Thomas HILL aka Father Andrew


NEW - 01/02/02 - Thomas Hill (Father Andrew) passed away in 1993. His memory lives on with us and on Valerie's website (who gave us the info) at

My meeting with Thomas Hill was quite entertaining!  I met up with him in New York City for coffee.  Since he was more familiar with the area we met in, he suggested we go this little Greek diner a couple of blocks over.

He asked me if I ever ate Greek food before, and of course, being the burger & fries type of girl that I am, I told him "no."  With that, he smiled and said "How about some dessert then?!"  He ordered something for us...baklava (thanks to everyone who emailed me the spelling!)  Oh my was it deeeee-licious!  He answered all the questions I had prepared for the Quad V interview.  He's a very nice guy!  And now I always ask for that cake when I go to a Greek restaurant! 

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Thomas Hill Thomas Hill

If you look closely in the first picture, I'm actually holding a "V" laser gun.  That guy walking in the background must've thought we were NUTS!  For those of you reading my shirt in the second picture, it says ICON 7.  ICON is the HUGE sci-fi/science convention held every year at the State University of New York at Stony Brook (stands for Island Convention).  Faye Grant and her husband, Stephen Collins, turned down an invitation to appear at one of the ICONs.