" originally when it aired on NBC will remember these.  The menus are pretty basic and Warner Bros. did include a chapter stop after the opening sequence,  at each commercial break, and one before the closing credits.  Overall, I give this release about a 4 out of 10.  The 4 is basically for Warners even releasing "V: The Series" at all on DVD, in which case, I guess we should all be happy.  Chris Caudle
7/27/04 - Yes I bought [V:TS on DVD]it tonight at 7:30pm and I have been glued to the screen of my TV. I have been soooooooooooo waiting way too long  for this. I remember the two movies all too well but the 19 episodes -- it's like watching it all over for the first time . I love this so much and to the people at the (WB)? -- you guys are CRAZY FOR NOT WANTING TO BROADCAST V THE SECOND GEN. Plz , plz bring it back! It will be worth the wait and if you don't decide to change your mind, like DIANA said to Pamela in The Final Battle: "YOU RELY ON CUNNING INTRIGUE, I PREFER THE DIRECT APPROACH.  DON'T WORRY DEAR PAMELA.  I'LL DO MY SCIENTIFIC BEST TO COMMAND YOUR FLEET, AND TOMORROW I'LL DESTROY THE REBELS. CONSIDER THIS AN EARLY RETIREMENT."  WE AS V FANS WANTED IT TO COME BACK ON IN THE 80'S V IT SELF WAS A HUGE RISK BUT IT HAD THE SUCCESS NO ONE EXPECTED. DON'T YOU THINK YOU SHOULD GIVE IT A CHANCE, BUT ANYWAY, I BOUGHT V THE SERIES TODAY AND I WILL BE UP ALL NIGHT WATCHING IT. FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN'T GOTTEN IT YET , GO BUY IT ITS WORTH IT. - Andrew Mercer
7/27/04 - I just recently bought the two "V" miniseries.  I was 11 and 12 at the time of their airings, and now watching them both 20 years later, I find I still enjoy watching them, and in fact see them in a different light now as a mature adult.  I pick up on things I didn't at the time I first watched them. However, I thought the TV series was awful!  I don't know that I'll buy that DVD.

I hope Kenneth Johnson is successful in producing another miniseries the way HE wants to do it.  I don't see why people today wouldn't enjoy it.  A well-produced movie with great acting is a timeless work of art.  I can see the differences between V: the original miniseries and V: The Final Battle.  I definitely liked the first one (the Kenny Johnson commentary was very special and helped to explain his vision for the show);  the second one I also enjoyed, but I think they crammed too much into a 6-hour miniseries (I think the actual DVD running time is 4 hrs 45 min - and no commentary???? I was disappointed!), and there was much that should have been more detailed, like the Brian/Robin situation. The good thing about the 2nd one is that the majority of the bad guys got their asses kicked - and there was lots of action and humor, too.  It was still fun to watch.  The ending where Elizabeth magically stops the self-destruct sequence was too far-fetched and out of place.  Could have been done differently.  Oh, well. Still fun and enjoyable to watch. Thanks- Mariann McDaniel

This is possibly my most prized DVD possession. I love every minute of the series (Final Battle Part One being my favourite episode). 

One thing I must point out, though, is that this DVD is NOT in true wide-screen format. I suspected as much, so I pulled out my store-bought VHS copy of The Final Battle and compared the scene where Mike and Shawn Donavan are running away from the Vistor guards (the dream sequence). Sure enough, the DVD CUTS OFF the top and bottom of the picture, making the VHS 'full-frame' the TRUE aspect ratio.

If Johnson really did 'compose the film in wide-screen', then he did a poor job of it--he cut off people's head's and feet throughout the series! I think what happened was they shot it in 4:3, and just added the bars. I hope they release a better version with the Full Frame. - Mike
When Kenneth Johnson first pitched V to NBC and Warner Bros, he was greeted by yawns from the various execs because his pitch had more to do with the Nazis of WW2 and the French Resistance fighters than anything else, but then he dropped a bombshell:

"The difference is that these Nazis are from outer space."

