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Ilana Rapp, 1995 - 2009

Alice Badler aka Ali-Cat


Alice Badler & Ilana go shopping together for Mother's Day cards, 5/8/02 (pictured left)

Technique for having Alice Badler's toad, Tommy, pee in your hands, 5/29/02

Ilana gets down and dirty with Alice!, 6/12/02

Read and Reply to Alice's comments!

See the Autograph

NEW - 10/28/10 - ALICE BADLER's book is coming to Amazon's Kindle!  But you don't have to wait!  You can purchase it now at !

NEW - 09/07/10 - ALICE BADLER has just released a tell-all book about herself.  It's gripping and we also get to see some inside information about Alice.  Juicy stuff.  Compassionate and emotional, ALICE's book 100 FROGS really digs into some things about Alice's personal life... read it front to back in 24 hours or less.  GO.  NOW.  HERE.

NEW - 11/23/09 - Baby KJ was sick alllll last week so that's why I haven't been able to logon for updates.  I will catch up with everything on here next week. 

Meanwhile, just got back from chilling with JANE BADLER'S people, Alice and mom Enid.  Had a great time, as usual!


NEW -11/13/07 - ALICE BADLER will be on Law & Order tonight on NBC, 10pm EST!  She's an extra, so make sure you don't blink!  "I am sure that you will not even be able to see me in it. But I am sitting in the spectator's box and there is once scene where Det. Stabler falls and the female Det. catches him (in the court room) and I think I am walking out of the court room behind them when that all occurs."

NEW - 09/21/02 - Alice can be seen as an extra in an October 2007's "Without a Trace" and also an upcoming episode of "Law and Order: SVU"

NEW - 07/02/02 - Ilana gets into Alice's bed and sees her secret tattoo.

NEW - 06/13/02 - Ilana gets down and dirty with Alice!

NEW - 06/6/02 - Added pictures of Blue-Tongued SKINK lizard!

NEW - 05/31/02 - See Alice's BABY & TEEN PICTURES!

NEW - 05/30/02 - See Alice's & Jane's BABY PICTURES!

July 2, 2002 - Ilana gets into Alice's bed and sees her secret tattoo.

Should I be a tabloid headline writer or what?  While the headline is definitely true, it's taken way out of context.

(The night before I came over, Alice had a "V" dream.  If you want to know about it, ask her yourself on the message board!  Alice also posted some Jane Trivia on the message board!)

This time when I arrived, as usual, the door was open, but I let myself in and got attacked by one of the dogs.  The little barkers are just so cute that I hugged one so hard the little guy yelped!  Food was already in the works.  I can still smell it. I don't even know what was in this concoction of eggs but I was so hungry, I ate it up (and the plate too!) in record time.  Matzah anyone?

Another day of painting; another day of dripping paint all over the carpeting...  But this time Alice was doing the corners and hard to reach places, so most of the time I got away ruining the carpet because she couldn't see me :) .

Alice Badler's Tattoo Alice's tattoo looks like a lizard, eh?!  But it's a rose.  Not everyone knows about this tattoo, so don't go blabbing it all over the planet!  Hmmm, wonder if Alice has any more tattoos?!

After painting, I wanted to take some NICE pics of Alice (see the new ones with the pets!) so of course, Alice wanted to change out of her painting garb.  She wooshed off to her master bathroom as I helped myself (hey! I got her one too!) to something to drink.  Then two seconds later she echoed for me to come in.  I calmly (yeah RIGHT) walked into her bedroom and sat on the mmmmm-comfy bed!  Filled with fluffy-stuff and pillows, I could have easily drowned in comfort!  I was so "oh-my-zon'ish" that I can't even remember what we were talking about while she continued to get ready! (btw, Alice is so popular (and with the T-Rex book in the works), that her phone rings more than mine! - I know it's hard to believe...)

Wow!  Check out Alice!  Is she a drop-dead gorgeous look-a-like of you know who?!  You may notice that in a lot of pictures with Ali-the-Bad, there are either animals or plants in the background.  Alice wants to turn her main room into a tropical island!  She's almost there, too!

Alice Badler

After our pretend session at Glamour Shots, it was unfortunately time for me to leave.  Barefoot Alice walked me out to my car as the dogs romped around outside.  I got yet another amazing hug goodbye!  This one was so tight I could Alice's bones -- so it truly *was* a bone-crushing hug!  Another wonderful time!  Thanks, Alice!

June 12, 2002 - Ilana gets down and dirty with Alice!

How down to Sirius is Alice Badler, aka AB?  Very, if you take a look at the pictures below!  When I found out Alice was painting the house, I figured it was the perfect opportunity for me to spend some time with the baby Badler herself.  Not to mention the fact that Alice said she would cook dinner! :)  I was correct in guessing that it would turn into another fun adventure!

