Ilana's Autograph Collection
(including "The Pest" Series!)


Just what is "The Pest" series of "V" autographs?  Ever since Faye Grant signed me a picture "To my Favorite Pest" and Jane Badler "To my Best Pest," fan Jayson suggested I start "The Pest" series.  As soon as I scan the pics in, you'll be able to see my Pesty collection grow like one of Diana's out of control experiments.

Click on pictures to enlarge - Updated 10/08/07

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This picture took me FIFTEEN years to have fully autographed!

1985 - 2000
Faye Grant, Frank Ashmore, Jane Badler, Marc Singer.


badler2auto.jpg (27614 bytes)
Jane Badler - "Diana"
marin1auto.jpg (24359 bytes)
Marin May - "Katie"
marin2auto.jpg (25090 bytes)
Marin May - 
17 yrs later
herdauto2.jpg (33409 bytes)
Richard Herd - "Cmdr. John"

Alice Badler
automarcsinger20030104.jpg (25939 bytes)
Marc Singer


badler1auto.jpg (25583 bytes)
Jane Badler - "Diana"
prineauto1.jpg (32156 bytes)
Andrew Prine - "Steven"
herdauto1.jpg (33950 bytes)
Richard Herd - "Cmdr. John"
johnson1auto.jpg (33437 bytes)

Ken Johnson - Creator

jonesauto1.jpg (28876 bytes)
Mickey Jones - "Chris Faber"
packtefauto1.jpg (27428 bytes)

David Packer & Blair Tefkin -
"Daniel & Robin"

Joe Harnell - Composer
tefkin1auto.jpg (28373 bytes)
Blair Tefkin - "Robin"
packer1auto.jpg (27967 bytes)
David Packer - "Daniel"
nelson1.jpg (24732 bytes)
Peter Nelson - "Brian"
chadbad1auto.jpg (27761 bytes)
June Chadwick & Jane Badler - "Lydia & Diana"
scott1auto.jpg (26281 bytes)
Judson Scott - "Lt. James"
singerauto1.jpg (37199 bytes)
Marc Singer - "Donovan"
badler3auto.jpg (21670 bytes)
Jane Badler - "Diana"
badler5auto.jpg (22485 bytes)
Jane Badler - "Diana"
englundauto1.jpg (30035 bytes)
Robert Englund - "Willie"
singerauto2.jpg (25045 bytes)
Marc Singer
badler4auto.jpg (22058 bytes)


Jane Badler

scott2auto.jpg (8244 bytes)
Judson Scott
duncanauto.jpg (31419 bytes)
Duncan Regher
marin3auto.jpg (17489 bytes)
Marin May
marin3aauto.jpg (11806 bytes)
Marin May
marin4auto.jpg (13306 bytes)
Marin May
marin5auto.jpg (14383 bytes)
Marin May
marin6auto.jpg (9992 bytes)
Marin May
marin7auto.jpg (10530 bytes)

Marin May

marin8auto.jpg (9763 bytes)
Marin May
marin9auto.jpg (10631 bytes)
Marin May
marin10auto.jpg (12280 bytes)
Marin May
marin11auto.jpg (12252 bytes)
Marin May
marin12auto.jpg (18102 bytes)
Marin May
englundauto2.jpg (13262 bytes)
Robert Englund
badlerhallmark.jpg (9243 bytes)
Jane Badler 5/02
lanesmithauto.jpg (19513 bytes)
Lane Smith
jonesauto2.jpg (31479 bytes)
Mickey Jones
jonesauto3.jpg (21839 bytes)
Mickey Jones
scott3auto.jpg (23822 bytes)
Judson Scott
herdauto3.jpg (25813 bytes)
Richard Herd

Greta Blackburn
autosarahdouglas.jpg (28453 bytes)
Sarah Douglas
automarcsinger20031101.jpg (38452 bytes)
Marc Singer
autosybildanning20031101.jpg (32955 bytes)
Sybil Danning

Jane Badler

Marin May

Bruce Davison

Denny Miller

Marc Singer

Ken Olandt

Morena Baccarin