With these words, V: The Original Miniseries was born. An epic tale of an alien race who supposedly came in peace, but who then proceeded to enslave the planet, V is more of a story about the human condition, about our own weaknesses, than a flashy sci-fi tale. Even though most of the Visitors believe in their Great Leader's plans to steal the water from Earth and use humans for cannon fodder and food, there is a small contingent of Visitor officers such as Martin and Barbara who are firmly convinced that what their superiors are doing is wrong and proceed to help the Human Resistance movement in any way they can. There are also Visitors like Brian, who serves as sort of a recruiting officer for the Visitors Friends, an organization of young humans who are dedicated to helping the Visitors to maintain order after several alleged attacks on Visitor refineries and processing plants (Brian is also the officer approached by Diana to participate in a medical experiment that leads to the impregnation of Robin Maxwell, the daughter of one of the Resistance fighters, Robert Maxwell).

I have to say that getting V: The Original Miniseries on DVD at last proved to be quite a plus for me, because I had worn out various VHS copies thanks to multiple viewings. The story is that good! I was also glad to get to see the Making Of documentary, which contains comments from various cast and crew including Kenneth Johnson, Marc Singer, and Faye Grant (wife of 7th Heaven's Stephen Collins). This miniseries is definitely a keeper. 

Here's the one for V--The Final Battle:

The "Nazis from outer space" are back, and badder than ever in this continuation of the war between the Visitors and the Human Resistance movement. Marc Singer is back as the intrepid Donovan, who now has a personal score to settle with the Visitors because he has been informed by Fifth Columnist Martin (played with steely charm by Frank Ashmore) that his son is aboard the ship in a sort of suspended animation. Faye Grant is also back as Julie, the Resistance Leader whose own grudge against the Visitors is made even more personal when Diana (Jane Badler) attempts to "convert" her following a botched raid by the Resistance at the Los Angeles Medical Center, where Supreme Commander John (Richard Herd) is giving a speech. Robert Englund also returns as the sweetly clueless Willie, who ends up helping the Resistance after he is captured by them and exposed to the realities of what they are doing to the humans, and Michael Ironside makes his first appearance as Ham Tyler, who is part of a worldwide Resistance network and who also loooooooooves to blow stuff up, especially when there's Visitors inside. 

Of all the actors, both in the Original Miniseries and The Final Battle, I have to save my highest praise for Blair Tefkin, who was suddenly thrust into the role of Robin Maxwell when her predecessor, Dominique Dunne, was strangled to death by an ex-boyfriend outside the home of David Packer (Daniel Bernstein) only a short time after filming had commenced. Ms. Tefkin played the part of Robin very well, going from a teenager whose only concerns were boys and school to a young woman who finds herself in the midst of a battle for the very survival of the human race. Not only that, Robin also learns to her initial horror that she is with child, the result of a crossbreeding experiment authorized by Diana and carried out by Brian, the young Visitor she developed a crush on when he first came down from the LA Mothership (and who also ends up being the target of her revenge).

While I was disappointed that the DVDs had no extras apart from cast and crew listings, and I wasn't too happy with the treatment of Robin's half-human, half-Visitor daughter, Elizabeth, in the script, I gave this DVD a high rating because the story has been one of my favorites since high school. Along with its predecessor V: The Original Miniseries, I feel that this one is definitely a keeper. - Steph
I bought this DVD in the UK from Blackstar (excellent service as usual by Blackstar by the way!).  Watched the DVD over the weekend and relieved all of those great moments!

Shame about the actual DVD though.  The presentation is great in the nice glossy snap pack (better than the mini series DVD box), however was anyone else a bit disappointed with the DVD itself?  The conversion (not one of Diana's conversions though!) of the film to DVD was excellent and the sound is great.  However the lack of any special features was very disappointing, and the DVD menus were a bit boring - some nice animated menus would have gone down well seeing as there were no special features.  Shame really.....

