Have you spotted any "blooper" or "V" inconsistencies in the mini-series, series, books or comics?  If so, this is the place to share them!  Please note, even though my memory regarding "V" is amazing, I will not be checking these.  If you have any, send them into me at lizard.lady@mindpulse.com !

This idea, "V Oops!  Things That Make You Go Hmmm" comes from Greg Goldstein, avid "V" fan, of course.

Oops Patrick

I am rewatching the pilot right now to see what else (if anything) ABC cut out Saturday night besides the ear cutting scene. They must have gotten complaints from viewers that this scene was too gorey for the 8pm hour. But, it was actually MULTIPLE scenes that kept flashing back and forth during Anna's interview with Chad that got cut. Her interview was longer in the pilot and things she said to Chad were also cut, and so was Georgie's explanation about what the V's are and why they're here. This whole sequence got cut from probably 5 minutes down to just 1 or 2. They removed a LOT here, but everything else seems intact. Odd that they would cut the most revealing part of the pilot episode in reruns!?!?!

I also just caught a significant filming error. As Georgie was ambushing Ryan outside the glass building where Ryan works to try and convert him back to The Resistance, a Vancouver tower was reflecting in the glass of the building in the background. This tower looks like the Seattle Space Needle. Yet, this is supposed to be NYC, where no circular observation towers like this exist. Major OOPS !!

Oops Patrick

I just rewatched the ABC V finale again. They made a huge mistake at the end. It was nighttime on the MS when Anna unleashed the Red Sky. Suddenly, it was daytime down below. And in LA, too, which is 3 hours behind us and thus would have been even further still in nighttime. Somebody F-ed up! (Unless the Red Sky somehow makes it daylight?!?!? Like a nuke?)

Oops Jolene

Anna uses a Kindle to take over the world!  And it needs a battery charge!  See link HERE.

Oops Michael Tarr

In "V" The Mini-Series (The Original), as the Visitor Mother Ship approaches Los Angeles, we see Polly and Robin hug their mother. As the shot goes to David looking up we see them still hugging in the back ground, the next shot is again from behind and we see the daughters again reach for their mother.

Oops Hybrid Moments

This oops is from the original miniseries.  Donovan sneaks back on board the mother ship (in a Visitor uniform) and is searching for clues to their secret motives.  He is in full uniform with Visitor sidearm.  When he enters the room where he finds the tanks full of water, he no longer has the sidearm.  Then, once again, when he hooks up with Martin, he has the weapon again!

Oops Michael Tarr

In "V" The Mini-Series (Original), Donovan stows away onboard a Visitor shuttle craft to do some detective work about what the Visitors are really up to. As he boards the shuttle craft and arrives on the mother ship, Donovan has a Visitor sidearm and holster.
Donovan is seen later at the large holding tanks that are used for storing the water the Visitors are taking from the Earth and the sidearm and holster are gone.
Later, Martin finds Donovan and finally reveals that the Visitors are also storing humans and the sidearm and holster reappear.

Oops Joseph Ares-Berziga

6. Liberation Day
# Diana should have died when she got out of the
shuttle after it crashed. Since this takes place
immediately after the red dust was dropped, it should
still be everywhere.
7. Dreadnaught
# When Diana threatens to kill Nathan Bates, Bates
shows her his wrist to demonstrate a device that sends
a frequency to explosives surrounding enough red dust
to destroy every Visitor on Earth. It's large and
bulky and very noticeable, but it doesn't appear to be
on his wrist in future episodes (or even the rest of
this one).
# There is never any real explanation given as to why
Donovan and Tyler are attacked by the cops at the
tracking station. They appear to have just shown up
for target practice...
# The Police Officers were sent by Nathan's
Organization because Nathan claimed that Tyler was "a
# When Mike leads the resistance fighters to the
Mothership, he is seen wearing orange work gloves;
once in the ship, his gloves are now a dirty tan when
he attacks the security guard, yet go back to orange
when they are in the mothership's control room.
# In the pilot, it was stated that their "motherships"
only travel at near-light speed, and that it took
something like five years to get to Earth from their
star system. Yet the Triax, which was guarding star
routes gets to Earth very quickly. It just happened to
be guarding routes very near Earth?
20. The Wildcats
# At the end of the episode Lydia comments on how pale
Marta looks, but since Marta is a Visitor she is
wearing fake human skin.
24. The Return
# During the big fight scene Lt. James falls into
(through) one of the consoles busting up 2 surfaces but
after he gets up the surfaces are intact again.

