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Ilana Rapp, 1995 - 2009


October 9, 2010


NEW - 10/12/10 - More CCNY 2010 Pics uploaded!

NEW - 10/11/2010 - Keep checking back for more updates!

SEE THE PICTURES BELOW!  Most of them I took, but some are from other people. I cannot give credit because I don't know who took some of the pics... if you see yours and want credit, please email me.

Wow.  The entire day of Saturday October 9 at Comic Con NY 2010 was packed with so much fun, there really is  no one starting point.  So, of course, we'll begin with "V." :)
The V Con Panel, starring Morena Baccarin, Laura Vandervoort, Jane Badler and Executive Producer, Steve Pearlman, was slated to start at 5:15pm with an autograph signing to follow in a separate room at Javits.
I met up with fans Brian Tosko (President of The Jane Badler Society) and Patrick Gillease (Co-Everything of the International Quad V Fan Club that I ran before the Internet was around.)
We immediately went to visit SARAH DOUGLAS,  She was contracted by an Autograph company, so we had to go to a separate area to buy her picture and a ticket for an autograph.
Let me tell you how incredible Sarah is.  She is SO NICE.  She was wearing a lovely purple (passion!) outfit and told us some great stories about "V!"  Most noteably how that was a WIG she was wearing in V:TFB!  At the time, Sarah and Jane Badler had similar hair styles so Sarah was given the wig.
Sarah currently resides in the U.K. and is looking after her mother.  Sarah also keeps her Los Angeles apartment but for now spends more time in the UK with family.  For CCNY, Sarah was staying in the West Village.
Sarah wanted to see Jane Badler and vice versa, but the timing was off.  Sarah was contracted until 6:30 at the autograph session...just when Jane's autograph session was beginning.
Sarah made 2 videos for the fans! I'll be posting them on YouTube so stay tuned!
After a quick bite to eat, Brian, Patrick and I headed into the IGN Theater.  We arrived super early because we wanted to make sure we got seats.  The theater is HUGE with the Panel in the middle of the stage and 2 large screens on the left and right.
We were a few hours early but of course, weren't budging.  Alice Badler arrived a little while later during the "Battlestar Galactica" Panel and sat 1/2 on Brian's seat and 1/2 on my seat, in between both of us.  We were all squooshed so close together!  We couldn't help but laugh so the guy in front of us turned around and asked us to be quiet.
And then... <drum roll> ... the "BSG" Panel was over and someone came out and setup the nametags for Morena, Laura, Jane and Steve Pearlman (Executor Producer.)
Everyone was scurrying around, taking their seats.  The entire theater filled up!  While this was happening, some fans recognized Alice and came up to visit.  We took photos, shared stories and had a great time!  We met Marga from Spain and Audrey from France!
It was time for the Panel!  The moderator got us all excited by dimming the lights and showing clips of Season 2 of "V!"  It started out with a dream Erica was having that Tyler was dying.  The Red Rain was dripping on his face.  Erica saw Anna and scream-cried and Anna said that Erica killed her children, so now she was going to kill Erica's children. 
When it came to Jane Badler's first appearance on the show, the audience went WILD.  Screamed, clapped and just hollared with excitement!  It was SO COOL how the editing was done that I had the chills! 
You can read some of the spoilers below.
The clips were over 15 minutes long.  Right after, the moderator introduced the 4 guests who took their seats in front of their nametags.  The moderator asked a bunch of questions before opening it up to the audience.
The first question came from French fan, Audrey, mentioned above.  She asked Steve Pearlman if there was going to be a REAL Resistance, not just 4 people pretending to talk about a Resistance. The audience laughed!  Steve said the writers have addressed this and they will be visiting different parts of the world showing a growing Resistance.
The 3 ladies were very funny.  They made jokes and played off each other very well.  Someone asked if the human skin represented the sex of the Visitors and Morena responded something like, "Do you mean 'am I a man?'" 
When Laura was asked what her favorite line is, she said she has a lot of "Yes, mother"'s in S2, so "not that."
And Jane, you could see, was just having a grand old time being called "Granny."
Steve Pearlman held the panel together when the actors were asked questions they wouldn't really know how to answer.  One of the things Steve said, that Laura didn't know yet, was that character Lisa was going to go through puberty this year and possibly have other male suiters other than Tyler.
After the panel, the ladies and Steve were whisked off to another room where the autograph signing was going to be held.  By the time we got there, the line was immense.  It kept moving because originally, the line started near the room, but as it grew, the convention people had to move the line to a huge conference room.  Then every so often they'd let some people out to stand in the "closer" line.
There were no pictures allowed in the autograph room WITH the stars, but you could snap a quick one while you were on line.  The line moved quickly.  There were a bunch of the V Posters (same ones) and each star autographed it and you could say 'hi' real fast but that's about it.  I got to shake Steve Pearlman's hand!!
It was a very exhausting and exhilirating day!  Warner Brothers and ABC did a great job!  I'm so happy I was able to spend this precious time with my friends and the stars of "V!"