Still at least I can now watch the whole mini series/final battle whenever the mood takes me now :-) - Matt Stevenson
I got my V: The Final Battle dvd, but have only had time to watch part one. I have to admit I was severly bummed by the lack of *any* kind of bonus materials whatsoever.  Especially since the second disc has one side that is not simply *blank* but also has the gall to say, in teeny tiny letters, "No programming on this side. Flip disc."  The nerve!    But still, I'm thrilled to own it. Dan
I bought "V: The Final Battle" on DVD this past Sunday.  I've only had a
chance to watch the first disc.  It's great! Debbie
I am a huge V fan and loved the first DVD, Kenneth Johnson on the commentary made it brand new (great job), but on the Final Battle I was disappointed to see that this DVD had no special features or a commentary. The format and the way they cleaned it up were great but it missed that final touch! WB should have got some of the actors together to do the commentary (m. ironside, m. singer, f. grant, m. wright) would have been my choice. I am glad to see V on DVD and keep the legacy alive! V come back? Why not?  The fan base is there. - Sean, West Coast Resistance
Congrats to Amazon.com for sending this out so quick but shame on Warner Bros. for their lame attempt at bringing V:TFB to DVD.  Yes the picture transfer and colors are amazing.  V:TFB has never looked so good, but why not give V the treatment it deserves.  It would not have killed anyone to have added on the narrative trailers onto each episode, or use the stereo audio tracks from the Laserdisc copy from 1998?  Some behind the scene material does exist but this was not included either.  All in all, this is a very cheap, poor and rushed result, a little bit like TFB itself.  Let's not forget that "V" was the greatest sci-fi tv event mankind had ever witnessed.  This DVD release promised so much - but in the end delivered just the bare minimum.  What a pity. - John Dolan
I bought the new dvd today. Even though it doesn't have stereo surround & some behind the scenes stuff, I love it. I guess just because it's "V". I love the "Cast & Crew" backgrounds. They're cool. I think the packaging is very nice. I like it more than VTO packaging. All in all I'm very pleased with my purchase today. Take care, Ross
JEERS to Warner Bros' feable attempt to put V: The Final Battle on DVD.  About the only good thing one could say is the picture transfer was some what decent.  The sound is horrible, who would have thought mono was the way to go.  The laserdisc was released in stereo as was the VHS edition.  It was not shot in an anamorphic widescreen lense, so why release it that way?  It was obviously forced into that format and you can tell by watching the DVD.  The biggest disappointment was the fact that there are no extras whatsoever.  They could have at least included the trailers before and after each segment.    The first mini-series was a far better release than this mockery to the show. Chris Caudle 
V DVD - one word only - "stunning".  Superb and words fail me re the sound quality.  Shame they didnt touch up some of the visual effects - but I ain't complaining (except for the fact we have to wait 6 months longer than the US!) - Mark, UK
The DVD is great!  The picture is almost too good and you can see some cracks in the special effects.  I thought the remastered soundtrack was the best.  The only real disappointment is on part two there is about a 3 minute narrated preview that aired with the original broadcast.  They left it out.  Those of you who have purchased the Collector's Edition from Columbia House will see it on Volume 2.  I am greatly anticipating the release of The Final Battle.  Again, before each segment there are narrated recaps about 4 minutes long that recapture everything that has happened up to that point.  Warner has left these out of all other releases of V.  Hopefully, they will include it in the DVD release as well as the 30 second narrated preview at the end letting you know what is in the next segment. - Chris Caudle
A glorious "What Could Have Been"

As one of the most fanatical "V" fans to be found in the early 80's, I couldn't quite give this DVD release the 5 stars that I so desperately wanted to.  As an allegorical "it certainly CAN happen here" tale, V is unparalleled.  As a science-fiction tale it's merely okay --and as for the cheesy comic book-level TV series it spawned, well, the less said about that the better.

Probably the best feature of the DVD is the commentary by Kenneth Johnson, but for me, it only brought home the tragedy of what this truly excellent pilot degenerated into.  The original "V" isn't so much about an alien invasion as much as it is about us as a civilization and how human beings react to dramatic changes in the norm.  Once the shock of extraterrestrial contact (in the form of "Independence Day"-style ships over the world's major cities) wears off, it's astonishing how quickly the Visitors are welcomed into almost every facet of human culture, and how difficult it is for so many members of the cast to accept "the truth" as inadvertently discovered by Marc Singer's character.

There must be at least 30 principal characters to keep track of, but for me that's what brings this series down to earth --it's the best way to showcase how world events affect "the ordinary guy."  Visuals are impressive by 1983 standards --again, mainly because of how ordinary they're made to look (for example, alien shuttlecraft take off and land at a manufacturing refinery and rate about as much notice by passerby as, say, a tractor trailer).  <pause> Okay, to be fair, there's some truly scary makeup effects and a great edge-of-your-seat spaceship chase sequence at the end. 