Oops Patrick O'Reilly

I just watched the V DVD Final Battle and noticed a mistake: When they do Robin's laparoscopy to look into her abdomen at the pregnancy the guy doing the anaesthetic, is his name Robert ? Well he holds the face mask giving the anaesthetic on upside down!!!

Oops Christine Johnston

This is something that I have noticed in my many years of re-watching the series: I believe it is in Episode 1, The Final Batal, when Brian shoots Dan Pascal in front of the first hideout for the "rebels". When Brian shoots him with the laser gun, there is no mark left on Pascal's shirt. The shot did not even penetrate the shirt. - 

Oops found by Derek

This is a V blooper which I recently discovered in the "V" Mini-series. This blooper occurred during the scene where John is announcing his cure for cancer at the Medical Center. The Resistance Fighters manage to get through security using fake passes and disguises. Their plan is to kill the guards, take control of the room, and rip John's face off on national television, before making a quick escape. As the Resistance Fighters get into position and prepare for their attack, you can see that there are many Vistor security guards (with gold helmets) posted all around the room, and on the steps leading to the upper level where John will be. The Visitor security guards on the steps are standing "at attention", just as a US Army soldier might stand when he is called to attention. They are all standing up straight, facing forward, arms at their sides, their shoulders back, chests out, and all that kind of stuff. They are carrying laser weapons,  but the weapons are holstered and have not been drawn.  

John comes out and begins to speak about the cure for cancer. Suddenly, one member of the Resistance yells "Now!" and all hell breaks loose!! You can see many of the guards being shot and killed, as the civilians all run for cover. There's all kinds of gunfire and laser blasts, and bodies dropping everywhere. Now here's where the blooper comes in. The camera then switches to a shot of a Resistance Fighter running down the stairs and kicking one of the security guards. Right before the guard gets kicked, you can see that he is still standing "at attention" just as he was before the attack began. He has not even pulled out his weapon, and he seems to have no clue that anything is going on in the room. You can also see another guard standing "at attention" on the steps. That guard also seems to be completely clueless, and has not even pulled out his weapon. Logically, at this point, these guards should have their weapons drawn, and should be shooting at the Resitance Fighters, running for cover, or trying to get John or Diana to a safe location. But instead, they are just standing there perfectly still, not doing anything. So, there was either some kind of blunder in the filming, editing, or directing of the scenes, or the V Security Guards are just REAL morons.

Oops found by Niklas

I always figured they were to hide their true eyes just as the shock troopers visors. This makes the visitors not need to wear their fake human eyes at all times...just a thought.

Oops found by Brittany

This is one to check out for all people who have easy access to the original mini series: When Daniel Bernstein is given a ring to honor his loyalty by Brian, Brian reaches to shake his hand. Strangely enough, after he pulls his hand away, there is another shot of the two still shaking hands.

Oops found by Jon Farley

The visitors say when they arrive that they come from Sirius. Sirius however is one of the brightest stars in our galaxy, it is way up on the top end of the main sequence. The visitor home planet (I won't go into astrophysics here) will be roughly the same size and in a closer orbit to their sun, which will mean that it is also hotter, and will have lost most of its water to space, (accounting for their wanting ours). But it also means that the lizard's eyes would have evolved to cope with the brightness of their own sun, so why the hell are they wearing sunglasses in the 'dim as a naffy candle' light of Earth, they should be wearing vision enhancers!

And before you say that perhaps the sunglasses were actually vision enhancers, if they were, they would have blinded Mike Donavan when he put them on to do his little covert operation stunt on the mother ship. On the other hand, perhaps this was why they were such lousy shots!

Oops found by Beth & Sarah

I don't remember the name of the episode, but it's the one where Diana and Lydia are having a fight to the death with these poles with a weighted sort of metal softball at one end, and a blade at the other.  During the fight, Diana's blade on her pole wiggles.  It's made of rubber or plastic!

