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Ilana Rapp, 1995 - 2009


EXCLUSIVE PIC to ILANA with Lucas' commentary!

"I dont know when this photo was taken or where it came from but... this is me. I think it was shot outside my last house. I recognize the stone work. Gotta say - Im looking pretty tired here. I must have been going out for dinner or something."

NEW - 2/15/2011 - Heard from LUCAS WOLF (Samuel.)  He's doing great and is sorry his character of Samuel never made it to Season 2, but is happy that he was a part of "V!"


IR:   Did you audition for your role in "V" or were you offered the part outright?
LW: I attended an audition in late January and was ultimately chosen to play the role of Samuel.
IR: You were a fan of the original "V." What character(s) were your favorite?
LW: Yeah, I was a definitely a fan of the original. It actually feels a little surreal being part a show I experienced as a kid.

IR: Please give insight into your "V" character. Example: does your character have any flaws or weaknesses.
LW: Samuel has a bit of an edge to him. He comes across as a bit hard but his commitment to the Fifth Column is what drives him. Being on the ship forces him to lead a double life. He can't reveal his emotions or intentions without compromising both himself and those around him. I feel that he's at the end of his rope and is itching for a fight but knows that without a carefully structured plan in place the Fifth Column would be wiped out. Anna is ruthless and the odds are heavily stacked against them. By leveraging his position on the ship he has been able to aid the Fifth Column on the ground and throughout the fleet. Its a task he takes very seriously.

IR:  How do you relate to your character in real life, if at all?
LW: I'm protective of those close to me in my real life. I can relate to that aspect. I use that and amplify the stakes to feed Samuel's inner world.

IR:  What was your average day like shooting "V?" (sitting around most of the time, playing video games, reading script, etc.)
LW: An average day consists of signing in and then going through hair and makeup where I am turned into an alien. I'll run my lines and take in any last minute script changes that may have occurred since the night before. A few minutes before going to the stage I step into character and review Samuel's intentions and motivations. Then it's off to the green screen. Being on the stage has its challenges because the mothership sets are all virtual. The lights can also make it pretty hot in there. I've joked that Its a lot like doing a play in a giant green fry pan without a set. Since the entire environment doesn't exist while were filming we really have to engage our imaginations during the scenes. It's a challenge, but it can be a lot of fun.

IR:  How did you get into acting? If you could be anything other than an actor, what would you be?
LW:  I don't think I've ever not been an actor. It just took me some time to approach to it as a career.

IR:  What were you interests when you were in school as opposed to now? Example: favorite subject or sport. Has that changed in time or still the same?
LW: I still have many of the same interests. As a boy I loved art, architecture, travel, acting, reading, astronomy, anything scientific, people, psychology, philosophy, martial arts, hiking, nature, to name a few. I still love all of it. I haven't really changed that much and I've been fortunate enough to act on and explore many of those interests. Its been a pretty amazing life so far and it just keeps getting better.

IR:  Who are your favorite book authors and musicians?
LW: Authors - wouldn't even know where to start. This may sound odd but I love of reading text books. I'll often just choose a new subject and gather all the books I can find on a given topic and start reading. Music - again, where to start. The Clash, The White Stripes, Massive attack, Radiohead, White Zombie, Thievery Corp, Brian Eno, NIN, Chicane, English Beat, Tool, and about 5000 others that I could continue to list off the top of my head.

IR:  Has anyone ever given you advice when you were a child that's stuck with you forever? If so, what was the advice?
LW: Don't be one of those people who hits the end of their life and regrets all the things they didn't do.


What do we know about Lucas so far?

1.  He loves The White Stripes
2.  He likes BladeRunner,
3.  He's a loyal guy.
4.  Active with gym and yoga, hiking, biking, rock climbing, martial arts, weapons work and used to jump out of planes.
5.  He's a Virgo, - Born Sept 07.
6.  He has four sisters.
7.  He's a very active person who loves the outdoors.
8.  Favorite color?  He's more inclined toward earth tones but nature creates some amazingly vibrant reds and greens that just stop him in my tracks some days.
9.  His childhood was in Canada but since the age of 17 he's been all over the map. The States, Italy, Norway, and Japan mostly. He'd set up a home base then live and travel from there. He's pretty crazy about of traveling. He'd really like to spend some time getting to know South and Central America next.
10.  He loves fine art and architecture but his passion is acting. Its an active art form that forces one out of one's head and into the moment. It makes you raw and present. He intends to do it till he dies.