All told, whether you're a devotee of the TV series, a Jane Badler fan (hubba hubba), or a student of the Nazi "phenomenon" of the 1930's, this chapter is worth spending your money on, but ONLY this one.  Skip "The Final Battle" sequel and certainly avoid that demeaning "L.A. is the Center of the Universe" TV series. - Peter Vinton, Jr. from New England, USA
The French language track maintains all the original sound effects from the 1983 broadcast.  As we all know the English track features the new audio effects which, apparently, drew mixed reviews from a number of fans.  Somewhat of a curiosity.  So, for the purists, enjoy the French track. Brian Olson
The DVD of the first series is outstanding. It looks fresh and hasn't dated as much as I thought. The Widescreen picture is superb. I look forward to The Final Battle, maybe Warner could give us 5.1 audio for that one! - Jonathan Bolton
I bought V DVD region 1 (because I live in the U.S.) about a week ago...and it's totally awsome!  I loved to watch V when I was a kid, now I'm glad to own the episodes.  I enjoy the episodes so much that yesterday I ended up bought V on VHS which not only included "V the Mini Series" but also included the 3 parts of "V - the Final Battles" for the continuation.  All V fans should buy this VHS pack because the dvd didn't have the Final Battle episodes.  I just wish they have the Final Battles for dvd...because without that, V has no ending. For those of you who experience why your V dvd play the FULL Screen Format and NOT Wide Screen Format like the disc suggested, then it's Normal.  I just found it out when I was forced to read the back of the V dvd jacket then I realized...it said..."MATTED" widescreen.  What this mean is that only new T.V that has enhanced widescreen built within the TV can watch V dvd in widescreen format.  T.V that doesn't have this special technology will see in Full screen format.  Anyhow, I test my V dvd onto two of my televisions and I can see that my old T.V is playing full frame while my new T.V. is playing  widescreen...very funny. - Rémy
Finally got a DVD player ($390), and watched 'V'- FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC! The picture was sharp, and the sound (with a home theater system) was an experience you wouldn't believe (or would).Watched 'V' without commentary- FANTASTIC (as said), but watching it with commentary was really interesting. The interviews with Marc and Faye were really interesting, I've watched it three times, because I've never heard an interview with them ever about their roles in V. I was a very small bit dissapointed that it did not have anything on the ads that they done on TV for it, as I remember seeing a TV show which had bloopers from TV spots, and an ad for the V series was amongst it, showing Donovan and Julie running thru the mothership, stopping  only to tell fans to "tune in to V tonight!" I must say, the widescreen presentation was definitely a worthy addition. At first I thought, 'Oh, crap. It's in widescreen', but after watching it, it put a whole new perspective on some scenes, it was like watching it for the first time. The scene in which Donovan and his crew go into the mothership and Diana shows them around (especially the scene in which the cargo ship enters the mothership in a night sky) is brilliant! The unmasking scene is also great to see in widescreen! - Carsten Scholtz
Just a quick note that the V: mini series was released on DVD here in Australia yesterday and of course I raced straight out and bought it. I watched it with Kens commentary - well done I must say. Also it is great to see it in widescreen and stereo sound. It's ace. - Shane, 10/2/01
Just bought the V DVD tonight for fifteen bucks.  Stereo tracks and clean picture are great.  Best part of the DVD, the director commentary.  - John Pemble
We may not have the British region 2 version yet (It's about time region coding was done away with), but where there's a will, there's a way, and my friend finally got one imported. I've only so far seen the first film and documentary, but was very impressed. As for the new sound of the shuttles, it wasn't a bad as some people seemed to think it was. But the sound effects, music and picture compared to my original VHS tapes, well, what can you except WOW! - Jason Spurgeon (UK)
The DVD version of V The Original Mini-Series is a dream come true. With the addition of stereo sound and wide screen format, V has never looked better. It is really special to hear our hero, V's creator, Ken Johnson's commentary on his masterpiece. He share's so much information on how the film was done, working with the actors, cost, special fx, YOU NAME IT! He even gives out his personal e-mail address. And believe me, he is a GREAT guy! Finally, my most favorite part of this DVD is the "behind the scenes feature" in which I get to hear my favorite stars, Marc Singer and Faye Grant share their insight on Mike Donovan and Julie Parrish... Its really funny, all those articles we read about Marc Singer being a very energetic guy are true, just watch and listen as he talks about Donovan, then plays around on the set. - Tamie Kwist
  The mini series is great! I love the extra footage and the commentary is great, good job buy all involved!  We need a new V series to hit the air (I think it would do well) - Buddy
The V DVD is great!  It looks great and I learned a lot I did not know about the show from the great commentary by Ken Johnson. Two big thumbs up and can't wait for "the final battle" (with my fave V moment when Ham breaks the bottle over Brian's head) Ya!!! Warner keep them coming! - Sean Daniel Budynski
Fantastic. I have been waiting for this for a long time.  The commentary and documentary are especially interesting.  I can't wait until V-The Final Battle is out on DVD. - Steven King
I started watching "V" when I was 9 years old, during SciFi Channel reruns on July 4th Weekend of '96. I was really "into" V for about 2-3 years, but then I kind of phased out of it. But, on July 4th, 2001, I was in BestBuy picking up a new VCR when I saw that the "V" DVD had been released -- and it was only $15. So I picked it up, got home, popped it into my DVD player on my PC and boy was I amazed! I didn't watch the normal movie first thing, I watched Kenneth Johnson's commentary. It is so revealing as to how every part of the film was planned, edited and created. Just listening to it made me notice a lot of things about the film I'd never noticed before. The sound has been completely remastered and re-done in steroe, and it sounds AWESOME!!! So much louder and better than the original. I even think then ew take-off and landing soundtrack for the skyfighters and shuttles sounds better than the original. The picture quality is bright, crisp and clear -- it looks 10 times better than the newest VHS copies. And too think that it's finally in widescreen! Heck, I didn't even KNOW it was filmed in widescreen to begin with. The special features weren't too great, though -- except the commentary part. The "Cast & Crew" section was really cheap, it just said who played who and who directed the movie, basically. There is no gag reel or trailer included on the disc either. Finally, the behind-the-scenes feature is badly edited, has no "plot" or narration, it's just a bunch of footage from the making of the movie edited together. Still, this DVD was excellent. Since buying it I have picked up VHS copy of the Final Battle for myself and subscribed to the ColumbiaHouse series, anticipating the arrival of volume 6 (Since I basically have volumes 1-5 now). I'm glad I bought the DVD -- or I might have forgotten "V" altogether. When I was 9, I didn't get them essage and understand ho deep it was -- I just loved the lizards and skyfighters. But now that I'm older I can understand how it mirrors Nazism and the whole idea behind it. Thank you for making this movie, Kenneth Johnson!  Kilroy Cressy, in the U.S.A
I originally taped the mini-series (as well as The Final Battle and all 19 eps of the series) from the Sci-Fi Channel, but sadly the tapes got ruined and I was only able to salvage two eps of the series (and the quality isn't exactly the best).  So, suffice it to say, I was quite happy that, at least, the original mini-series was released on DVD.  I read the other reviews here prior to viewing it, so that I would know what I was getting myself into.  The film DID look fantastic, and the audio is pretty darn good.  Since I no longer have the original "tv" version, I couldn't compare the letterboxing or sounds effects to the original.  The picture didn't appear to be missing anything, and it didn't look crowded or claustrophobic to me.  As for the sound effects, I occasionally compared it to the effects on the mono French audio track.  I think the French track might contain the original effects because I did notice some differences.  Two great examples occur on side B of the DVD: (1) At 03.19, during the explosion of the shuttlecraft, the French track doesn't contain the sound of breaking glass; (2) At 09.32, the French track doesn't contain the jet airplane "whir" as the shuttlecraft lands.  I have a feeling that the French mono track contains all of the original sound elements.  This track was probably recorded back in 1983/84 for international distribution of the film, and Warner just simply put it in the DVD "as is" - though they might have cleaned it up a bit in the transfer to digital.  It would have been nice if Warner gave us the original mono English track, in addition to the remastered stereo track.  There have been several DVDs put out that include the original soundtrack as well as a remastered one.  Too bad this isn't one of them.  As for the lack of proposed extras, think of it this way: if Warner never mentioned that there would be trailers and a gag reel, would you really be disappointed that they're not there?  We got a commentary track and a behind-the-scenes reel - and that's more extras than most DVDs contain.  I hope that eventually Warner will release The Final Battle and all episodes of the series on DVD - though that's probably hoping for too much. -- Paul Rudoff
Review by G. Noel Gross at Cineschlock
Well it was finally worth the wait!  Like many other Europeans, I had to order the US Region 1 copy from Amazon.com before it took an eternity to find its way over to this side of the Atlantic.  As everyone has already noted, the picture quality is amazing, and the audio too.  This is especially apparent in the opening El Salvador sequence, where we hear the helicopter flying all around the room, and bullets coming from everywhere.  An excellent reproduction!  Kenneth Johnson's commentary, again, has been hardly bettered on any DVD release to date.