When I arrived, the door was already open, which gave me a nice, warm-welcoming feeling (it was probably open because Leigh's friends were over.)  Chalupa and Basile (the dogs) slid down the hallway to see who I was while at the same time, Alice's daughter, 13-yo Leigh, let me in.  Alice came in from the kitchen dressed in ripped cut-off jeans and a peachy-pink T-shirt -- her painting attire!  I have to hand it to Alice; I warned her that I haven't painted a wall in something like six years but that didn't seem to bother her.  Maybe she changed her mind when I accidentally spilled the paint all over her carpeting!  Gack!!!  But she held it together very well.  I definitely had to be more careful.  I was rolling away (white paint) and everything was going quite well until I rolled over a spider climbing on the wall!  I freaked even though it was the tiniest thing!  Alice, tough girl that she is, took care of it for me.  She picked the spider up with her fingers and put it in another room.  Of course, for a few minutes after that, it felt like there were spiders crawling all over me, but of course there weren't.

Kristy & Leigh
Kristy pretending to be Alice's Blue-tongued Skink & Leigh. That's a cheese stick in Leigh's hand but the real pressing question is: Why is there a plant growing out of her head?!  The girls are nicknamed Skink and Stink <duck!>
See more of Leigh's pics HERE.

While we were painting, Leigh and her friends were running all over the house having lots of fun.  Leigh stopped in a few times to say hi and offered to paint.  After one paint-stroke she was done and back off to attend to her guests.

Meanwhile, Alice was covered from head-to-toe in paint.  So when I laughed at the paint on her, she tried to see where she was painted and in turn, ended up painting her leg with the roller by accident!  "Oops!" she exclaimed, as she looked at me like she did something wrong.  I burst out laughing!  It was SO CUTE.

Yay!  We finished the first coat of paint!  This only meant one thing: FOOD!  I ran to the kitchen so fast, I forgot my Diet Coke.  Alice, being a mommy, brought the can of soda in for me.  As Alice was heating up the dinner (Tofu and veggies!), she showed me the latest addition to the family -- a baby tortoise!  He was named Horton in a matter of minutes from when Alice got him, yet the Skink still remains nameless.  The skink grew double in size since I first saw him,  "Doesn't he look like a dinosaur?!" Alice asked me, as she picked up Mr. NamelessSkink to continue getting him used to being held. 

As dinner was still warming up, T-Rex the McCaw woke up from his nap.  Alice, still covered in paint (see the smudge on her face?) gave T-Rex a big ol' sloppy kiss!

Alice has been working non-stop on her children's T-Rex book that she mentioned on the message board.  She showed me the books (in rough format) and I must say, I am truly impressed!  Not only are the books clever, but they are funny, too!  And, there is a Jane Badler inside joke in the second book.  I think that is SO COOL!  AB is going to give out updates on how the books are coming along!

Alice Badler, 1967
Alice, 1967

Dinnertime!  Mmmm mmm good!  AB filled my bowl up and we ate in the front room that everyone hangs out in.  Argh, now I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!  The tofu dish was delish!  Alice sat on the couch to eat this time (as opposed to the floor last time, see story below) and I kept flipping between a chair and the floor.  We talked about how she had a cat and a dog growing up and how she's always loved animals.

It was getting late so I didn't want to overstay my welcome (even though secretly I wanted to stay for another year or two!)  Leigh was in her room so I yelled out to her "Leaving!" and she bolted out to give me a goodbye hug.  Alice packed up some homemade vegetable soup for me! (thanks, Al!!!)  As I was walking toward the front door, I was dying for a kiss goodbye from Alice, so I tilted my head back as I was still walking and sure enough, Alice ran behind me and gave me the biggest smooch on the cheek I've ever had!  What a fantastic way to end a wonderful evening!

May 29, 2002 - See some of Alice's animals by clicking HERE. Scroll down to see pic of Alice and her daughter, Leigh!

Technique for having Alice Badler's toad, Tommy, pee in your hands: Hold bloated toad in your hand, pet toad, look up and talk to Alice, feel cold liquid pouring into your hand, think you "hurt" the toad because you see liquid coming out, realize toads are cold-blooded so liquid *would* be cold, realize what happened.

This is what happened to my friend, Lisa, who took the roadtrip with me to visit Alice so I could take pictures of the animals to show you guys.  When we arrived at Alice's place, we were greeted by two very happy dogs, Chalupa "Chupie" the Chihuahua and Basil, Alice's 13 year old daughter's dog.  From the looks of things, it appeared that that hangout in the house was the front room so we walked in there and I plopped my bag/camera down on one of the comfy chairs.  I didn't realize there was a Parrot (T-Rex) the size of the Empire State Building watching my every move!  That is, until he squawked so loud, he scared the crivits out of me!

Alice went over to T-Rex to introduce us.  As T-Rex gently stepped onto my arm, I said "Wow, he's heavy!" and Alice told me that he only weighs 2-1/2 lbs but all the weight is at the front so it feels like more.  Lisa wanted in on the action so T-Rex gladly took Lisa's arm while they both posed for pictures.

