BLAIR TEFKIN aka Robin Maxwell


Blair Tefkin most likely had one of the roughest times as an actress coming into "V".  Dominque Dunne, the original Robin, was just murdered by her boyfriend while the "V" filming was already in progress.  It's great to see that Blair was welcomed by all the actors at such a difficult period of time.  And considering the circumstances, Blair picked up the pieces and portrayed Robin as we know her today!

Co-produced by Andy Wombwell and Steven Reich
Lighting and technical design by Stephen Ohab
Sound design by Jon Massena
Stage managed by Deirdre Murphy
Associate produced by
Lori Beth Bernat and Jonathan Everett

1/29/04 - Heard from Blair!  If you're able to make this show, please tell her "Hi!" for me and let her know you read about it on this site!

Bossyboots Productions Presents

In the LAND OF THE GIANTS a tragicomedy with music

Written and performed by
Blair Tefkin with musical accompaniment by Bernard Yin and Michael Kramer

Directed by Ovation award winner Andy Fickman

Executive produced by Beth Lapides and Greg Miller

323 960-7744 or
Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays at  8pm
February 6 - March 13, 2004
Tickets $15
6500 Santa Monica Blvd. (@ Wilcox), Hollywood
VALET PARKING at The Complex Theatres

2/19/03 - Dear Ilana, Just wanted to give you an update if you want to include it on your website.  I am revving up to do a one woman show with music this spring called "In The Land of the Giants". Would love  the "V" fans to know about it.  The venue and dates are still up in the air, but my website  will be updated in the next several weeks and I will let you know the details as soon as I do. I'm shooting for April if all goes well. Thanks. Hope you're well. Blair Tefkin.

12/27/01 - Read Blair's exclusive interview for the "V" Souvenir Magazine by Dena Vaughan!

8/31/01 - Heard from Blair!  She has an appearance in Fineline's recent film release "The Anniversary Party" written directed and starring Jennifer Jason Leigh and Allan Cumming (also starring Gwyneth Paltrow, Kevin Kline, Parker Posey.)  She also has a song on the soundtrack album and sings in the movie. So, people, get cracking!  This movie is out in in limited release and will be available for purchase at a later date.

You can order Blair's new music CD at .  Once you arrive at this site just type in `Blair Tefkin` in the search CDs catergory.  You`ll be taken to a page which gives ordering details for the CD, plus some info about Blair.  Blair's website is at .  Info courtesy of Dena Vaughan!


Petite as a flower, Blair's amazing personality and warmth toward the fans was overwhelming.  It was so cool to see her as herself, and not as whiney Robin.  Since Blair's true love is music, it's only natural that she went from eating raw meat (it wasn't really raw meat people!) to forming her own band called Lucie Gamelon.  I asked her where she came up with that band name.  It's her favorite character from a book.

Blair was great throughout the entire convention!  Very friendly!  I was in such "V Heaven" at the con, that I accidentally left my autographed pic of Blair on her table, and she called after me, "Ilana!  You forgot your picture!"  Zon was I embarrassed but thankful at the same time!

Blair Tefkin's Band

Blair signed a CD for me at the V Con 2000 Cocktail Party!
She's on Vocals, Bass and Organ.  This CD is dedicated to her adorable puppy!
(Shnauzer poodle, aka "schnoodle")

Blair was great on stage too!  She answered everyone's questions.  It's really nice to see an actress/singer who is so in tune with her fans!  At the V Con 2000 cocktail reception, she sat at a table right near the door so she could great everyone.  She was also doing a little video which I got into!  Just me taking of a picture of fan Theresa K. getting an autograph, but we were asked to sign release forms, so that was pretty cool!  As you can see from below, Blair is a natural in front of the camera!

Cmdr. Brian tries to pry secret Resistance info out of Blair.
Cmdr. Brian and Blair
Robin Maxwell is spokesperson for Resistance Teens.

Blair's having a great time with the fans!
Blair's undercover at a Visitor special function.

Kathi and Blair shine for the camera
The Maxwell Sisters
Blair and her "sister", Marin May
Visitor Pixie's really getting Robin's fingerprints.
Pixie asks Blair to sign her picture!
Cmdr. Ilana's trying to create a diversion.
Ilana shows her true colors with Blair