Marc SINGER aka Mike Donovan


"They've got my son"

Marc Singer signing autographs at his NYC appearance.

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Marc's BEASTMASTER article!


The excitement just keeps on building for ABC's V. Following the awesome news that Jane Badler will be appearing as Anna's evil mother Diana comes word that Jane's original V co-star Marc Singer will also be appearing on the updated version of NBC's '80s cult fave. A show source tells me exclusively that Marc, who played freedom fighter Mike Donovan in the '80s version, will be playing a new character named Lars Tremont. Lars is a member of a super top secret organization comprised of high-ranking military and government leaders from around the globe, who have long suspected that the Visitors despite what they tell us are very much not here in peace.

Marc, 62, is also known to sci-fi fans for his role in the 1982 film The Beastmaster and the more recent Beastmaster spin-off series, while soap fans might Remember him from Dallas or The Young & the Restless. Jane Badler will make her debut in the Jan. 4 season premiere, while Marc will pop up in the 10th episode, which is also the second season finale. The two won't share any scenes in the episode...but there's always that possibility in season three. (Fingers crossed.) Faye Grant, make sure your cell phone's charged! You might be next. (Thanks Michael S!)

NEW - 09/10/10 - Hi Ilana,
I wanted to give you my DragonCon update. =)
This was my first DragonCon and honestly it was rather confusing. LOL It is massive. It takes place in 5 downtown Atlanta hotels. The DragonCon website doesn't really have information geared for the first time Visitor (get it Visitor - lame I know).
I finally saw the pocket guide for the Con on the web. Marc Singer was scheduled for Friday at 11:30 and for the Walk of Fame. So my husband and I took off work and headed down Friday morning. Getting a one day pass was a nightmare (I know better now what to do for next year!). We finally got our passes and ran from the Sherton to the Hyatt and got there right when they opened the doors. We found pretty good seats and waited.   
Poor Marc. No one told him he was scheduled for 11:30 so it didn't happen. =(  The moderator even said this was a common ocurance (now I know not to go just on Friday next year!) The new V panel was happening at the same time so we missed that too.
Starving b/c we wasted our entire morning in line we went to lunch. Then we made our way to the Walk of Fame and there Marc was! He was sooooo nice. What a truley nice person. I am still in shock about how nice he was. So we got an autographed picture and we took two photos with him. We also talked with him about Scotland. I told him we were leaving in three weeks, and he had been before. It was really, really nice. =) =)
Then we went to the table that had the cast of Futurama. They were super cool and we talked to each one for a good 5 minutes. My husband was so happy! LOL
We were so in awe that then we went to the bar, hahaha! We met a work friend and just hung out and talked to all the people in costumes. For me this was awesome and we decided to end on a high note and just go the one day.
Marc was scheduled for Sunday and Monday, but we were happy. The Walk of Fame pictures and autographs really start to add up price wise. Since we are leaving for Scotland we decided we will come back next year and maybe stay in a hotel. Girl, it was crazy!
I was going to get you a Morena Baccarin autograph, but she wasn't on the Walk of Fame when we were there. So sorry! Maybe next year.
All in all it was so much fun even with the frustrations. I know better for next year.
I am attaching a photo of me (and I can't believe I am saying this) with Marc Singer!!
I also write a travel blog. 
You are more than welcome to visit. I will do a short post on DC, but I won't be putting my picture on there! LOL I like that I am anonymous. Nobody knows who the Jet Lagged Vagabond is!
Take care and thanks again for the awesome V website!!!! - Heather

NEW - 10/20/04 - Marc Singer interview! (thanks James Biemer!)

Long after "V" was off the air and long after other "V" actors made their convention appearances, Marc Singer finally appeared in New York City!

I guess I've been pretty lucky because most of the "V" actors who have done cons have done so in New York, so the traveling for me was easy.  This gave me the advantage to arrive early, scout out the place, and stay late doing what we fans do best!   Ahem, no need to elaborate!

You may have heard the rumors about Marc's "big ego".  His speech was filled with stories.  He spoke slow, thinking before he said anything, admiring the crowd.  He looked GREAT!  I just wish he would have showed a little more skiing, but who cares, this was Mike Donovan here!

The one thing that he said that sticks out the most in my mind is the story about his audition for the role of Mike Donovan.  He said, "May the best man win, and he did!"  Now, was this supposed to be a joke, or was it his ego?  The rest of the time he didn't seem to have an ego, and he was quite the gentleman!  Basically, he was everything you expected!  Very nice guy, and as you can see from the photos, he took a couple of hours out of his time to sign autographs for his adoring fans.

His BIGGEST fan, Theresa Krak (for short) was there.  Boy oh boy!  I don't know what she said to him, but the next day she saw him and he stopped and started talking to her in the hotel! (same hotel as Jane Badler's appearance).

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