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June Chadwick March 2009

DragonCon: Atlanta - August 1985   Thanks, Greg!


NEW - 06/18/09 - June with her dear friend, Stephanie Haymes-Roven, at Rancho Reata.

NEW - 05/02/09 - EXCLUSIVE Interview to ilana with our beautiful JUNE CHADWICK (Commander Lydia!)  (Thanks, June!)

Oh how we love JUNE CHADWICK!  We can never forget her portrayal of Commander Lydia.  What a fun character!  The last time anyone's seen June (not including JANE BADLER this past January (see below pics) ) was at the V Con 2000 in Calif.  Everyone's been curious as to what June's bene up to, so here we go!  June gave me this interview today! 

IR:  Please explain the teachings you do.  Back Pain?  Anything else?
 Learning how we can move and think with more ease, therefore better health & posture

IR:  What prompted you into teaching that?
My husbamd, Toby, needed it badly.

IR:  Why did you leave acting?
It's  more rewarding helping others

IR:  Are you currently married?  If so, to who(m) and how did you meet?
Dr. Toby Mayer, surgeon.  Met in Los Angeles.

IR:  What was it like living in Africa?
Adored the bush, didn't like the intertribal conflict

IR:  Do you have any pets?  If so, what are they and their names?
3 thoroughbred horses - Frosty, Inventada, Oliver (Toby has 10 more!) Also, 3 cats - Tuffty, Romeo, Remus and 2 dogs - Max & Mischa (Rhodesian ridgebacks.)

IR:  How often do you visit family back home in England?
Once a year.

IR:  Do you have any brothers or sisters?
I have a big brother.

IR:  What's one piece of advice someone gave you that's stuck with you forever?
Know one will take care of you better than you can take care of yourself.

IR:  Will you be watching the new "V" on ABC "just to watch?"
 I'm sure I shall!

IR:  Do you remember your audition for "V?"  What was it like?
 I knew the part was mine  - it just felt right - so it was fun in a way.

IR:  What are your hobbies?
Riding (horses) and swimming, reading, playing the piano.

IR:  You used to play tennis. Do you still? Any other sports?
 No time for tennis with all my 4 legged's.

IR:  What is your favorite color?
Olive green

IR:  Do you have a favorite musician and author?
 Musicians: Currently Adam on American Idol & Verdi.  Authors: Jane Austin & Shakespeare.

IR:  Who is your favorite actor and actress?
Maggie Smith & Daniel Craig

IR:  Please say anything you want to say here. It can include just tidbits about yourself, etc.
I love: reality shows that change people's lives for the better. "Castle".  Check it out if you haven't already. Costco's chocolate covered raisins. Anything to do with nature. Don't like crowds or concrete cities. All for now - take care!  June

NEW - 02/03/09 - Pics of JANE BADLER & JUNE CHADWICK in California January 2009:

JANE BADLER & JUNE CHADWICK in California January 2009

JANE BADLER & JUNE CHADWICK in California January 2009

Back in January of 1987, I had arranged with June Chadwick's agent to do a telephone interview with her. Much to my surprise, I received a call back from her agent saying that she agreed! I couldn't believe that June would actually want to speak to ME, a teenager from New Jersey who ran the "V" fan club. The agent told me the time and date she would be calling me.

Days went by, and I formulated questions I would ask her. I made sure my taperecorder was filled with a blank tape and batteries, and as the day got closer and closer, my heart went faster and faster. At about 10 minutes before she was supposed to call, I waited by the phone...getting ready to jump when it rang. And then it rang...IT WAS HER!

Having already had some experience meeting and talking with other "V" actors, I felt calm enough this time to make sure my voice wasn't shaking. June was so very pleasant, answering every question, telling me how she just woke up (It was 9am California time, 12 noon my time).

Some interesting things I learned about her was that she went to the World Academy of Music and became a semi-opera singer, however, she felt out of place. She also can dance a little...a term she used was "good mover", and also knows a little tap. Another interesting point was that she was married to an American! This, however, ended in divorce. Last we heard, she re-married a gentleman that she was making movies in Africa with (very post-"V").

When Daniel Blatt asked her to read for "V" The Series, she did it in an American accent. Then he asked if she could do it in an English accent and jokingly she said, "I'll try." Of course, Dan didn't know she was really English! She was given Sarah Douglas's lines to read from "V-TFB" since they didn't have a script yet for "VTS".

June became very good friends with Jane, and told me that they remained friends after "V" finished. One of the bloopers she mentioned was that their heels were always getting stuck in the grates on the Mother Ship! And what about the famous combat scene Lydia and Diana had in "Trial By Combat?" June let me know that they had stunt doubles for some of it and that if you look really hard, you can spot her double because the wig waasn't so great! The only thing June had a problem with was swinging the rod she was holding. The stunt coordinator told her to swing it like a baseball bat. But guess what?! June never played baseball!

Do you remember the scene where they showed Lydia eating a worm? Yes, that one was a jelly worm, but it was in the same bucket as REAL worms! June made the prop people wash the worms over and over again before she agreed to stick her hand in there and pull out the fake worm. And the jar with roaches. "No way!" June said!

June closed the interview with asking me to say "hi" to all the fan club members. "I think you're doing a great job. I think it's nice to carry ["V"] on." She also told me not to call her until I've been skiing (and to this day, I still haven't!)

On second thought, it shouldn't have suprised me that June agreed to the interview because she was probably one of the most active "V" actors with the fans. She personally answered every single letter I ever wrote her, before and after I spoke with her. June is truly a great person!

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