The main complaints I have (we shouldn't be doing this, but for those who have not bought the DVD - you should know something to avoid possible disappointment) are as follows: 1. As previously noted, I do not like the new take-off/ landing sound from the shuttle craft.  It DOES sound like a harrier jet. 2. Apparently the mini series was originally shot in widescreen, but for the DVD, all they seem to have done is put black bars at the top and bottom of the screen to give it a WIDESCREEN effect.  When you compare it to the VHS/ TV version, we are missing picture on the DVD from the top and bottom of the screen. 3. There is no Gag Reel or Theatrical/ TV trailer as stated in a lot of previous advertisements. 4. Finally, the Behind the scenes featurette is extremely disappointing.  This has been thrown on just for the sake of it.  The picture quality is very poor.  While we get some feel for the detail that Johnson was looking for when he shot the miniseries, there is no narrative to this featurette, and it is just a series of clips glued together.  It would have been much better if there were more interviews with Jane Badler, Michael Durrell and perhaps Richard Herd, as well a a better story to the Behind the Scenes piece.  Then, I think that would have satisfied the appetites of most hardened V fans. - John Dolan (Biggest "V" fan from Ireland)
Here's an opinion from the U.K!  I ordered my copy form the internet and it arrived last week.  My player can play US discs, which is just as well because we won't get the DVD release in England until Christmas, and I couldn't wait until then! The thing I love about DVD is it brings old films back to life - both picture and sound really impressed me and it was brilliant seeing one of my favourite TV shows looking and sounding this good.  I also preferred the final battle but this will keep me happy until then. - Neil Ridley 
I remember watching it in 1983, of course I was only 11 at the time.  When seeing the special edition at my video store, I did not hesitate to buy it.  I had taped it from a sci-fi airing about 2 years ago. 