As Diana's shuttle escapes the mothership, a close inspection of the Visitor logo on the shuttle shows that this is a mirror image of the stock footage -- the logo is backwards.

Donovan shoots at Diana's shuttle from above many times and misses, but the laser bolts never impact the ground

Thick gray smoke is pouring out of Diana's shuttle after she's hit, but the air is clear after the crash, then when we cut back to Diana running away from the crashed shuttle, the smoke is back

Diana limps away from the crashed shuttle. Camera zooms in on Donovan running. He begins to take a flying leap. Camera cuts to high shot of Diana limping again. Here comes Donovan running in from the left, then takes another flying leap and tackles Diana.

Diana is being walked from a heavily guarded van to the courthouse wearing a mask... and nothing but. Wouldn't you want handcuffs and leg-chains on such a dangerous war criminal?

Why would Donovan have to "steal" a helicopter? The pilot, Donovan, and Martin all work for KDHB. The pilot was obviously right there. What happened to, "Hey, Bob, give me a lift! I'm following Diana!"

Nathan Bates tells Diana about the antidote, and says, "That's how Visitors like Martin and Willie can exist outside." To the best of my knowledge, Diana has never met Willie (slim chance), and Bates has never met either one of them. Unless, of course, Martin and Willie have become celebrities now, in which case, why did the reporter spend so much time interviewing Elias and ignore Willie?

The guy who picks up Diana by the side of the road sees she's wearing goggles, sees her uniform, and (presumably) hears her alien "accent", but has no idea why her skin is cold, or why she's about to devour him. What rock has he been hiding under for the past 2 years?

24 hours later, Donovan is still flying around in a stolen helicopter.

Who owns the Southwest Tracking Station? So many people (Donovan, Tyler, and Diana) all get into a facility filled with millions of dollars worth of computer and satellite equipment which is all powered up and running unattended, unguarded and unlocked.

Episode #2: "Dreadnaught"

The resistance re-forms as Diana intends to destroy Earth with a high-powered weapon from her home planet.

Club Creole is packed with customers, all getting bombed. Yet, when somebody knocks (why knock on the door of a public restaurant anyway?), Elias pulls out a gun and opens it a crack to see who's coming. Did he do this with all these customers?

Tyler and Donovan drive through an alley during the "War of the Worlds" attack. They see a man run out of a building and get shot. They get so mad, they turn the car around and shoot 3 troopers, and run a fourth over. They then drive away without even checking to see if the poor human is alive or dead.

Nathan Bates tells Diana if his pulse stops, the explosives throughout the facility will explode, releasing the red dust, and he and the human race will "yawn and clean up the mess". Wouldn't he be part of the mess, considering he's in the facility?

Elias tells Robert that nobody besides he and Willie know of the basement under Club Creole, and says, "I put that stairway in myself". What does a small-time street punk know about installing a hidden door that slides open and closed automatically at the push of a hidden switch? By the way, the basement of the Club Creole is the same set as the resistance base from The Final Battle. Notice the spiral staircase?

Soon after, they hear screaming, and five shock troopers are corralling customers into the corner. Not only does Elias try to handle all five of them (he takes down one, then hides), but when they turn their back to shoot at Elias, all 30-40 people are still cringing and crying. It's a proven fact that alcohol makes you feel more brave (and/or stupid), so didn't anybody ever hear of "strength in numbers"?.  Of course, when Tyler and Donovan come running in with guns drawn (how did they know?) and knock one trooper down, one guy picks up the rifle and smiles and cheers Elias on. I'd knock him out just for the heck of it.

Diana tells Lydia she ordered the Triax to leave orbit around the home planet and come to Earth. Shortly after, Diana obliterates one of Jupiter's moons as an example of the Triax's power. After she gets dressed for the signing of the peace treaty, Diana tells Lydia the Triax will enter Earth's orbit in 3 hours. If it takes 3 hours to get from Jupiter to Earth, that means the Triax is traveling at a speed of 161,210,615.4 mph. At this speed, that means in order to travel the 51 trillion miles (8.7ly) from Sirius to Earth, Diana had to have requested the Triax in September 1948 (36.2 years). Even if the Visitors have faster-than-light technology (and they probably do), they wouldn't have put it on a weapon that is designed to stay in orbit around the home planet.