Special thanks to ALICE BADLER!

ilana rapp

Season 2 SPOILERS we learned at the "V" Panel.  PS If you were there and remember some not listed below, or if I got some wrong since I'm so tired,  please email me. Thanks :)

1.  The 29 Mother Ship "Captains" come aboard Anna's ship.  Some are questioning that Anna has felt human emotion.  Anna releases he lizard tail, which is as long as the whip Indy Jones carries, and whips one of the Captains to his death, and then peels his face off.  She shows them there is no mistake to who she is.

2.  Anna cannot have any more children.  It's now up to Lisa, who is just hitting puberty in S2.  So she's the equivalent of a 12-13yo girl in human years.  Anna has "the talk" with Lisa.  LAURA VANDERVOORT said Anna was being creepy.

3.  JANE BADLER emerges from a cocoon type hanging thing in the red dress with high heels.  She circles Anna and tells Anna that inter-breeding with the humans is a mistake and that the next closest "workable" planet is too far away.  Anna admits, without admitting, that the plan is not going as smooth as it was supposed to go.

4.  Anna punches her mother, Diana.

5.  Lisa, being a teenager, may have some other love interests than Tyler.  We find out why Tyler is "the chosen one."  Lisa may have a "thing" going with Joshua but probably not, since she'll possibly be exploring other options.

6.  Chad Decker joins The Resistance.  "Use me."  He thinks he knows Anna better than anyone.  Hahahah!

7.  STEVE PEARLMAN (a cutie!) was also on the panel, and skidded around the question if any of the other original actors will be on the show.

8.  The show will take on a more global interest, showing Resistance members from other parts of the world uniting.

9.  We will see more unmasked lizard body parts.

10. They are in the middle of filming Episode 6.  So far, JANE BADLER'S interaction has been with MORENA and one other actor.

11.  Lisa visits Erica at her house and tells her she's a Visitor and has no one to talk to.  Erica says she can talk to her.

12.  There is Red Sky and Red Rain, but no Red Dust.

13.  Only 6 out of Anna's 12 remaining eggs survived.


1.  Met SARAH DOUGLAS (Cmdr. Pamela!)  She is so beautiful and sooooo nice! (more on Monday.)

2.  The line for the "V" autographs was so large, the convention had to cut it off.

3.  The panel consisted of:  a very knowledgeable moderator, MORENA BACCARIN, LAURA VANDERVOORT, JANE BADLER, STEVE PEARLMAN.

4.  At the autograph session, immediately following the panel, everyone was only allowed to get one autograph.  WB handed out the "V" posters (the one we saw last year) and each actor (and Pearlman) signed it, then you were out the door.  Moved along very quickly.

5.  The IGN Theater at Javits, where the Panel was held, was PACKED.

6.  ALICE BADLER was also in attendance and looked stunning.

Photo Credit Patrick J. Gillease

Photo Credit Patrick J. Gillease

Photo Credit Patrick J. Gillease

Photo Credit Patrick J. Gillease

Photo Credit Patrick J. Gillease

Lauren, Program Manager

Meet Lauren, the Program Manager at CCNY 2010.  Lauren helped make all of our dreams come true.  She was on-hand taking care of all our behind the scenes needs.  Because of Lauren leadership abilities, we were treated to a very successful autograph signing!

Thanks to Lauren and her team!