There are some interesting points to "V" and the DVD release.

1a.  The DVD, featured as it is, lacks the original trailer.  Oops!

1b.  The video transfer/restoration is marvellous.  Colors are crisp and vivid, contrasts are bright and visible.  No complaints here whatsoever.

1c.  The sound, which was originally monaural, certainly suffices in a stereo-ized effect.  The audio is as crisp and clear, perhaps better, than it was in 1983.  But the miniseries was made in mono, so I am partially disappointed they decided to tamper with it to create a false stereo feel.  Worse, Warner pulled a "Superman" and replaced existing effects for this remastered version.  Whereas in "Superman" half the effects came from a Windows 98 PC (like the door-opening hydraulics of Lex's lair for example), at least "V"'s new audio effects were somewhat more lifelike when compared to cheap tinny noises.  The shuttlecraft landing/lifting sounds more like conventional jets.  The original hum noise left an air of mystery as to its propulsion method.  It was genuinely alien.  The new jet noise leaves a new mystery:  Where's the tailpipe, nosecone, gasoline engine, and wings?!  Besides, the movie was made a certain way.  People who go back to tinker with their movies like George Lucas and Robert Wise for their Star Wars and Star Trek movies are generally doing what they are to get people to see something which never had good plot nor character in the first place - revamping the eye-candy and charging money for it.  (Sequels to both Star Wars and Star Trek did learn that character and plot mean infinitely more than snazzy effects, thank goodness.)

2.  This point is more of a story-related problem than DVD:  Robin disappears after the "medical experiment" she had with Bryan.  Later, she appears out of nowhere with Donovan and Sancho, getting to a shuttlecraft to escape the mothership.  In Ken's commentary, they were already 15 minutes over in length and the sci-fi channel for the most part did a great job in removing 20-some minutes of footage to cram in more commercials.  Surely it would have been better to have a proper reintroduction to Robin versus a protracted shuttlecraft chase or gunfight or two?

3a.  Again, this is more of a story issue than DVD issue:  If bright lights affect the visitors, why is their ship so brightly lit?

3b.  Water is actually abundant.  Pluto is purportedly made of ice.  Water was on Mars for a length of time as well.  Hydrogen is an abundant element.  Oxygen is.  And water is necessary for all life.  There is an instant fix:  If the lizard population issue were to have been addressed (were the lizards a tad too busy and had to search outside their solar system for life and ultimately found us as something succulent and delicious?), this point would be a non-issue.  But the environmental theme of water is still there.