"Note from Kenneth (not Johnson): I just watched 'Liberation Day' & 'Dreadnaught' this (Monday, 07/08/02) MORNING. I just thought I should point out that @ no time is it actually stated, by either Lydia or Diana, that the Particle Beam Triax is "in orbit of the MOTHER PLANET" and/or "home world."

What WAS said, by Lydia, is that the Triax must "remain in 'orbit' to protect the space lanes." Followed by Diana's (sarcastic) reply: "Victory, dear Lydia, cuts through an awful lot of red tape." 

Also, Diana never states that she "ordered" the Triax into Earth's system. She DOSE say that she "requested that the Particle Beam Triax be DEPLOYED here at once."

I understand that you probably didn't personally add this particular 'blooper' but I thought, in the interest of 'V' accuracy, the misconception should be cleared up.

There are other such inaccuracies that other fans have submitted -- nitpicked -- to you but I felt this one was the most glaring."

Lydia orders the weapons officer to fire torpedoes at the captured mothership and destroy it, but he claims he can't, due to the fact that the Triax is in their way. Ok, why not have the Triax shoot at the mothership?

As Donovan, Elizabeth, etc are leaving the ship before Robert rams the Triax, the film footage is reversed again

When the ship collides with the Triax, everyone on the shuttle has to shield their eyes from the brightness of the explosion. Why? They're flying away from the explosion, so the flash would be behind them.

 Episode #3: "Breakout"

Tyler and Donovan get captured and placed in a Visitor work camp guarded by hungry "crivits". This episode was not shown in the original first-run of the series because of its violent content.

The Freedom Network broadcast is the same as episode #4

It's amazing Tyler and Kyle get locked in the same "hotbox" for hours, but don't continue the subject of what Kyle's relationship is to Nathan. They start talking about it before they get locked up, then in the next episode when they meet again, they act like they've never met and start the same topic from scratch.

Nathan's thug brings many police officers to the raid at Club Creole, but apparently posted nobody in the back alley. Elizabeth and Julie escape unharmed.

Donovan and Tyler steal a Visitor fighter in full view of many soldiers. They give chase, and take aim, but don't shoot. Only after the fastest liftoff in "V" history do they start firing.

Speaking of the fighter, there's several problems here in what I'd like to call the cheapest and most-rushed ending in V history. First (obvious to any true fan), Donovan's fighter and the one chasing him are flying over the same ground Donovan and Diana did in the first episode. Second, somehow Donovan & Tyler get behind the Visitor fighter and destroy him. When and how did this happen? Even now, I watch the episode and I still get confused as to who is in which fighter. Third, we know these fighters have front and rear laser cannons (from the first movie), so instead of displaying the mid-air gymnastics that we didn't get to see anyway, why doesn't Tyler turn around and start shooting at the fighter that's chasing them? He's too busy trying not to vomit.

Episode #4: "The Deception"

Diana (with the help of Sean), drugs Donovan and tries to trick him into believing the war is over so he’ll reveal secrets about the Resistance.

The pilot/messenger that Kyle finds while he's taking Robin home mumbles, "Club Creole...main street... take the pouch to the fireman". Yet, in Episode #2, Tyler tells Donovan that Elias's new club is on Fourth Street.

While Kyle is in the Club Creole awaiting Donovan's return, Willie tells him, "We will open soon. I must get ready." Yet, just a few minutes ago, we saw a woman eating at a table outside.

Kyle thinks somebody is sneaking up on him, he grabs a knife in his one hand, and he wipes his mouth on his napkin with the other hand. Why? He didn't want to kill someone with food on his mouth?

Diana tells Lydia she used 200c.c. of medication on Donovan causing him to stay in bed. Isn't "cubic-centimeters" an Earth measurement?

Diana (pretending to be Julie) is feeding Donovan pastries, which are actually mice. To Donovan, they look like pastries. Amazingly enough, the "pastries" don't run off the plate and get away. Then, when Donovan picks one up, he doesn't feel the cream puff trying to get away.

