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MORENA BACCARIN cuddles up with
ilana's 5-1/2 yo daughter,
"She hugs like a koala bear!" exclaimed Morena!

MORENA BACCARIN graciously signs
autographs for her adoring fans.

NEW - 12/09/2011 - MORENA BACCARIN is confirmed for the UK convention 'InVasion' May 11-13, 2012!

NEW - 05/23/11 - Visited with MORENA BACCARIN at the Big Apple Wizard World Comic Con held in NYC on May 21-22, 2011!  MORE PICTURES & VIDEOS uploaded later...keep checking back!

Morena is a petite, exotic-looking woman who grew up in NYC.  Her skin is flawless and her smile is captivating.  It's no wonder she was able to deceive the humans!

Morena arrived at the convention on Saturday, May 21, 2011 around 1:30pm.  She had just finished filming a movie in Montreal the previous day so, even though she was exhausted, she was very well in-tune with the fans' needs.  Morena took one look at Baby KJ and said, "Cute and little people get a picture with me.  Would you like me to pick you up?"  Baby KJ smiled and nodded!  [note: all 3 of my children, KJ, Tyler & Anna have seen every episode of "V."]

Most of the fans were from "V" and "Firefly."  It was glorious to stand next to her.  After the signing, she was whisked upstairs to the Gold Ballroom for her Q&A session.  Baby KJ and I had a front & center row seat!

Then Morena acknowledged PROJECT ALICE - the SAVE "V" Campaign which is officially recognized by Warner Brothers!



Some HIGHLIGHTS we learned from MORENA at Wizard World Comic Con 2011:

-          Wearing a hat because she’s letting her hair grow out and her hair is in that awkward stage

-          Favorite TV show is “The Good Wife.” (ilana’s hatchlings Tyler &Anna are in Season 3 Episode 1!)

-          Morena has a small dog named Rudy.  She thought he was a mutt but turned out to be royalty. Like the size of a Maltese.

-          Grew up in NYC around the corner from Murray’s bagels.

-          Watched the original “V” as a little girl.  Says one of the differences now is we have better special effects.

-          Favorite color is blue.

-          Loves to cook.  Can make pizza.

-          Cannot sing.  Refused to sing Happy Birthday if it was someone’s birthday in the audience.

-          Just finished a movie in Montreal.  Had the most delicious bagel and smoked meat there.

-          Doesn’t know if she’s been released from her “V” contract.

-          Can speak elementary level Portuguese.  Family is from Brazil.

-          Gave a shout out to Project Alice!  See videos!

-          Picked up baby KJ for a hug and said baby KJ hugs like a koala bear.

-          Wasn’t able to steal anything from the “V” set because Anna didn’t have anything; everything was green screen.

-          During the green screen scene where Anna kills Diana, Morena thought she was speaking to a very large room of people, so played the lines very grand.  When she saw the finished product, she was surprised that it looked like the people were standing at her feet and there weren’t as many people as she imagined.

-          Couldn’t choose which is more of a favorite series, “V” or “Firefly.” (actually, she didn’t want to disappoint anyone.)

-          Loves to do yoga.

-          Currently reading “The Hunger Games.”  Finished reading very large book called “Freedom.” (which Jane Badler also read.)

-          Has a fiancé.

-          How was it working with kids?  It was easier working with the younger kids. That little baby was so cute.  But when I was holding her and had to eat the rat, I was thinking how I wouldn’t want to be her [real life] mother right now!  With the older "Amy," 4 or 5 years old, they don't quite understand about marks so it was hard to make them understand to stand on the mark when they wanted to go somewhere else.

NEW - 04/28/10 - MORENA BACCARIN has been nominated for a "Brink of Fame: Actor" NewNowNext Award from MTV Networks' Logo channel.  The most unique awards show on TV, NewNowNext Awards (NNNA) is about discovering today what will be trending next year. While other awards honor those who have already made it, NNNA sets its sights on brink of fame up-and-comers who are just beginning to be buzzed about.  Morena is nominated in a very competitive category!

