Andrew PRINE aka Steven


Andrew Prine

This is ONE of the pictures Andrew signed for me at the con on 7/25/98.  The other one is down below, and the third one is with Jane's mom...Jane's signing it for me (a picture with Andrew and Jane from "V").

NEW - 07/17/08 - I just received the most amazing phone call from Andrew Prine's wife, the lovely Heather!  There I was in my car with my dad and the twins, when my cell rings.  Being the communications freak that I am, of course I answered it, not knowing who it was.  As soon as I heard Heather's voice, my heart skipped a few beats.

Heather told me that she and Andy are hoping to return to the Chiller Convention in NJ for Halloween.  Chiller has expressed some interest in showcasing one of Andy's films, so we can only hope this works out! 

Great news!  Andrew just did a gig on the TV show "Saving Grace" and has a horror movie coming out called "Sutures."  The name alone makes me shutter!  Lots of Andrew's fans actually *think* he's scary!  When, indeed, they are just thinking of him as some of the frightening characters he's played.  In real life, Andrew is funny, well respected and a stand-up guy!

Andrew's new website should be up and running by the end of this year.

Heather's phone call to me made my entire week!  Thanks Heather and Andrew!!

NEW - 05/27/05 - Thought i would let you know that Andrew Prine has a new TV/cable show. Watch for Starz Encore's The Western Channel's new series, Conversations with Andrew Prine.  Future guests include Eli Wallach, Mark Rydell, Patrick Wayne, Hal Needham, Stella Stevens, Ann Jackson, Earl Holiman, Dick Van Patten and Steve Kanaly with more to follow.  Thanks Dave - The Fifth Column

Now this came as quite a surprise!  The Intelligent Frontiers newsletter came in my email box and first thing that caught my eye was that Andrew Prine was going to be Trenton, NJ at a con!  HOLY ZON!!! I screamed as I pulled my hair out!!!!  After all these years, Andy's doing a con RIGHT HERE IN JERSEY!

Next agenda.  Make plans with Patrick to get his butt from NY to my house so we can
go see Andy.  Worked, whew.  I hate driving 45 minutes by myself...and so July 25, 1998 rolled around!

After digging out 2 of my "V" pictures with Andy in them, Patrick and I took off for Trenton, our yechy state capital.  Found the hotel, entered.  Originally the con was quoted as $10 but when we got there, things were SLOW so it was only $5/each. 

This con was different than the normal Creation con's we're all used to.  At Creation, there's a HUGE dealers room and on a stage in a different area, they have guest speakers, movie clips, etc.  Big huge production.  At this con, we walked into the dealer's room and THERE WAS ANDREW PRINE!  Sitting toward the back all by himself behind a table.  What did I do?  I freaked out of course.   Dah!  So, I'm dying, and Patrick is casually walking around the small dealer's room (there were only like 10 dealers) and I'm just following him around, look at Andrew out of the corner of my eye...and every time I feel my heart pound louder and louder.   "Patrick!" I whispered loudly, "there he IS!"   "Where?" says Patrick.  So I point behind me but in front of me (you know what I mean) and Patrick still doesn't get it.

Andrew looked a LOT different so that's probably why!  He was MUCH skinner!  But I knew it was him right away.  Not hard to smell lizard blood.  Finally Patrick told me to go and speak to him (I'd be too weak otherwise!) and so we went over.

Andrew greeted us with great warmth!  It was SO COOL because we just walked up to him, and there was no one else there so we had him all to ourselves!   Turns out that, different from Creation, here they *charge* $15 for a signed photo!   Well, I brought two photos along with me, gulp, so he signed one ($15) and then for FREE he signed my other one! (below).  That was SO NICE!  Patrick, Andrew and I discussed how "V" got ruined by doing the weekly series instead of the 2 hours tv-movies every few months like how Ken Johnson wanted it, etc.

On the table he brought a BUNCH of pictures of him from different shows he's done.  One of the pictures was of the "V" poster!  He asked the cameraman to take a picture of the poster JUST for him because he knew it would be a rare thing...and boy was he right! 

Then his lovely wife came over.  She's an actress!   They got married about 14 years ago.  Met on the job.  Her name is Heather Rowe and she's producing a movie right now.  She is definitely very sweet!   So, Heather and I hugged Andrew from both sides and Patrick snapped a couple of shots! 

The convention was having drawings for beanie babies, so now it was time for the Princess one.  The head of the convention asked Andrew if he wanted to pull the tickets out of the bowl so of course he agreed.  One, two, three...he must've pulled out about 8 of them, but the people had already left (that's how SLOW the con was).  And BINGO!  My number came up so BAM!  I was now the proud owner of the Princess Beanie Baby!  But!  I already have a few, so who needs another?   Andrew said "I want one!" so I said to him, "I'll trade you this for another autographed picture" and he said "Okay!  My very first beanie baby!" and he held it up and looked at it lovingly.  So his wife took Princess and said, "It's mine" hehehehehehehehehhehe.  But then she gave it back to him. 

And that was that!  The rest of the con was <yawn>.   Some of the other guests who were supposed to show up didn't, and there were hardly any dealers.  If it weren't for Andrew and Heather, I woulda' smacked myself for going.  They made it very enjoyable!!!!

Andrew Prine Here's the infamous poster Andrew asked the cameraman to take a picture of for him.

He writes, "Ilana, Let's Do Lunch.  Andrew Prine, 'V'"

Hahahahahaha "let's do lunch!"

Heather Rowe (wife), Andrew, and Ilana Andrew Prine