Donovan spent 2 days locked in one holographic room. He must have a good bladder. Either that, or he used a holographic toilet in the holographic closet.

If Julie knew that Elizabeth would be riding a motorcycle to the rendezvous point, don't you think she'd tell Elizabeth it wouldn't be ladylike to wear a skirt?

Episode #5: "The Sanction"

A Visitor martial-artist trains Sean Donovan how to kill his father.

In order to sneak into the Visitor Embassy, Donovan bribes the guard with a mouse. The guard bites the mouse in half, but there's no blood.

Robin arrives at the Club Creole, but finds the gate shut and padlocked. Yet there are people out front eating...

Later, when the gate is open, and the place is open for business, Robin isn't waiting there. She's going to see a movie. I guess she's not THAT eager to find her daughter...

Klaus uses a laser-whip to flatten Donovan's tires. Sparks fly out of the tire, but then the whip hits him in the leg and he feels nothing.

How does a tough guy like Tyler get knocked out with one punch from a 14 year old kid?

And after that, how did Sean find his way back to the Embassy on foot when he really had no idea where he was?

Episode #6: "Visitor's Choice"

The resistance finds out about a new process the Visitors are using to prepare human meat, and attempt to shut it down.

The explosive that Tyler places in the street to destroy the limousine has a timer attached to it, but yet he's using a remote control to detonate it.

Two police cars arrive on the scene within one minute of the explosion ("hah") and arrest the guy whose car "stalled", but ignore the black and gold sports car speeding away from the explosion itself right up the street (a bit like Star Trek's "Red Shirt Disease", isn't it?)

While spying on the food processing plant, Julie is identifying the Visitors. She calls one "General Maxwell Larson" and another "Mary Kreuger". Since when do the lizards have first and last names?

Inside the processing plant, hanging on the wall next to the dining table is a large tapestry with the Visitor logo on it. It's backwards.

Elizabeth is outside the building where Kyle is being "instructed" by Mr. Chiang. She uses her powers to psychically smash all of the light bulbs in the room, causing a distraction and allowing Kyle to escape, yet the brightness level of the room never changes.

When everyone is placing their explosives, they push one button to activate the timer. As we see on Donovan's timer, it's pre-set to 12:00 minutes and begins counting down from there. If the bombs are set to detonate exactly 12 minutes from activation, why do they all explode at the same time? Unless, of course, they were all activated at exactly the same time, which they weren’t.

Episode #7: "The Overlord"

A biker gang takes control of a small mining town in order to sell cobalt to the Visitors for powering their weapons.

I'm sure this has happened before in previous episodes, and I'll keep my eye out for it from now on: "The Freedom Network" honors a man who helped rescue children from a Visitor youth camp in Kansas City, Missouri. Kansas City in an area where the temperature drops below freezing often, allowing the Red Dust to regenerate. How can Visitors survive there?

Elizabeth seduces the guard with the line "Take it from me... I know what men want." Her voice was normal volume, if not lower, but yet Kyle heard her say it from inside the house across the street.

Episode #8: "The Dissident"

Diana places a force field wall around Los Angeles to prevent unauthorized entering or leaving of the city.

Diana and crew monitor the progress of a munitions truck driving along the road, heading towards her new "force field wall". The views are from several different angles, including straight ahead, which means that the camera would be in the road, or above it.

The basement of Science Frontiers looks almost exactly like the basement of the Visitor Embassy as seen in "The Sanction"

Julie uses security cameras to spy on Nathan while he enters his personal code into the computer. When Julie selects the room she wants to "spy" on, three pictures come up on three monitors: #1 is in front of Bates to his left, #2 is over Bates' left shoulder, and #3 is in front of Bates to his right, below desk level. There are a slew of buggers in this scene!

She looks at the computer again, and now controls for individual cameras appear: "Pan", "Zoom", "Tilt" for each camera. This was silly even for '80s sci-fi television. There's no "in", "out", "left", etc. The computer is not psychic, so how does it know what the user wants to do?

