MARIN MAY aka Katie Maxwell


Marin May & ilana in NYC!  Click pic to enlarge.


MARIN MAY's New Haircut 2/12/2011

NEW - 2/13/2011

Do you prefer MARIN MAY with CURLS or STRAIGHT hair?
She's so sexy, either way is fine.
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* Remembers that FAYE GRANT kept popping breath mints during the mouth-to-mouth recessitation scene.
* Easily cries when asked about love. (she's probably crying just reading this line.)
* Has a gorgeous son named Zach & a dog named Charlie.
* Recently moved to a different neighborhood so ilana couldn't stalk her.  That lasted all of 30 seconds.
* Worked as a waitress in her younger years.
* Likes Jazz, Blues, Bluegrass & Classical music
* Is a health food freak
* Is into charity organizations
* Doesn't currently identify with any one particular religion
* Is getting a kick out of this Poll & List. Now she's chuckling.
* Has kissed males & females and has a TV sister who's kissed reptiles
* Likes to hike
* Will email ilana immediately after reading this



NEW - 09/08/10 - MARIN MAY'S (Katie Maxwell) 33rd Birthday tomorrow 9/9 !

Pic from her first helicopter ride on August 30, 2010.  You can see the runway in the reflection of Marin's sunglasses.  She's clearly on her way to the mountain camp.

Marin having late night snack with son Zachary.  What a cutie! (Zach, that is)


NEW - 06/22/10

MARIN MAY (Katie Maxwell V:TFB) looks great all grown up!

I think she should play Katie, the Resistance Fighter, in KJ's sequel.  After all, her parents were both killed, her sister turned into a woman in hiding ... perfect for a young girl seeking revenge on the Visitors!

MARIN would also be great on ABC's "V" as a new character! Look at that face!


NEW - 03/26/10

MARIN MAY gives a shout out to the "V" fans!

If anyone wants an autographed pic of Marin, email me at .

Look what a beautiful woman Katie Maxwell turned out to be!


NEW - 11/23/09 - MARIN MAY (Katie Maxwell "V:TO") and JANICE WHITBY (Fembot Katy "The Bionic Woman) sent me this pic of them enjoying the Boston MegaFest convention this past weekend!  Aren't they beauties?!

Pic 11/22/09

NEW - 11/18/09 - MARIN MAY (Katie from KJ's "V") will be appearing with JANICE WHITBY (Fembot Katy from "The Bionic Woman") at Boston Super MegaFest Nov. 21 - 22!  Say hi for me if you go! ilana

NEW - 09/05/09 - Had a lovely phone encounter this evening!  MARIN MAY called to say hi and then surprised me by putting Bionic Woman and Six Million Dollar Man Fembot JANICE WHITBY on the phone!  Janice played Oscar Goldman's original red-head Fembot, Katy!  I asked Janice one of my lifelong questions: "Was the Fembot mask heavy?" and Janice responded, "It wasn't heavy but it was hard to see."  I also asked her if that was her or a stunt double that kicked Jaime Sommers butt and Janice told me it was a very lovely stunt double.  Thank you, Marin, for bringing one of my childhood memories back to life!

NEW - 4/23/08 - Heard from the lovely MARIN MAY yesterday as I was meeting up with Jane!  Marin's baby boy, Zach,alrady has 5 teeth.  Ouch!!

NEW -10/30/07 - Heard from MARIN MAY two days ago!  Baby Zach is doing quite well and growing like a champ!

NEW - 08/08/07


NEW - 05/25/07

Zachary Hollis
May 2007
12 weeks, 15.6 lbs




NEW - 03/21/07 - Pics of Marin's beautiful baby boy, Zachary Hollis! (middle name).  Born Feb. 23, 2007 at 1:27pm at 8lbs 3.5 oz.  20-1/2" long via C-Section!

Whatcha' talking 'bout, Willis? 3/18/2007

Falling asleep and Smiling! 3/18/2007

Feb. 27, 2007


NEW - 01/20/07 - MARIN MAY (Katie Maxwell) is PREGNANT!  Baby boy is due February 23, 2007!

(Marin's Home - see bathroom on left ;) )

(Marin's Home)


Married Jan. 19, 2002 to Keith

It's hard to believe our baby "Katie Maxwell" is a grown 29 yo woman about to hatch her own little baby!  Have you ever seen a more beautiful pregnant lady? (besides me?)  I don't *think* so!  Marin has always stayed on a healthy diet and her eating habits didn't change with the pregnancy. 

Here's the burning question:  Who is the father?!  Could it be Brian?  No...Robin toasted him with the Red Dust.  Freedom Network reports that low and behold, the father of the almost-baby-boy is Marin's husband, Keith!  Keith, btw, just launched his own CARTOON on TV called Metalocalypse.

DUE DATE for the baby boy is 2/23/07!  Several names have been tossed around but they won't make a final decision until they see him.

Update on Marin:  The happy couple have been together since forever and tied the knot on 1/19/02.  Last year (2006) they moved into a new house and got Charlie, a beautiful dog!  He's very gentle so Marin has no doubt he will be good with the baby!