Now we were getting hungry so we ordered Chinese and Italian food (some combination!).  While waiting for the food to arrive, Alice took us on the tour of her animal kingdom.  The "bird room" houses four birds: T-Rex the McCaw, a beautiful Toucan, and two smaller birds.  I tried to hold one of the smaller birds but he was playing "chicken" and kept hopping away from me.  The Toucan was much smaller than I had expected a Toucan to be, but so very beautiful!  I was in such awe of this room, that I completely forgot to take pictures of the Toucan and two other birds.

Next we went to see the brand new blue-tongued skink which you may have seen Alice talk about on the Message Board.  This reptile looks very close to the scaley reptilians we're used to in "V".  He had just arrived today so Alice was happy to show him off.  He has no name yet, but a possibility is Stinky Skinky.  At first Stinky Skinky was scared and was squirming about, but when he got used to Lisa holding him, he allowed us to see his blue tongue!  Very cool!

Just when you think there are no other animals to see, surprise!  Alice led us into the "snake room" where she pulled out two long snakes, one colorful and thin and the other thicker and mono-color.  She handed one to Lisa and showed us a trick with the colorful one -- Alice tied the snake into a loose knot and the snake slithered out of it!  Then the snake decided to take a sidetrip down Alice's shirt.  Alice switched snakes with Lisa and I watched as the mono-colored snake wrapped itself around Alice's neck.  Alice was having a blast while Leigh, her daughter, watched in horror.  The "snake room" also houses Tommy, the peeing Toad :)

Ding dong. Food arrived!  Alice delightfully bought dinner for all of us, but before we sat down to eat, Alice showed us Elvis, the Gecko lizard!  The picture didn't come out too well, but I posted it anyway.  This creature is SO cool looking.  It has sticky-feet so his feet wrap around you and stick to you, yet when he moves, there's no sticky feeling left on your hand.  He just sat on my hand, minding his own business, thanking Alice for letting him play.

Dinner was more fun than a sandpit of crivits!  Alice told us stories about her and Jane, Leigh showed us pictures of her recent bat-mitzvah and we all devoured the food.  After dinner, I asked Alice if I could see pictures of her as a kid so she found a barrel-full of photos and let me take some of the pics to scan in to show you!

I must say, I had the most enjoyable evening!  Thank you Alice and Leigh!

Leigh and friend
Leigh (left) & friend Kristy. Ham Tyler would love this shot!
Click HERE to see more pics of Leigh & friends!
Alice Badler 2001
Alice 2001 outside Visitor HQ, waiting for Diana

May 8, 2002

Now here's some irony:  Alice Badler, little sister to the Queen Lizard, Jane Badler, loves reptiles!

This incredibly sexy and outrageous woman is so much fun to be around!  You can imagine my delight when I got a message from Alice saying she's blowing through Jersey and wants to see me.  Like, hello!  Who could turn that down?!

Just like Mission: Impossible, the secret meeting spot was at an ice cream place.  I started to panic when I was 30 seconds late since my "V" timing is not one to be fooled around with, but luckily, Alice wasn't there yet.  Great time to take a breather!

Beep, beep!  That's how I knew Alice was here!  As she was parking I walked up to her and when she got out of the vehicle, she gave me this huge bone-crushing hug!  So, out of respect, I crushed her back. :)

We both ended up with Gelatis -- hers rootbeer, mine kiwi / strawberry. We walked around the shopping center, minding our own business, but our excited, carefree attitudes just reeled people in.  One guy passed us, turned around and with his best dirty-look face yelled, "Do you have to take up the whole sidewalk?!"  "Yes!" I replied.  (mind you, there was a ton of available sidewalk) "Why do people have to be so mean?" Alice asked me.

As we were coming back to our beginning point, we wanted to take pictures.  We both had our cameras but needed someone we could trust.  Alice spotted a postman and he agreed to take our pictures.  The postman couldn't figure out how to use Alice's camera, even though she said all he had to do was look through the viewfinder and press the button.  So I gave him mine instead, and he couldn't figure out how to press the button on mine either!  So as all of this is going on, a bunch of drunks who were hanging out in the shade somehow appeared in front of us.  One guy asked us for a kiss! (picture of the guy upon request, but neither of us are in the picture).  The rest of the drunks were asking for their pictures to be taken, too.  They sounded like the dancing monsters from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video.  Alice and I both looked at each other and ran!

We ended up near a supermarket and as we were talking, one of the supermarket workers came out for his break.  He agreed to take a pic of us (see above).  Of course, he couldn't resist Alice's powerful enchanting ways, so I took a picture of him with Alice (see below).

Being so close to Mother's Day, we decided to go into the supermarket to buy Mother's Day cards.  So the lovely Enid Badler will be getting her card from Alice on Sunday, and I'm sure a phone call from Jane and older sister Ellen!

I don't think there will be any reptile-talk on Mother's Day, but Alice is a pet freak and not only does she own exotic birds, but she also has snakes and lizards!  You go girl!

I had the most amazing time!  Thanks, Alice!

Alice Badler with supermarket guy