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Ilana Rapp, 1995 - 2009

Jennifer COOKE aka Elizabeth


I haven't met Jennifer Cooke, but since I receive a lot of emails regarding her, it was only fitting that I post some information on her.

She dropped out of the acting world over five years ago when she met and  married the man who owns (or is the CEO, one of those bigwig jobs) of Celestial Teas.  This is heresay...I know it was a large Tea company, and heard it was Celestial but this has not been confirmed.

Jennifer was born on Long Island, New York in September 1964.  Her mom, as of 1990, still lived on Long Island.  Heresay says her mom owned an apartment complex.

Some of you may have seen Jennifer's work pre-"V" such as her role of Morgan Nelson on the soap opera "Guiding Light" back in 1982-3.

There were over 200 other actresses up for the role of the Starchild, Elizabeth, but Jennifer won the part.  At 5'6", the "V" producers ordered her to lose 15 of her 125 pounds.  Now that Jennifer lost some of that extra weight, she decided to do a pinup poster (see below photo). 

This isn't the first time Jennifer has bared herself to the public.  Back in 1981, she played the part of Pam Bethlehem in the T&A comedy called "Gimme An F" (cheerleading movie!).  She also had a brief nude scene in the cable TV series "The Hitchhiker",episode 29 titled "Man's Best Friend", which was after "V."  Jennifer's most notable acting part after "V" was in the film Friday the 13th: Part VI.

Funny enough, in 1978 she did a TV movie called "Daddy, I Don't Like It Like This" which starred Talia Shire, Burt Young, and Melanie Griffith.  To add to the excitement, my very own BROTHER, Justin, was an extra in this movie when he was 6 years old!  Imagine that!!!!  That fits right up there in the same category as Brian Tosko (Jane Badler Society) being an extra in "The Highwayman" with Jane Badler and having a scene with Greta Blackburn (Lorraine, V:TFB) and not even knowing it!

Jennifer Cooke is married to Mo Siegel
(Thanks for the pic, Basil!)