4.  Letterboxing:  I had taped "V" on the sci-fi channel.  I then watched my taped version.  Maybe it's just me, but I'm not convinced that the movie was originally made in 1.85/1 ratio, then reduced to 1.33/1 ratio for standard tv screens.  (After all, it was a miniseries meant for the TV in the first place.)  I re-watched my original taping and I couldn't notice much of a difference with the extra area.  It if was indeed filmed at 1.85/1 ratio, nobody had taken full advantage of using that extra horizontal space to the full potential 1.85/1 offers.  But this probably is recursion; though they wanted it in 1.85 they kept everything essential within the 1.33 frame for the sake of TV audiences.  It's just weird to see it in a "movielike" format.

5.  Ken Johnson, barring the reason for Robin's disappearance (see pt. 2) the mistake of a brightly lit ship (pt. 3a), and avoiding the letterboxing issue (pt. 1b), was VERY detailed with his commentary.  Even going as far as to say how it impacted other countries, his inclusion of the people who have since died, Greg Jein's involvement with the model making, the hand-crafted action figures, et cetera.  Tons of useful way-cool production ideals he had mentioned alone is well worth the price of the disc despite a mere three oversights (in my opinion).  I've heard commentaries on other movie releases which gloss over lots of potential information.  Besides, it's impossible to cover every single thing in a commentary, and Ken's commentary is by far the best I've ever been fortunate enough to listen to.   It transcends boundaries. People who aren't familiar will figure out his ideas and people who know the field won't be put off either.

6.  The documentary on side 2 of the disc:  It looks and sounds very grainy, showing they did not "re-master" it.  That was disappointing, but on the other hand it also shows us effectively how "V" would have looked if they did not remaster it!  So this point is just a matter of perspective.  Of course, if they had the original TV trailer, that could have been un-remastered and have that contrast against the miniseries instead of the entire documentary!

7.  The documentary included had no "direction" to it whatsoever.  Things just happened, it seemed as if nobody cared when they pieced it together.  People appeared and answered questions which nobody seemed to ask, then all of a sudden the main stars appear (one by one) telling us what their characters are about and the meaning of the story.  Unlike the miniseries, the behind-the-scenes story has no spark of life to it.  Add in the fact they never restored the doco, and ultimately we have an "extra" which just shouldn't have been included at all.  :-(

8.  To jump back, I think "V" is the one entity which has taken the use of matte photographs as model ships to an extreme and it oddly WORKS!  Now "Blake's 7" seemed to do that also at times, but "V" was far more ambitious.

So, that's my two cents.  The DVD is definitely worth the purchase.- David P. Cole



Fantastic. I have been waiting for this for a long time.  The commentary and documentary are especially interesting.  I can't wait until V-The Final Battle is out on DVD. - Steven King

I've seen part of the V DVD and it's amazing.  After I watch V I'm going to watch the "director's Commentary" Ken gives on the DVD as well. The rez is amazing and the sound and visual FX, awesome. - Lisa Cuoco
The Original Miniseries DVD is well worth the price.  I loved the commentary by Kenneth Johnson.  It was so educational and it got me out of my year and a half writers block.  Thanks Kenneth!   Warner Brothers: Listen to the public and pay for the actors for their work in the Gag Reel and put it on the Final Battle DVD!  This DVD lacked the spice that the reel would have provided. - Grace
DVD ramblings & thoughts:


First thing Tuesday morning I ran to Suncoast Motion Picture Store and bought my copy of V on dvd.  I watched every bit of it when I got home and could not believe the sound & picture quality.  FANTASTIC!!!  I was a little disappointed in the behind the scenes part.  I love the dvd & I hope The Final Battle will be out on dvd soon.  Thank you Kenneth for making this dvd a reality. - Ross
When I watched the "V" DVD, it almost felt like I was watching a brand new movie.  The sound and picture were so vivid, so heightened in clarity, that this film could indeed be rebroadcast today.  This can all be taken for granted, of course, until you watch the behind the scenes documentary.  You really get to see the amount of painstaking detail that went into the lighting, composing and acting in every shot.  It was wonderful to see and here what unseen artists like Charles Davis thought of the film.  And Kenny Johnson's commentary was so thoroughly researched and prepared, he sounded like he just left the movie set.  Many thanks to all of them for making this project everything it could be!  PS- I'm still hoping to find an Easter egg somewhere on the disk.  :) - Jamin Fite