She looks back up to the monitors. She hasn't commanded the cameras to move, but yet the camera angles changed. Now #1 appears to be from the ceiling to Bates' left, and #3 is a close up of Bates still from his right side, but now it appears to be up higher.

When Galen, the Visitor technician, stands up, camera #1 pans up and #3 zooms out to follow his movement.

Julie then tells Camera #1 to "Zoom" (see point "a" above), but the middle monitor (#2) is the one that zooms in

The whole time Julie is watching the middle monitor, the camera does not remain steady, but wiggles as if it's a handheld camera.

Julie tells #1 to "Pan", and the camera moves up and to the right on a rather unsteady course, and tries to auto-focus on the monitor. See "(a) Psychic Camera"

After Nathan enters his ingenious four-letter random password of "KYLE" and opens the gateway through the wall, he pushes a button to speak to Mr. Chiang, who as we see is pointing a gun at the head of another poor guy who must have ticked off Nathan, forcing him to be the guinea pig and drive through the barrier. We can see and hear Chiang perfectly, so there must be a cameraman and a soundman at the scene with a boom mike. If there is, then maybe there's another cameraman stationed on a mountainside that follows the car as it passes through the gateway.

Finally, did you notice that the "gateway" only accommodates one lane of the road?

When Donovan talks to Elias over the ham radio, Donovan uses the call sign "Wilderness" and Julie uses "Shiloh". But after the conversation, Elias tries to raise Kyle over the same radio and says "Kyle Bates? Come in, Bates!" Any kid can pick up all these transmissions with a cheap police scanner from your local Radio Shack, so why are they surprised when Visitors find them?

Julie tries to crack Bates' code by sticking what resembles an old telephone keypad on the computer. Without wiring it to the computer, what good would that do?

When Galen catches Julie, she's rescued by Willie, who causes a distraction. This room is ultra-high top-secret priority security clearance only. At least Julie works there, so she can sneak in. How did Willie even get into the building?

Episode #9: "A Reflection in Terror"

Diana creates a clone of Elizabeth, and the resistance rescues foster kids for Christmas.

We see a Jeep coming down the road and hear "Attention all patrol vehicles: Be on the lookout for a red van… suspected resistance". A red van would be a lot easier to see from the sky, so why not use skyfighters to look for it? Did Donovan and Tyler steal them all?

Willie is playing the piano and singing -- badly. Not only is the music bad, so is the lip-synching. He's not even close.

During the battle of national anthems in the Club Creole, all humans stand except for one man. He's taking pictures with a spy camera. Not only doesn't anybody notice this, but of the many Visitors in the place, none recognize the three most wanted humans in L.A.?

For a son who's been cut off by his rich father, Kyle has a lot of money for someone who has no job.  He keeps buying new pickup trucks every time one breaks down while Ham keeps fixing up the same old red van, and now he has a new house with a little lake next to it.

The tracker that Diana chooses to find the Elizabeth clone must have been the last in line when human skins were being given out. He's balding, has a problem with his right eyelid, and has a face that resembles the surface of the moon.

When the Elizabeth-clone is on the rampage in town, a security camera outside a building captures her face. The camera looks remarkably like the camera from the previous episode.

Nathan Bates is examining pictures supposedly taken from the spy-camera in the Club Creole. All the pictures are shot from different angles, and are focused and centered perfectly. Hardly likely to be taken from a tiny camera by a man sitting at a table while everyone is standing in front of him.

The "Psychic Camera" is at it again. While Bates and Chiang are spying on Julie, the camera zooms in on her face, but neither of them is touching the controls.

(Only those 18 years of age or older can read this blooper) A single guy (Kyle) is in the shower, and he sees his girlfriend (Elizabeth-clone) enter the bathroom. He says, "Hang on, I'll be out in a minute!" and smiles. Wouldn't "Hey, what are you doing in here?" or "Why don't you join me?" be a more likely thing to say? I think I'm starting to take this stuff way too seriously...

Elizabeth-clone gets shot at point-blank range with a laser pistol and lives for a few seconds. Seconds later, Kyle shoots the tracker, and not only does he die right away, but there's no burn mark on his uniform where he got shot.