Vote for MORENA!  Logo is encouraging voting on their website - http://www.newnownext.com/vote and voting is also available on Twitter and has proven to be VERY successful thus far.  Users can vote for Morena by including the hashtag #actorMORENA in any of their tweets.  Vote for the best celebs, TV shows & movies

NEW - 04/20/10 - MORENA BACCARIN walking about on 04/19/10. (Thanks magicially & Newsgab!)

NEW - 11/09 - Fan Sue Maynard has the pleasure of attending a convention with guests MORENA BACCARIN and ALAN TUDYK!  Here are the highlights and the pics!

Sue writes:

Here are some points of what I can remember:
- Morena and Alan both looked GREAT.  Both seemed to be relaxed and enjoying themselves in front of the audience, and both seemed eager to talk about V, though Morena moreso, as she obviously features prominently in the show, and Alan has been doing other things (ie Dollhouse), recently, as well.  Both fielded questions about the show, though, in addition to the usual Firefly/Serenity questions, as that was what the convention was focusing on
- Morena asked if we, the audience, were enjoying V, and the room burst into enthusiastic applause
- someone asked Morena if the things she does to appear more lizard-like (ie the rapid eye flutter/blinking thing) were planned from the beginning, or if it was just something that came about.  She said that she was given some sort of suggestions, but that she was pretty much given free reign to try some subtle things, and they'd see how it went ... decide what to keep as time went on and they got a chance to see how it all played with the audience.  She's extremely beautiful in person...way more than on TV, even...and the biggest sweetheart ever, yet she is a talented actress who can smile in a way that makes her seem purely evil, much like the scene where Anna was rehearsing waht she would say to the woman who's husband had been killed.  She can be so subtle, and yet portray very powerful emotions onscreen.  I love watching her!
- Morena said that someone had asked her how she felt about the fact that the fate of the show rests quite a lot on her shoulders.  That had made her nervous, to be sure!  No pressure, right?  lol
- Alan joked that it had to be some kind of record to be killed twice in three episodes of the same show!  lol
- Both actors were excited to see the V poster I brought for them to sign...I'd gotten my hands on one of the Canadian CTV posters from the city bus shelters, depicting a mothership heading toward the Toronto skyline, and it certainly stood out amongst the other items being signed...even the other actors at the convention had to have a closer look!
- Morena remembered me from the other times we've met, even though it had been a good 2 years since I'd seen her last, and she loved that, not only was I wearing the V shirt I got from you for our pic together, but I reminded her that I'd also worn it the first weekend I met her.  She stopped the photo line saying, "Hang on...this is important!"  lol
I'd given her a copy of a picture we'd had taken that weekend, as a thank you for coming, sort of thing.  I was wearing the V shirt in that picture...3 years ago.  She kept the picture, and even had it on her fridge for awhile, so she was heading home that night to go dig it out again!  She signed my poster, "For Sue - You knew first!  Morena Baccarin"
Alan signed with a slight twist on the V's new motto:  "We come in peace - always.  Alan Tudyk"  The table was kind of crowded with people wanting to see the poster while he was signing it, too, so we were both a little distracted, and unfortunately I didn't get to talk to him as much as I would have liked.
It was a great weekend, though, and I was so impressed, again, with how funny and easy-going and down-to-earth they both are, even though I have met both of them multiple times thus far.
I've included pics from my seat near the back of the room, and a couple of the official photos I had taken...one with just Morena and I, and the other was a group shot with all of the guests that were there on the Sunday:  Alan Tudyk, Jewel Staite and Mark Sheppard.
So much fun.  If I think of more, I will let you know!  But in the meantime, if ever you get the chance to meet either of them, take it!  lol  They are so nice and hilarious and sweet...you'll love them!
Until soon,
PS  I should explain, too, that Nathan Fillion (Firefly/Serenity's lead actor) was scheduled to appear at the convention, as well, but he got called away at the last minute to do re-shoots for his current show, Castle.  Alan brought Nathan's (in)famous bean dip and, hilariously, shared the stage with it during his Q&A.  He then auctioned it off for charity, which is what is going on in some of the pics from toward the end of his stage time, in case you were wondering!