I was a V fan as a child, but had not seen V since then. When I heard it was coming out on DVD, I rushed out to get it the day it was released. The picture and sound quality are just awesome. I watched the whole thing all the way through. The behind the scenes are also really cool. I hope the Final battle and the rest of the series make it to DVD soon. - Dugpa

Well, it's totally cool, the commentary is excellent, more information than any other commentary I've ever listened to and I've listened to lots and lots. - Mike

I've watched the 'V' DVD tonight and I must say , the quality is FANTASTIC!!! It's nice to see it in widescreen and with a Dolby soundtrack on it . I also loved the behind the scenes segment ... Too bad the gag reel wasn't on it , but hey that's just a minor thing ! I hope that Mr. Kenneth Johnson gets the go ahead for releasing 'The Final Battle' on to DVD ! I can't wait to see it ... Let's hope the sales of the original series DVD goes well! - Eric

I was very impressed with the DVD.  The widescreen version allowed me to see more of the scene than I ever had before.  I also thought the color and sound were better.  My favorite part, however, was the director's commentary.  I really felt like Ken Johnson himself was sitting in my living room and explaining his vision for V.  It was awesome!  The Final Battle has always been my favorite, though it lacks the themes and symbolism of Johnson's V.  Now, I can truly understand not only the Nazi allegory but the water theme, reptilian clues, Sean's baseball hat and key themes as well as love and heroism as themes.  The behind-the-scenes documentary was entertaining as well.  I give it two thumbs up! - Jaime Boler

First thing to say about the DVD is that V has never looked or sounded so good before.  It is much more of a cinematic experience to see it letterboxed to show the full 1.85:1 aspect ratio which Ken and his D.P. composed V in.  It is sad to see that the gag reel is not included, however, the awesome behind-the-scenes reel that Ken also showed at the convention is included.  And to be honest, if I had to pick between the behind-the-scenes or the gag reel, I'd choose the behind-the-scenes for sure.  First of all, there are many funny moments in it as well, but also it gives much more insight into what atmosphere was like on the set, and how all of the story elements came together.  It also showcases many of the talented people who helped bring Johnson's vision to life.  I think it's cool to see the production designer and the director of photography; they are largely responsible for what V became.

The only thing that I have a slight problem with (and it is a minor one) is that I noticed that they totally changed the sound effects for all of the squad vehicles--whether they are landing or ascending.  They no longer have that unusual and familiar "pulsating hum", but now have this semi high pitched jet turbine sound mixed with a low rumble.  I personally prefer the original sound effect of the squad vehicles merely because their reverberating hum sounded more foreign, more alien to me.  They now sound a bit more like a Harrier jet.  The change in the squad vehicles' sound effects was likely due to one of two things: either it was an aesthetic choice--maybe Ken said "let's change it, I never liked it" or it could be because the original effect cues were lost or damaged for one reason or another.  Back then they didn't have a digital reverb generator, and had to manufacture them organically.  It may not have been as simple to re-manufacture the sounds as mixing a few specific cues off of a Yamaha board.  They may have had to re-record the effect on a stage and may not have had references to how it was originally made.  But like I said, the change in sound effect may have been an aesthetic choice.  But I'm not complaining at all!!!! The sound effect thing is a minor detail that I wanted to point out.  But V has never looked or sounded this incredibly awesome.  It's beautiful.  I will never watch it on VHS again!! It's all about the DVD.  I do wish that WB had put it in a plastic keep case, not the cardboard snap case.  V deserves a great case with a booklet as many DVD's have.  But It is so cool to see it this way.  I'm thankful to WB for producing and distributing it and I'm thankful to Ken for adding a commentary track, making sure the original shooting aspect ratio was preserved, for overseeing the awesome stereo mix of the original mono mix, for giving us the behind-the-scenes, and for trying to bring us the gag reel.        

I know a place in Burbank that makes surround sound mixes from older mono-mixed films and TV shows.  It's a difficult process.  And it was a real rush to hear sounds from V now coming out of my surround sound speakers.  Richard is sad that Universal didn't re-mix Battlestar Galactica for its DVD release.  It's true, you pop the DVD into my system and all of the sound comes out of the front center speaker only.  The surrounds don't get used at all because they released the DVD in mono. - Brian Westfall

Hi there all.  Just wanted to let you know that the "V" DVD was spotted in DC yesterday at a Georgetown comic book store... since I already ordered mine from Amazon I didn't buy it but I was tempted! How ironic it was released near "independence" day... Happy "V" day... Brian, Jane Badler Society