Stay tuned for more pics and updates as I get them!

NEW - 12/24/05 - MARIN MAY sent Kylee Jean (KJ) the most fantastic "birth" gift!  Thank you for the bouncer, Marin!  Her note read:  "Dearest Ilana and Baby KJ, May this bouncer bring you both hours of fun and peace!  Congratulations on your new journey and Happy Hanukah!  Love, Marin."

NEW - 11/19/02 - Ilana hung out with Marin May on her first trip to NYC! Details and pics to follow!

NEW - 09/19/02 - See Marin in her new play!  Eclectic Company Theatre, 5312 Laurel Canyon Boulevard, North Hollywood, 91607. 818-508-3003. Les Belles-Soeurs, September 21 - November 16, 2002.

NEW - 08/8/02 - Marin May is in a play! If you missed her at V Con 2000, now's your chance to meet this incredible girl!  Fridays & Saturdays at 11:00 pm thru August 31. Live & on Stage Only at the
Eclectic Company Theatre, 5312 Laurel Canyon Boulevard, North Hollywood, 91607. 818-508-3003 x 3. General Admission is ONLY a mere $10.00. $2 off if you print this e-flyer ad out from Ilana's "V" Celebrity Site and present it at door.

NEW - 03/22/02 - Marin is back from her honeymoon in Europe!  She had a great time!

NEW - 01/23/02 - Sorry all you guys who lust after the adult Katie Maxwell -- the adorable MARIN MAY got married to long-time love, Keith, on 1/19/02!  Congrats to you both!

NEW - See Marin's exclusive interview by Dena for the "V" Souvenir Magazine!

6/28/01 - Marin did a play from July 27 - Sept 8, 2001 called A Deal, A Death, A Dinner, A Diner.  She plays 3 different parts in 4 one-acts.  The Eclectic Company Theatre- 5312 Laurel Cyn. Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91607. Phone: 818.508.3003



"It was an AMAZING experience!  One that I will never forget.  I think it was extra special for me because it allowed my childhood memories to meet up with my adult ones.  I think in many ways "V" was as surreal for me as it was for all of you - Perspective certainly does change with age - and then again some things never do!!!  It ruled then, it rules now!  God bless Ken - He created more than just a television show - Keep me posted (no pun intended!) All my best, to my only pest - Marin." - November 6, 2000.

You don't have to meet Marin May to see what a charming young lady she is.  Just look at the pictures below!  Marin, pronounced Ma-RIN, is one of the most delightful people to be around.  Funny, witty and all-around fun, Marin just turned 23 before the "V" Convention 2000.

She shared two behind-the-scenes stories she remembered about "V" (keep in mind she was only 4/5 years old at the time).  Remember when Elizabeth, the Starchild, spat venom in Katie's face?  Well, Faye Grant had to give Katie mouth-to-mouth, and Marin remembers Faye kept putting lots of gum in her mouth and telling Marin how everything was going to be okay.  The other story was that Marin remembers climbing up some big stairs on the lot (Warner Brothers lot?), which, she said, are probably really small/normal stairs now that she's a grown-up!

When Marin got word there was going to be a "V" con, she used the skills she obtained from the Resistance, and hunted down the convention people.  Luckily, they were able to make arrangements for Marin to spend both days with us!  Most of the time she was in the autograph room talking to the fans, signing autographs (which, by the way, Marin gave the autograph money she collected to Charity - Children's Hospital of Los Angeles).  Marin made her appearance on the stage to talk to the fans as a group.  Pre-that, the convention people said they can shorten her time on stage if she wanted, since she may not have too many memories because of her age at the time, but Marin, the good sport, said no!  Thank Zon!

Let's just say Marin had a blast meeting everyone.  In her adult years, she's worked on shows such as General Hospital, Party of Five and the 1995 kids' movie A Pig's Tail - not to be confused with a lizard tail!

If you'd like to share your stories and pics about meeting Marin May, please email me at .

Marin doing The Robot Dance (but not really!)
Marin reaches for the precious water the Visitors' are after.
Marin doesn't know Pixie & Ilana are Visitors, muahaha

Pixie, Marin, Ilana - Marin gets totally into it wearing the "
V" colors.
Our new Resistance Leader takes charge!
Marin speaks to the audience. See the pants cuffs? A trend not on the East Coast yet.  Marc Singer had his cuffs up too.
Maxwell Sisters at a Science (fiction) Convention
"The Maxwell Sisters" - Blair Tefkin and Marin!
Praying not to become Lizard food.
Marin's praying to Zon. (Jane Badler left, Ken Johnson pointing to the Mother Ship.)
Collecting funds for the Resistance.
Marin was a gem with the autographs! Signing a "V" comic. See $ on table? Goes to Charity.
The Wanted Poster picture.
Marin wearing her original "V" crew jacket!
"Hey Diana, come get THIS!"
Had to have another shot of that "V" jacket!
What a Ham! (Tyler would be proud!)
Cmdr. Brian posing as East Coast Resistance Fighter.
Hansel & Gretel.  Awww!

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